Sunyou tracking

What is SunYou?

SunYou is among the top e-commerce carriers working since 2008. SunYou delivery method is famous all across the world, it is a popular delivery method especially on AliExpress.

SunYou aims at providing practical shipment solutions to e-commerce logistics. The Sellers who intend to send low-priced parcels usually use this shipment method. The best advantage of SunYou economic shipping is that you can receive your packages with a least delivery cost, even if the delivery speed is quite low.

Other than delivery services, SunYou provides a range of services. These services range from ShunYoubao special lines, warehousing, etc. It processes a large number of parcels per day. Moreover, each transfer center has above 30,000 square meters of storage and package handling centers.

The following information gives you a general idea about what SunYou is:

Nationality of the courier: Chinese

Date of creation: 2008

Headquarters: Shenzhen

Delivery Time: 30-60 days

Other than Shenzhen, its other headquarters are in Guangdong province, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Hong Kong Guangzhou, Shanghai, Yiwu, and Hangzhou. Other than this there are many branches in other areas.

What is SunYou Advanced Technologies?

In order to enhance customer experience, SunYou aims at using overseas resources at different Airports by using self-operated worldwide customs clearance transshipment centers associated with intelligent Sunyou logistics tracking systems. To continue providing efficient logistics services to customers, SunYou believes in improving its systems.

SunYou logistics tracking now uses automatic intelligent sorting systems. It has actualized automatic identification, Automatic Warehousing, Automatic data processing, Automatic data checking, and verification. Its integrated operations include transporting parcels from the security inspection machine to automatic sorting machine, discharging material for packing, Printing mail bags tags, and transporting goods to the finished product shipping room. SunYou will introduce new technologies step by step to provide efficient services to customers.

What is SunYoubao?

It is a special postal product made by SunYou Logistics to ease cross border e-commerce retailers. It has a very minimal cost and fast speed. It flies from Hong Kong and reaches its destination country through Shunyou Global Transit Center. This postal service can carry special products including items with supporting batteries and cosmetics etc. The service provides Semi tracking information and full-time investment information. Many cities in China provide free door to door collection service. They provide a guarantee that if the product is not received within 5 days of collection date, then SunYou compensates for it.

What is Shunyoubao dedicated line?

SunYou Logistics and other express delivery companies are associated together to create Shunsubao. The purpose of it is to make a business clearing a special line product. It offers fast delivery and efficient customs clearance.

What is Shunyoutong small package?

It is a new logistic system introduced by Sunyou logistics for foreign e-commerce retailers. Based on different factors such as country, weights, product properties, and many other factors, it chooses different tracks and sends flights there. It ensures the lowest logistics cost and the fastest delivery speed.

How can I track my SunYou order?

Sunyou tracking enables customers to stay involved even after sales with delivery updates. You can track your SunYou orders from multiple third-party tools. SYTRACK and Ship24 are two of them:


SYTRACK is a designed SunYou mail tracking system. All you need to know is your shipment tracking number given by the seller. Using this tracking number, you can track information about your parcels and packages very easily. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Search for your Tracking Number on your bill.
  • Enter your Tracking Number into the text field.
  • Enter the Correct Captcha in the corresponding Text Field.
  • Click on Track


To enhance customer experience, Ship24 provides reliable parcel tracking information all in one place so that the users do not have to look for multiple carriers, e-Shops, or Marketplaces. This information is available for all including sellers, end-users, and logistic carriers. You just need to go on the Ship24 homepage, to copy past your tracking number in the search bar of the website, click on the arrow and you will have all the necessary information about your SunYou order.

How does SunYou tracking numbers look like?

The SunYou tracking numbers generally begin with LP or SY followed by 14 digits. To get delivery status about your SunYou package, you need to enter these numbers into the corresponding field in the tracking section.

SunYou packages tracking information is accessible only within the Chinese state line. When the parcel arrives in the destination country, then it changes into a new unknown tracking number. Sometimes you may receive a notification from your local post office about the arrival of your package.

Is SunYou delivery fast?

As this delivery method is very reasonable, their delivery time is not very fast. SunYou shipping takes around 30 to 60 days to deliver parcels to end-users. SunYou delivers right into your mailbox. Even though it is a long process, the packaging arrives in the perfect position for the buyer. The delivery does not take longer than the specified time. All you need is patience and it will be worth it. SunYou fees are very reasonable even for cross border customers. That's why many e-commerce retailers prefer to use this service.

How can I contact SunYou customer care?

SunYou is very responsive to its customer's queries. Providing customers satisfaction about delivery is its primary concern. You can contact their consultants through Phone or email. Moreover, you can also reach them through their official website. The staff at SunYou is very responsive and efficient at resolving customer complaints. The SunYou official headquarters numbers are:

  • +86 400-607-5388
  • +86 0755-83766626

Other SunYou contact numbers are:

  • 137-2453-4066
  • 182-6709-4077

For complaints you can also contact the following number:


Does SunYou deliver during the weekends?

SunYou delivers its products globally with the approx. delivery time of 30-60 days. SunYou tracking systems also helps customers to keep an eye on their parcels. SunYou delivers its products to the destination countries in the whole week. Yet, the further distribution of parcels depends on the postal offices and mailbox of different countries.

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