Guatemala Post tracking

The Guatemalan postal service has been one of the hardest-hit companies in the country, as it has had to go through many ups and downs in order to overcome all kinds of problems and continue offering a postal service in the country. The Guatemala Post office was established in 1998 to take care of all the postal services in the country. However, after 12 years of offering its services on a continuous basis, the Guatemalan Post Office was forced to terminate its operations, causing hundreds of people to become unemployed, and all the facilities had to be returned to the Guatemalan State.
It is a rather tragic story that the General Directorate of Post and Telegraphs (DGCT) has had to go through, but a few years after its closure, in June 2018, the government issued a ministerial agreement that would give new life to the statutes of the DGCT postal company, and it was able to reactivate its services. However, it has had to work very hard to rise from the ashes and has proved to be as competitive as it was before.

Does Guatemala have a postal service?

Because of the history of Guatemala's postal service, many people have come to believe that there is no postal service in the country. But after the closure of the state postal service company, other private postal service companies took the opportunity to establish their facilities and offer the same and other parcel and postal services throughout the country.
Thanks to these private postal companies such as DHL, USPS, UPS, and others, Guatemala became part of the UPU and the Postal Union of the Americas, Spain, and Portugal (UPAEP). However, Guatemala Post headquarters are located in Montevideo, Uruguay. It appears that the company has established agreements with the Universal Postal Union to have the DGCT recognized again as the official operator of Guatemala's postal services. In order to do so, it must complete the payment of UPU membership fees as soon as possible.
When the previous postal service was operating in the country, more than 250 agencies were established throughout the national territory. However, after all, that the Guatemalan postal service has gone through, only about 80 offices are operating in different regions of the country. These operate only to deliver the postal services that come from different parts of the world through various couriers. To be able to perform a Guatemala Post tracking service it is necessary to locate the private postal company and track it from there. Guatemala Post promises and continues to expand again throughout the country, offering more and more postal services and parcels to all inhabitants.

Does USPS deliver to Guatemala?

Thanks to the agreements and arrangements with the different postal companies that are currently in Guatemala, Guatemala Post USPS is able to deliver letters, small packages, and parcels to the different post offices in the country. USPS has given Guatemalans the opportunity to maintain communication among themselves, both nationally and internationally.
The packages delivered through USPS have the same regulations and conditions that the company establishes to any postal company in different countries. These must be respected at all times, even more so as Guatemala's postal service is booming.

Does UPS deliver to Guatemala?

UPS is one of the leading companies in postal and package services, and currently has one of the largest postal networks in the world. It is clear that UPS also delivers letters, postcards, and parcels within the Guatemalan territory, which gives the country's inhabitants the opportunity to trust its services and continue sending their correspondence.
As a globally recognized company, UPS's rates to Guatemala are above average. But the quality, efficiency, and guarantee that this company offers really deserve to be paid what it demands.

Does Fedex deliver to Guatemala?

With FedEx, you can send everything from letters to Guatemala to packages of 68 kg. FedEx is another private postal service company that provides its services both inside and outside the country. Although like the ones mentioned above, this one is mostly used for shipments outside the country.
Also, FedEx has allowed many people from other countries to send their letters, packages, and postcards to Guatemala. The shipping rates of this company are totally comparable with those of USPS and UPS, so you should check which one operates better inside Guatemala.
Whether it is with FedEx, USPS, or UPS, it is necessary to emphasize that in the country there is no specific Guatemala Post office tracking for each of the postal companies. If you want to track a package, a letter or a postcard, you will have to enter the site of the company you sent it through and track it from there.

How do I ship to Guatemala?

Whether you want to send letters, small packages, or parcels to Guatemala, you can do it the same way you send a shipment to anywhere in the world. To do this you must choose one of the postal companies that carry packages to Guatemala, and once you know which company you will be shipping with you just do the following:

  • Check the shipping restrictions. Each company and country has different restrictions and statutes that govern them.
  • Check the size and weight allowed. Depending on the type of package service you are sending, you must make sure that it does not exceed the limits set by the company. In case your package does not comply with the established guidelines it could be returned or you would have to pay something extra.
  • Use the full international address. You should be as clear and specific as possible when placing or saying the address where you want to send.
  • Choose your shipping service. Depending on the package you want to send, you should select the appropriate service.
  • Complete the customs forms. Each customs office and the border has different types of controls to which the packages are submitted, you must agree with these rules and conditions.
  • Calculate and apply the postage. Postage could save you some money.
  • Make your delivery. Once you have completed the above steps you are ready to send your shipment to Guatemala.

How many stamps do I need to send a letter to Guatemala?

The number of stamps required to send a letter to Guatemala will depend on the destination and the order of priority of the letter. This can vary between 1.30 USD and 3.91 USD.

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