How can I track a package or ePacket from EMS China?

Mar 15, 2023

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How can I track a package or a parcel shipped from China?

As China is one of the largest markets for cross-border eCommerce, it enjoys a steady stream of demand due to the exclusive shipping methods businesses utilize. Businesses believe that logistics and shipment volume play an essential role in the success of eCommerce business. When you’ve placed an order at an online China shop, you’ll definitely get a tracking number that contains information on your package location at any point in time. The tracking number can be found on the order page or on the page containing the package information.

How can I track my shipment when sent over via the following eCommerce delivery options?

Where consumers make use of online marketplaces such as AliExpress, eBay or Amazon, the majority of eCommerce business sellers from China make use of the following eCommerce delivery options:

Being referred to as a slow shipping service from China post, China Post Registered Airmail takes more than 2 and less than 4 weeks to arrive in the country of destination.

Offered by China Postal Service and Logistics along with various others across the globe, making use of China EMS deliver materials, documents, letters and other kinds of gifts with enhanced reliability. This postal service is known for its high speed.

  • China Express

Again offered by China Postal Express and logistics, it is an international express service provided in over 200 countries worldwide. It comprises two different services namely, global expression and economy express.

  • Global Express

It is known for providing door-to-door delivery in over 220 countries and regions worldwide. Utilizing the TNT international express network for making deliveries, guarantees the shipping time, tracking of the order as well as post-sales service.

  • Economy Express

It is utilized for the shipment of goods over 45kg. Although it provides a door-to-door shipping facility to the buyers and the ability to track their orders and packages, it takes 2-3 more days for shipping. Most of the Chinese eCommerce vendors cover countries in Asia, the Middle East, the USA, Australia and other big countries across Europe.

How do you track a package?

Tracking the delivery made simply ask for a tracking number which comprises either 13 digits (when registered) i.e. starting with the letter CT and ending with letters CN, having 9 digits in between or 11 digits (when unregistered). Want to track your amazon order from China? Simply enter your tracking number in the search bar and click “Track” on Ship24.

  • Please note that unregistered deliveries will only be tracked when in transit!

Where is my parcel?

When the package shows the following delivery statuses, their meaning in the tracking results is as below;

  • Collecting/picking up the package It simply means that your request to be delivered package has been received by the postal service provider.
  • Dispatching the package It simply means that the collected order has left the postal office for the sorting center.
  • Opening the package This does not really mean that the shipping providers are checking on your package. Instead, it means that the package has arrived at the local processing center where further processing takes place which includes checking for security purposes.
  • Departure from the exchange office This simply means that the order package is ready for being delivered to the country of destination.
  • Arrival at exchange office This is the office of arrival which means that the parcel has arrived at the destination country, i.e. where the buyer resides. When it comes to making deliveries from China, China EMS is not only the available option for buyers. Instead, other shipping providers including Federal Express, TNT, DHL, etc. are also available. It is just that China post is referred to as one of the most economical internal postal services although a bit slow. While placing an order with the vendor, one always has the opportunity to make a choice for the suitable delivery option.

Please note that the time of delivery may be delayed due to poor weather in the country, wrong address submitted, long custom process like in Russia nowadays and similar other reasons.

Discovering a reliable tracking platform is quite a challenging task. Ship24 permit customers at large to track their deliveries via multiple eCommerce delivery systems brought from any vendor including Lazada and BangGood.

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