Aukro tracking

Aukro tracking


Aukro Czech Republic is the largest Marketplace in this country, as well as a fairly recent one. But its youth in the market doesn’t make it less in relation to other commercial platforms. Because it has a very enviable buyer protection system, several extremely reliable vendors and the possibility of selling, buying and even auctioning freely on said platform.
So let's take a look at all that Aukro website can offer to users from the Czech Republic, as well as knowing their shipping services and terms and conditions for the purchase and sale of products.

Aukro package tracking

What is

Aukro is a website established since August 2003, being the only online portal for the commercialization of all kinds of articles in the Czech Republic. In this way, it supports auction, sales and purchases at fixed prices. It also has doors open to professional sellers, having more than 4 million Czechs registered.
Currently, Pale Fire Capital Group is Aukro wholesale owner company, which has also given it a more streamlined view of the business. Thus, the business model of this website is customer-centric, with services like Aukrobot that save time and help the seller to earn money on other interesting services. This is why Aukro has become the main Marketplace in the Czech Republic.
But is it really a reliable company? Can you buy peacefully on this platform? We’ll give you more details below. Not only about the legitimacy of Aukro, but also some details about the purchase and tracking methods and some policies that may interest you

Is Aukro legitimate?

Since 2008, Aukro has been defending the rights of buyers through a buyer protection program which is based on the fact that buyers can return or claim products purchased in the electronic store. They’re also backed by signing an agreement with their professional sellers, to ensure trust with buyers.
Then, it’s possible to consider Aukro as a legitimate platform, as it also accepts payments with credit cards and online bank transfers, which always leaves a bank as a mediator, so your money is always insured. On the other hand, this doesn’t disregard the refund policy that is in the terms and conditions of buyer protection.
This policy indicates that the priority of this platform is to be a safe and convenient place to buy and sell.
So if you consider that your purchase has not gone as expected, you can report it and you’ll have your money back within the next 14 days.

How do I track my Aukro order?

On this platform, you can easily track your order. You simply have to enter the My Aukro tracking page and follow the following instructions:

  • You’ll notice that next to the menu there is a link with the name of Track. If you click on the Tracking link, it will start tracking the offer and information about your item. Then it should come out with the name "Active".
  • You can also receive detailed tracking information via email on the Tracking page in the “Receive notifications” section.
  • After the item has been delivered or finished in approximately 14 days, you will find that the tracking has the name "Finished" and the item will no longer be available in your account.

How long does Aukro take to ship?

The arrival times of the packages always depend on the disposition of the seller. Aukro is responsible for your having a good shopping experience, but everything regarding shipping has to do with the seller. So, you have to see very well the delivery times that the supplier of the product you want to buy has before proceeding with payments. This way you’ll be very clear about how long your order will take.
However, Aukro also assures its buyers if they have not received their packages in the time promised by the seller. So if your package has not arrived in the maximum time indicated by the product provider, you can issue a complaint to the page in the next 14 days so that the platform will return your money. So there are no major problems with this page when making complaints.

What are Aukro shipping fees?

Aukro shipping fees are a series of fees that the platform adds to the cost of its products. This is routine for these kinds of Marketplace pages. And it’s also quite common for these shipping fees to vary depending on the product and the number of items you’re buying. These costs can be found in the Transportation and payment tab, and there you will know all the transport options and the payment of these merchandise expenses.
These expenses are also divided by individual amounts. This means that if you buy an item, you’ll pay the full shipping costs for that item. Whereas, if you buy more than one, you’ll pay the costs of the first item plus an additional fee for the other products purchased. Depending on the maximum number of pieces of the same merchandise, the shipping cost will be re-evaluated from the cost of the first item.

Where does Aukro can deliver?

This also depends on the possibilities of the seller. Since, if it indicates that it has international shipping possibilities, it’s because this particular seller allows it. Instead, there will be times when some suppliers only dispatch their goods in certain places in the Czech Republic, while there are some articles that you can search directly in the strategic points of Aukro in a personal way.
In summary, you must take a good look at the item you buy in order to know the Aukro shipping time.

How do I contact Aukro?

There is currently no Aukro phone number available. You can contact Aukro customer service by filling out their contact form found on the official website. Another solution is to check the contacts section where you can find a large amount of information, questions already answered that may have the answers you are looking for. Likewise, it never hurts to take a look at social networks for the latest offers and more important information.

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