Shunfeng Express tracking

Shunfeng Express tracking

What is Shunfeng Express?

Shunfeng Express is a worldwide logistics company from China. The company is also better known under the name SF Express and has been existing since 1993. Today, Shunfeng Express is among the most used delivery companies in China, the company takes the second position in the country. The firm was launched over twenty-five years ago and was serving only the provinces of Hong Kong and Guangdong at that time.

Today, Shunfeng Express deals with both local and international deliveries which makes it flexible if you are not a resident of China.

What are the advantages of using Shunfeng Express?

  • They have good customer service. Indeed, customer support assistance is open 24/24 hour and you can reach them by email at any time.
  • It is safe. The Shunfeng website does not have any hidden fees or surprises lurking whenever you use the website. A subscription gives you access to use the website. No hidden fees or activation charges are required.
  • You can directly track your Shunfung parcel on the Shunfeng website. With Shunfeng Express shipping, you get live updates on all your orders in a single place. You can track all your orders at once by simply entering all the tracking numbers, plus it is relatively easy to use.

How do I track my Shunfeng Express?

You can follow your Shunfeng Express tracking on the Shunfeng Express website directly. You just need to click on the section Track and Trace. There, you will have the options to click on I sent, I received or basch ordering. You can also directly enter your Shunfeng tracking number in the search bar at the top of this page. You can enter up 20 different numbers. Once you do that, you could see different type of statuses for your Shunfeng Express order:

  • Pending: if your tracking number has not been generated yet
  • Label produced: if the order has been scanned and the code generated
  • Parcel drop off: the parcel has been dropped off at the next shipment location
  • Parcel Pick up: a courier has picked up your order to deliver to the next shipment location
  • In transit: your order is on its way to you
  • Inbound: Your parcel has arrived at its destination and will be out for delivery soon
  • Delivered: your parcel has been delivered
  • Unsuccessful delivery: the courier was unable to deliver to you.
  • Customs clearance: The parcel is waiting for updates on documentation in the customs warehouse.

Another option is to use the Ship24 website. By directly going on the homepage, you can copy paste your tracking number in the search bar. After clicking enter, you will get all the information about your Shunfeng Express package: the type of courier used for the delivery (if Shunfeng Express uses a partner), the status and the next steps of the Shunfeng Express delivery.

How long does Shunfeng Express take to deliver?

Shunfeng Express shipping is a relatively fast and efficient system that catalogues and sorts all orders according to location. The Shunfeng Express shipping time of delivery depends on the country of destination and the type of shipping service requested. An estimated time of delivery is shown when each tracking number is imputed into the Shunfeng Express track system. For users looking to receive their parcels in the shortest possible time, Shunfeng Express offers fast delivery options of shipments.

Does Shunfeng Express ship internationally?

Shunfeng International Express shipping is available for international shippers. twenty-five years ago, at the beginning, the company was serving only Hong Kong and Guangdong. Today, Shunfeng Express delivers both local and international packages. It is really convenient ofr people who are not living in China.

Otherwise, the shipping times and costs for your Shunfeng Express packages depend on the country of destination.

How much are Shunfeng Express shipping costs?

Shunfeng Express shipping costs vary depending on the Shunfeng Express shipping method and the country of destination of the end-users and retailers. Of the various services, the Standard Express Service is the fastest and one of the most expensive. In addition, it is also important to note that your destination postal code has an impact on how fast your delivery will be. In particular, if you stay in a location that is difficult to reach and remote, you might need to add a maximum of 3 more working days to the transit time.

Shipping costs also vary depending on the weight of the parcel. There are also customs fees and tariffs which are applied to orders which are shipped internationally, therefore the shipping costs on these orders may be higher than goods shipped locally. All these variables are put into consideration when determining the Shunfeng Express shipping fees on your shipment.

How can I contact Shunfeng Express?

You can contact Shunfeng Express on their local service hotline, by composing the following phone number: 95338.

You can also join the customer service hotlines, they have a different phone number dedicated for each country. You will find below different phone numbers for different cities and countries:

  • Mainland China: 95338 ; from overseas : (+86)+area code+95338
  • Hong Kong: 273 00 273 ; from overseas: (+852)2730 0273
  • Macau: 2873 7373; from overseas: (+853)2873 7373
  • Taiwan: 0800 088 830 ; from overseas: (+886)2 2192 6063
  • Singapore: 1800 311 1111; from overseas: (+65) 6603 0630
  • South Korea: 080 393 1111; from overseas: (+82) 2 572 3339
  • Malaysia: 1800 18 3331; from overseas : (+60) 3 7629 6331
  • Japan: 0120 683 683; from overseas : (+81)03 5781 1513
  • US: 001 855 901 1133; from overseas : (+1) 855 901 1133
  • Russia: +8(800)5056318; from overseas : +8(800)5056318

For all the countries, you can contact them during the week from Monday to Friday, but the working hours vary. It is also possible during the weekend for few of them, you can check the contact page of the Shunfeng Express website to have more information if you need to contact the Shunfeng Express customer service.

There is also an application on which you can contact the Shunfeng customer service, you will just need to download it.

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