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In spite of being a country recognized for its poor economic, political and social conditions, Haiti is a country that struggles daily to overcome different obstacles and try to move forward to provide a better life for its inhabitants. One of the companies in charge of offering a grain of sand to that better lifestyle, is La Poste Haiti, the company in charge of directing the postal services within the national territory.
A couple of years ago, the company had the opportunity to modernize and install new postal services for all the inhabitants of the country, including the express mail service, EMS. Haiti Post is a company that has managed to get ahead in the face of all odds by offering quality and safe services.

What is Haiti Post?

Haiti Post is the only postal service provider in Haiti. It offers postal correspondence services, sending and receiving letters, documents and parcels, EMS, and more. Haiti's postal network has more than 40 offices strategically distributed throughout the country to ensure the delivery of your packages to the most remote areas of the city.
The Post Office Port au Prince Haiti has established in the country thanks to one of the princes that existed more than 100 years ago and he needed to send his letters and parcels to his concubines. Since then, the Haitian post office has done its best to grow and expand in the country, taking letters and parcels to all parts of the world. In this way, Haiti Post delivers all its services in the best possible time, in order to maintain better communication and operation within the country.

How do I track a package from Haiti Post?

Haiti Post tracking is the perfect tool to know the location or status of the packages sent through the Haitian postal service. To use it, you must access one of the websites of the Haiti Post, and with La Poste Haiti tracking number you can track your package from anywhere you are.
It is necessary to mention that the postal company's platform may not be available at all times, or it may have frequent failures. If you cannot track it from the company's official website, you can track it through our platform.

Where does La Poste Haiti deliver?

Haiti Post delivers different services and products in most of the national territory and countries in North America and several countries in Europe. Currently, the international network of Haiti Post does not cover a large number of countries like other postal companies in the world. However, thanks to partnerships with other private postal companies, it is possible to send documents and Haiti Post parcels to hundreds of countries around the world.
Companies like FedEx, UPS, and USPS are some of the companies that allow people from all over the world to send their mail to the American country. Haiti is still a country that is struggling to earn its place in the Universal Postal Union and is doing its best to achieve that goal. But due to the conditions of the country, La Poste Haiti still has a long way to go and recognition is required to be recognized globally.

How long does Haiti Post take to deliver from Haiti To France?

On average, Haiti Post delivery times to any country in Europe are estimated to be between 9-14 days.
All packages sent internationally must comply with the standards set by Haiti's postal law as well as those of the countries where the packages are going. In addition, the rules and conditions established by the different customs in different countries must be considered at all times.
A package leaving Haiti to France can take up to 14 working days to arrive. However, it is necessary to consider that the delivery time of Haiti Post packages can be affected by holidays and also by situations outside the company that compromise the service. Consider your needs and conditions well before sending a package or a letter to the other side of the world, until you feel you have a guarantee of your work.

Is Haiti Post expensive?

The cost of the service will depend on the destination of the package placed in Haiti Post. However, based on the tables of different private postal companies in other similar countries, Haiti has an expensive postal service. To estimate the Haiti Post shipping fees the private postal companies have established their rates by zones and types of services.
Due to the few international destinations covered by the Haiti Post postal network, Haiti Post has not been able to establish a table of rates on its website. To give postal users an idea of the average rates, we have established the following table:

Packages from 500g to 2,500g Packages from 2.501g to 5.000g Packages from 5.001g to 7.500g Packages from 7.5001g to 10kg Packages <10kg
$73.80 to $161.00 $111.40 to $208.70. $152.00 to $263.20 $183.00 to $317.60 $350 to $500

It is necessary to specify that these rates were taken from a postal service company that offers its services in Haiti. By studying these rates with those of other national postal companies, price ranges were established by averaging some of them.

Is there a Haiti Post customer care?

Haiti Post does have a customer care service, only this is scarce to be able to reach it at any time. Due to the small number of offices established throughout the country and the small telecommunications network in the country, it is not possible to guarantee customer service at all times.
Haiti Post is a company that has proven to have a lot of value and capacity for growth in the face of all odds, and the country's inhabitants have been able to thank it for its services by making constant use of them. Like the rest of the country, the postal company has much more to offer its inhabitants, but it needs the support and agreement of different organizations such as the UPU, and other more developed government systems.

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