TTPost tracking

TTPost tracking

What is TTPost?

Trinidad and Tobago is a small island located in Central America. This country shares borders with Venezuela to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to east and south, the Gulf of Paria to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the north. In the beginning, Trinidad and Tobago was a colony of the Spanish Crown until the British invasion in the year of 1797.
The first history registers about postal services on the island come from the era when Trinidad and Tobago was a colony of Spain. At that moment, the courier and delivery services were all controlled and carried out by the Spanish authorities and the Royal announcements equally coming from Spain.
The mail services in Trinidad and Tobago started to evolve during the years until the establishment of the official Trinidad and Tobago Post (TTPost). The TTPost package delivery service has a more formal system now, with its own name and label, in addition to all the equipment and resources given by the president after the elated era of petroleum and gas.

How do I track my TTPost package?

The TTPost delivery system evolves certain features that ensure the security and integrity of the parcel during the travel. As usual, it includes the TTPost parcel tracking which is a tool that provides the current location of the parcel in real-time. This is a very helpful feature because it is used in order to protect both workers and packages of accidents, theft, and even natural disasters. 
All the client needs to do is take the package to the closest TTPost delivery office. Once there, the workers will pack the article with proper materials to avoid breakages and paint scratches. 
After that, the parcel is provided with the TTPost tracking number so workers are able to write down all the information concerning the package. The client receives the tracking code so now he can go to the web page of the company and get inside the tracking platform. There, the customer has to put the tracking serial to receive his order status, including the current location in real-time and estimated arrival time depending on traffic, and natural conditions.

How long does TTPost delivery take?

The delivery time of a shipping company always varies according to some important features of the package. Some of these are the travel route, the travel distance, the weight and size of the parcel, and the type of service. In any case, the shipping time is most likely to be short. 
In this case, the TTPost delivery time is divided into national and international deliveries. In addition, EMS is expected to shorten the delivery time for a higher cost. However, national deliveries are managed by the TTPost transportation system, and the evolved TTPost offices. In standard service, a national shipment can take from 24 hours up to 3 working days.
International deliveries consider elements like custom offices. For instance, a shipment going to the United States can take a top delivery time of seven working days by using the standard delivery service. Using the EMS can decrease the waiting time to even 3 days. In general, outlander deliveries can take a top time of 21 days.

Are there ZIP codes in Trinidad?

In the year of 2012, the Trinidad and Tobago government established the creation of ZIP codes. This operation supposed an entire renovation of the local addresses in many cities of the country. In addition, the implementation of this system allowed TTPost workers to start carrying out a digital database that could regard all the information of the parcels delivered with this company.
Zipcodes are important in order to establish an accurate local address for delivery. This way, the delivery man can exactly know where to go. In addition, GPS devices and apps are the ones that may help deliverers to locate themselves inside the city by reaching the geographical information, addresses, names of avenues and streets, among some others. For instance, the TTPost zip code works like the official identification of the company, which also includes the postal address.

How much does it cost to mail a letter to Trinidad and Tobago?

As well as the delivery time, shipping costs are the result of calculations mainly based on the characteristics of the parcel. The most commonly regarded elements are the weight and the destination. Of course, there are some other features to take into account, as the urgency of the package and the type of delivery required. Faster deliveries are more expensive rather than standard services.
National shipping is run by the TTPost transportation system, so deliveries are meant to be quicker and not much expensive. A simple letter can reach a price of $4. Other kinds of packages are over a higher cost. However, sending a letter to Trinidad and Tobago has a cost of around $6 or more, depending on the shipping country or the type of service.

Does FedEx ship to Trinidad?

FedEx is an international shipping company founded in the United States in the year of 1971. From that moment on, this company has grown and expanded in order to cover deliveries and postal services all over the world.
FedEx has some postal offices working in Trinidad and Tobago that are available to send and receive letters and parcels. National and international deliveries can be done by using FedEx. However, it is important to consider that FedEx is a little more expensive than TTPost, but both companies are good as well.  

How do I contact TTPost

The customer service of TTPost comprises a variety of contacting ways in order to solve concerns and issues of clients. For instance, the TTPost contact number receives direct phone calls coming from customers.
Such call centers are attended by workers 24 hours, 7 days a week. This service attends issues and concerns related to TTPost tracking registered mail, delays in shipping, and some others.
There are some email addresses that are meant to receive some formal letters that regard issues like complaints by missing items, suggestions, explanatory statements, business proposals, among other important messages.

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