Vatera tracking

Vatera tracking

Like other e-commerce portals, Vatera has always aimed to contribute to simplifying its customers' lives through a comfortable online purchase from the comfort of their homes.

What is Vatera?

Vatera is a Hungarian website dedicated to the marketing of products through auctions. Currently, this online sales platform offers an impressive variety of items that have allowed its consumers to purchase all kinds of products.
Vatera was founded in 2000 and since then has been operated by Dante International Kft. based in Budapest. Vatera is the largest online sales market in Hungary and its trading platform allows the purchase, sale and auction of various types of new and used products.
Vatera Hungary includes among its categories: Art, fashion, office and home products, sports, cars, beauty products, mobile devices and electronic goods, among many others.
In Vatera, you can choose from over 3 million products, making Vatera the largest selection of online markets and classified sites. Each ad is uploaded by verified vendors.
Vatera has established itself as the farthest-reaching online marketplace in Hungary, with over 3 million products offered by fully verified sellers. This makes every purchase at Vatera a totally secure experience.
Vatera offers its customers the option to access a Vatera coupon code with discounts that they can take advantage of by dialing the code they wish to use; within the second step of loading the product identified with the promotion.
The products on promotion must be used only within the period of validity.

How can I track my order from Vatera?

To be able to track your Vatera parcel, it is recommended to go to "My Page", enter their user name together with their password and click on the area identified as Products Purchased. There, you will find the related data in your operation history and you will be able to verify your Vatera tracking number; which will also be sent to you through the confirmation e-mail.
Once the auction has taken place, those involved must get in touch within a maximum of 3 working days to define the purchase intention, defining also the place, the time of delivery making an evaluation on the shipping costs.
Delivery and payment methods can be chosen by the buyer once an agreement is reached with the seller.
Now, taking into account that this online sales platform specializes in auctions; it is important to indicate to a client the steps to follow if he is interested in tracking a Vatera auction. The first thing he must do is subscribe to AdMonitor so that through his ads, he can monitor the auctions that are of his interest. That way he will be up to date with the changes that are made in the price of the product in the middle of the bidding.
To track a Vatera auction by product code, the client must enter the product code in the Vatera search engine and click on the option search.

Does Vatera only ship in Hungary?

No, the company also has a Vatera international shipping to various parts of the world to deliver your Vatera order by zone:

  • Zone 1- Made up of: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia
  • Zone 2- Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Romania, Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Zone 3- Denmark, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Sweden and Italy.
  • Zone 4- Greece, Spain, Portugal and Finland

How long does Vatera take to ship?

  • Deliveries in Vatera are generally processed within 3 to 5 working days, from the moment the order is placed.
  • For international deliveries, it will take from 12 to 15 working days. However, the customer must be aware that delays may arise due to causes beyond the company´s control. For example, customs procedures.

Are Vatera shipping prices expensive?

Vatera shipping costs are varied. This Hungarian company has several delivery systems, with 3 partner companies offering different payment options. The client will make his choice on the one that best suits his needs, according to the destination of the shipment and the characteristics.

  • The transport company associated with Vatera MPL offers a standard rate from HUF 745. However, for a shipment of 3 packages to your door, the rate can be set at HUF 1,125, with the option to access Vatera free shipping when the service includes four or more packages in the same delivery.
  • The Pick Pack Point Company establishes that the value of the merchandise cannot exceed 150,000 HUF gross.
  • While the third associated company HTD in charge of the delivery of packages of great proportion; establishes a rate for home delivery from HUF 6.233.

Here is some additional information you need to know about your Vatera international shipping:

  • The maximum weight per shipment is 20 kg, this must include the packaging. If the weight is higher than this, the delivery cannot be made.
  • Before requesting the service, the customer must verify that their product is not restricted for international deliveries.
  • The customer must verify that the packaging is correct.
  • The insurance of foreign consignments according to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road shall be 8.33 SDRVatera customers are recommending entering the page to know in detail all the conditions to know when a Vatera free shipping is valid.

Currently, the company does not have a delivery service to the Greek Islands.

How can I contact Vatera?

To answer the doubts of the users and clients, Vatera has a help menu located in the menu bar, on the left side. Clicking bye on the Help text on the page you will be able to contact Vatera customer service.
In order to contact, you must make a selection on the main theme and sub-theme that approaches your problem, then write your message and send it.
To make a request about general issues without being logged in as an active member, select the topic registration-user account: I am not an active member, but I have a question.
The platform does not currently have a telephone support service, so it is recommended that you go to the help menu for any requests.  The team will endeavor to provide you with an answer within 36 hours.

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