Is International EMS (Express Mail Service) from China fast?

Is International EMS (Express Mail Service) from China fast?

EMS (Express Mail Service) is one of the largest integrated express and logistics service providers, based on a cooperative network with more than 170 national postal services, it often offer a faster but also better tracking information from the origin post to the final delivery for a reasonable price to compare to other international express service like UPS or DHL.

China EMS has the longest history of its business operations. Being the subsidiary of China Post, it is known to operate in both China domestic and International EMS service. Regarding the coverage, this postal service provider is leading in the logistic industry as is growing network by developing links to the world and via covering the wider region including rural areas of China. It is also known for operating with the largest number of products being delivered from well-known marketplaces including AliExpress, Joom, TaoBao and many others in China to over 200 regions. With regards to the time of delivery, China postal express and logistics is known to offer domestic express, contract logistics, LTL (less than truckload) and International express. The domestic and international express offers economy, standard and premium shipping. EMS in China is further known for operating in some value-added services, like cash on delivery, a service commonly used in emergent countries.

How can I track my shipment?

For China EMS package, the shipment is easily traceable to the door since they are registered.

Tracking number format: When a shipment is to take place via China EMS, the shipment ID or the tracking number comprises of 13 digits. The unique ID assigned to the particular parcel begins with letter ‘E’ that is a representation of Express mail, 9 digits in between and ending with other 2 letter either ‘CN’ or ‘CS’. An example of the tracking number appears in such a format ‘E000000000CN or E000000000CS’

How do you track a package?

When it comes to tracking a parcel/package from China EMS, you can easily track your order on Ship24 or using the China Post website, if the package has for destination the USA: USPS website or our postal tracking solution if you don't know. Ship24 will track China post EMS and translate the delivery statuses to English and will also showcase an estimation of the time to delivery for the parcels/packages sent, based on the last statistics.

When an order is placed with an online marketplace in China such as AliExpress, Joom or Amazon, buyers at a certain period of time do think about where is my parcel/ where is my package?

To be honest the best way is to wait few days after ordering, it can happen that the information is not available right away, check it daily to monitor the delivery status, it will be display most of the time.

If you don’t receive any update, you can contact the seller to ask him to check the tracking number provider. In most of the case, the tracking events will be displayed on ship24, 1-3 days after ordering, let’s say you have placed your order with amazon. It is obvious that after a week the very first question that would click your mind would be where is my amazon order from China?

Below are the delivery statuses that you may see while tracking your order with a registered or express shipping solution ?

  • Posting
  • Dispatching from the sorting center
  • Arrival at sorting center
  • Arrival at delivery office
  • Handed over to the customs
  • Released from the customs
  • Payment for tax
  • Returned back to the shipper
  • Released from the customs
  • Delivery
  • Held by the customs
  • Delivery arranged
  • Returned back to the sender
  • An attempt to the delivery made
  • Customs declaration
  • Handed over to the airline
  • Arrival at the facility
  • Departure from the facility
  • Export
  • Outbound- sorting center
  • Arrival at the facility
  • Inbound- sorting center
  • Accepted by the carrier
  • Waiting for the recipient to pick up
  • Confirmed shipment
  • On way to the destination address
  • Delivered

For International e-EMS, the general time of shipping the parcels to it’s destination country is minimum 3 days to maximum 7 days. While an addition of 2 days takes place when the destination country is a remote area. Below is a list of shipping time as per countries:

  • European American countries- 5 days to the maximum
  • Southeast Asia South Asia- 3 days to the maximum
  • Australia- 4 days to the maximum
  • South Africa- 10 days to the minimum 15 days to the maximum
  • US, UK, Spain, Holland, France- 5 days to the minimum 7 days to the maximum
  • South Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, Taiwan- 2 days to the minimum 4 days to the maximum

I you have chosen China EMS for the shipments of your ePackets or parcels/packages and you wonder where is your package? Now you can easily track at a click of a button and help yourself stay free from the tension at every time with the availability of delivery statuses until it reaches your mailbox!

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