Belize Postal Service tracking

Belize is a country that has had a long history of succeeding in becoming what it is today. Today, Belize is a very different country from what it was about 50 years ago, and it has managed to develop in different areas that have made it known to the rest of the world. One of its most outstanding companies in the postal service, which has demonstrated many improvements in this type of service. However, Belize Postal Service tracking still has many things to improve, but they work to be better. 

Is Belize Postal Service reliable?

Belize Postal Service offers different services of regular mail, express mail, and parcel post. These services are performed quickly, although the delivery of all packages does not always arrive on time. However, Belize Postal Service makes its best effort with the resources at its disposal to deliver mail and postal packages in the shortest time possible.
Due to local limitations and resources, the reviews on the internet are not always positive speaking about the company. However, Belize Postal Service remains the best and only option for the people of Belize today to send parcels and mails. Belize Postal Service will do its best to deliver the mail and parcels that customers want to send, but you should keep in mind that the services need to be improved.

How can I track my package from Belize Postal Service?

Although many consider the Belize Postal Service to be a very basic service, it has some partnerships with international postal and mailing companies that allow their clients to use the Belize Postal Service track parcel tool. From the official website of the postal company, customers are redirected to the associated platforms to find out the status of their parcels.
All parcels issued from any office have a Belize Postal Service tracking number which allows you to know the location or status of your sent postal parcels. In case you have difficulties accessing the tracking section from the Belize Post website, you can track your packages through our platform. With the same tracking number, we can provide you with the information you are looking for from your package.

Does Belize Postal Service deliver Internationally?

Although few destinations can be covered by Belize Postal Service, they do deliver internationally. Its small postal network can send postcards to the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and Germany. Thanks to agreements with other postal companies around the world, it is possible for this company to deliver mail and postal packages to these countries. In addition, Belize Postal Service track and trace allows you to know the location of your package wherever you are. 

How long does it take to Belize Postal Service to deliver?

Belize Postal Service delivery time is quite fast. However, many customers have not realized that delivery times are estimated but not guaranteed. It means that there is no guarantee that the package will arrive in the stipulated time. The delivery of the mail in the stipulated time will depend on the internal and external conditions of the company at the time of moving the package.
National delivery times are calculated according to the type of mail:

  • The express mail service that has a destination within the same city of Belize is delivered the same day it is placed in the office. In case it goes to another district, it will be delivered the next day.
  • Domestic speed mail is also delivered the same day it is posted in Belize City, and the next day if it is going to another district.
  • Registered mail, ordinary mail, and parcels are delivered within 5 working day periods after being received at the office. 

For international mail and postcard shipments, delivery time is estimated as follows:

  • International Express Mail (EMS) takes 3-5 business days to arrive for incoming mail, and 4-5 business days for outgoing mail.
  • International parcels take between 7 to 10 working days for incoming mail, and 8 to 12 working days for outgoing mail.
  • Registered mail takes 12-14 days and 12-115 days for incoming and outgoing mail respectively. 

The delivery time for international packages is also subjected to the restrictions and regulations of the customs of each country, so it is possible that they take longer than estimated to reach their destination. If you want to know more about delivery times in each country you can visit the official website of the Belize Postal Service and review all the established information.

Is Belize Postal Service expensive?

Compared to other postal companies in the region, Belize Postal Service shipping costs are above average. Shipping costs are at least twice as much as it can cost at another known postal company in another country. We talk about how a 50g letter can be sent for 10 BZD (5 USD). 
On the other hand, larger postal packages are measured by pounds and using the rate table of USPS, which is a Belize Post Service’s partner company, sending a 1lb package costs 29.70 BZD (14.75 USD). If you want to know all the rates with more details you can visit the USPS website and search Belize Postal shipping fees, which will show you all the weights, limits, and prices of the shipments. 

How do I contact Belize Postal Service?

On the official website of Belize Postal Service, you can find a lot of information about the company, its history, services, ads, and much more. However, if you have any direct questions or need to make a complaint or request, you can contact us through the phone lines. The numbers are (501) 223 7381/223 0936. You can also communicate via email by writing to secretary@belizepostalservice.gov.bz and ask for any information or consultation. 
If you prefer to go to an office and see the company's facilities, you can go to the main office located at 150 North Front Street, Belize City, Belize. This and other information can be found in more detail on the website http://www.belizepostalservice.gov.bz/, visit it and find out everything the Belize postal service has to offer to its citizens. 

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