Bigl tracking

Bigl tracking

Ukraine is a country full of great stories and with an incredible culture where millions of people come together. Among so many colors, so many markets and so much innovation, Bigl found a way to unite hundreds and thousands of vendors from all over the country. In addition, Bigl shipping fees allow hundreds of buyers to take their packages to wherever they are. Bigl is an excellent opportunity for all those sellers who want to make themselves known in Ukraine and is also one of the largest and most extensive markets throughout Ukraine.

What is Bigl?

Bigl can be defined as the eBay of Ukraine. It is an online marketplace where Ukrainian sellers offer their products and retail services. All sellers must meet certain parameters that define them as verified sellers and can offer their products according to the terms and conditions of Bigl. In this store, you can find all kinds of products from clothing to appliances.
In Bigl sellers are totally independent and it is their responsibility to carry out and complete orders and everything related to them. Bigl only ensures that all standards of service are met and that the satisfaction of customers. The store offers a great interface, in which sellers can set their products by categories. Among the most sought after categories are Electronics, Toys, Accessories, and Clothing and Footwear, but Bigl has much more to offer to all Ukrainians.

How can I track my package from Bigl?

The track my Bigl order option allows all buyers to know the location of their purchased products. All buyers have two options to track their Bigl orders.
The first way to know the location of your package is through the "My Orders" section in the buyer's profile. This section shows all the purchases that a user has made, those completed and those to be completed. In the list, you can see different numbers of orders, which you can view in detail, by selecting the one you prefer. If you want to know the location of a specific package, just select it and immediately you will be shown all the location or status of the package and the rest of the purchase information.
The other way to do your Bigl parcel tracking is to contact the seller and ask for the Bigl tracking number to track it directly by the corresponding Courier. It is the responsibility and duty of the seller to provide all information regarding the shipment to the buyers. At all times you can know the location and other information about your package from the moment it is sent.
When you already know the tracking number, you can track your package directly on Ship24.

How long does it take to Bigl to deliver?

As mentioned above, the entire process of buying and selling takes place directly between sellers and buyers, this includes the method of payment and the terms of delivery. Sellers can offer one or several shipping methods for their products so buyers can choose the one that best suits their needs. The time it takes for the packages to be delivered depends on this decision.
Also, sellers may have agreements with couriers outside your account at Bigl. There are couriers that can make deliveries in periods of 1-3 days, and there are others that could take up to 1 -2 weeks, depending on the destination and shipping conditions. It is important to mention that Bigl is not responsible for offering parcel services, but the seller must find a courier outside the online store to make the shipment of their products.

Does Bigl Deliver Only In Ukraine?

Yes, because the site only brings together sellers of Ukraine and allows them to sell their products only within the country, all products are delivered only in Ukraine. There may be exceptions for some sellers to deliver their packages in neighboring Russia, but very few vendors are available to offer this service.
If you are from another country and want to buy something in Bigl, it is better to contact a citizen of Ukraine to make the purchase for you. Subsequently, you and that person could reach an agreement to send the product purchased, but avoid inconvenience by buying on this platform if you are not a resident of the Ukrainian country.

How much is shipping on Bigl?

Knowing the price of shipping a package directly from the platform of Bigl may not be possible. The only way to know precisely the shipping cost of a product is for the seller to put it in the description of your product. Therefore, if you want to know if it is expensive to send products purchased in this online marketplace, then you have to contact the seller via phone line or directly by the store. All sellers must specify contact information that is displayed on the product page next to the Buy button.
Contact the seller to find out how the product will be shipped before you bid on it. Because in case it is very expensive and you can't afford it, you will have to cancel the order, which can be a tedious process. So to avoid inconveniences, it is better to make sure you have all the information about the shipping methods, the time it might take to arrive, and the price of the product, together with the price of the product itself.
Also, there are sellers who offer the Bigl free shipping on many of their products, which could allow you to save a little money. It is possible that the free shipping may take a little longer, but in the end, it is money saved and your Bigl package will still arrive sooner or later.

How can I contact Bigl?

Currently, Bigl customer service attends to any questions, queries, or suggestions through the website On this site, you can also find all information about the store, and also forums, references, and more. In addition, you can locate the Help Center section in which you will be provided with some methods of contact such as email addresses or phone numbers to contact.
Due to the current health conditions around the world, many people have taken their products to online sales, and Bigl has been very receptive to them to make their products known throughout the country without the need for people to leave the comfort of their homes.

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