Sunyou tracking

Sunyou tracking

SunYou Post, whose full name is SunYou Logistics Co Ltd, was founded in 2008 and is a large-scale courier service operating across China. SunYou (sometimes referred to as SunYou post) provides a range of logistics and delivery services ranging from its SunYou special lines and small packets to its global express delivery. Tracking your SunYou parcels on Ship24 can be done by putting your tracking numbers on the homepage. You can trace up to 10 SunYou packages simultaneously and get results within a few seconds.

How can I track a SunYou parcel?

SunYou issues a SunYou tracking number on each parcel, which enables customers to stay up to date with their orders as they travel to their final delivery destination. To access this tracking information on international orders, you need to copy and paste your SunYou tracking number onto the Ship24 homepage search bar. Ship24 will then begin to instantly search for any SunYou tracking information related to your parcel, no matter who it is being handled by or where it is worldwide.

Thanks to Ship24's inbuilt auto-recognition system and machine AI learning, you don't need to give us any details about your parcel or enter any personal information, the ShunYou Post tracking number is enough for our system to get to work finding the latest information - including location and status information - regarding your parcel.

With Ship24, you can search for tracking information on up to 10 SunYou parcels simultaneously, or 1 SunYou parcel and 9 parcels travelling with other couriers, at the same time.

Please note, depending on the SunYou service you have chosen, some package tracking information will only be accessible only within the Chinese state line. When the parcel arrives in the destination country, it can then change hands and no longer be able to be tracked or change tracking numbers (with the new courier).

The best way to keep track, in this case, is with Ship24, as it scans thousands of e-tailers, logistics handlers, couriers, and carriers to find information on your package. Therefore, Ship24 is your best bet to get tracking for SunYou parcels.

What does a SunYou tracking number look like?

A SunYou tracking number generally begins with LP or SY and is followed by 14 digits. To get the delivery status of a SunYou package, you need to enter the full SunYou tracking number into the search section at the top of the Ship24 main page. You can search for this package multiple times as it progresses along its journey for free and you don't need to log in or signup to use this service.

Why is my SunYou tracking number not working?

Several factors could affect the results you are getting from the tracking number that you have entered. One factor that could lead to this is that the parcel is being processed. It typically takes around 24 to 48 hours before a parcel gets processed and registered.

The second factor is that there could be some typos with the tracking number. Ensure to double-check if there are any missing numbers or letters on the SunYou tracking number.

The last factor could be that the tracking number that was given to you was fake. When purchasing from a seller or merchant, make sure that they are legit and verified before buying the item.

If there are still issues with tracking, contact the nearest SunYou post office.

How do I check my SunYou shipment status?

To check your SunYou shipment status, head over to the Ship24 homepage and page your SunYou tracking number. Ship24 will provide you with all information needed regarding your parcels. This includes the time of arrival, the destination of the parcel, custom clearance status, and many more.

What are SunYou tracking notifications?

When you use your tracking number on the Ship24 homepage, you will get a list of tracking notifications or statuses that show the current update of your parcel. Below are some tracking notifications that you will encounter when you put your SunYou tracking number.

SunYou Tracking Notifications

Tracking Notifications/Statuses Description
HONG KONG, Departed HONG KONG Airport The parcel has left the airport in Hong Kong.
CHINA, SHENZHEN, Departed Sunyou Facility The parcel has left a SunYou sorting warehouse in Shenzen.
GMTC, Arrived The parcel has arrived at a transit facility. It will be heading to the destination country soon.
GMTC, Departed The parcel has left a transit facility and is on its way to its final country of destination.
Pre-Shipment Info Sent to Brazil The shipping label of the parcel is sent to Brazil.
Pre-Shipment Info Sent to United States The shipping label of the parcel is sent to the United States.
United States, Arrived at Destination Country Airport The parcel has arrived at the airport of its destination country, the United States.
Pre-Shipment Info Sent to Morocco The shipping label of the parcel is sent to Morocco.
United States, Arrived at Facility The parcel has arrived at a sorting warehouse in the United States.
Brazil, In transit The parcel is on the way to Brazil.
Brazil, Arrived at Facility The parcel has arrived at a sorting warehouse in Brazil
CHINA, SHENZHEN, Acceptance, Sent to United States The parcel is bound to leave Shenzhen and will be sent to the United States.
Brazil, Arrived at Destination Country Airport The parcel has arrived at the airport of its destination country, Brazil.
CHINA, SHENZHEN, Acceptance, Sent to Brazil The parcel is bound to leave Shenzhen and will be sent to Brazil.
United States, In transit The parcel is on the way to the United States.
Morocco, Arrived at Destination Country Airport The parcel has arrived at the airport of its destination country, Morocco.
Pre-Shipment Info Sent to Mexico The shipping label of the parcel is sent to Mexico.
CHINA, SHENZHEN, Acceptance, Sent to Morocco The parcel is bound to leave Shenzhen and will be sent to Morocco.

How long does SunYou parcel delivery take?

Delivery time for SunYou packages will vary, depending on the services which are purchased from the company. If you purchase domestic express delivery services you can expect some of the fastest delivery times, whereas international delivery times will take longer.

The best way to determine SunYou parcel delivery times is by either asking SunYou directly when you make a purchase of their delivery services, by asking the merchant for an estimated delivery time if they use SunYou for their order deliveries or by tracking your parcel.

The best way to track a parcel sent with SunYou is with the universal shipment tracking platform - Ship24. Ship24 works by scanning thousands of e-tailers, marketplaces, postal operators, and logistics companies simultaneously (including SunYou) to find the latest on your parcel wherever it is, worldwide.

This is helpful when parcels sent with SunYou are handed over to other couriers, as often happens as part of international deliveries when they reach their destination country.

For instance, a parcel sent with SunYou from China will sometimes be handed over to another courier company, such as DHL or DPD in Europe or UPS or FedEx in the United States. For this reason, many have begun using Ship24 because of the universal, end-to-end tracking that can be accessed all in one place (rather than having to switch where you track as parcels are handed over).

The average delivery time for standard SunYou parcels is around 30-60 days (for international delivery, with SunYou packages travelling to more rural areas taking more time). However, there are multiple services offered by SunYou and its partners which offer much quicker delivery time, which will be mentioned below.

How long does SunYou Economic Air Mail Service take to deliver?

Below is a table of the estimated delivery time of SunYou Economic Air Mail Service:

Country Estimated Delivery Time
Argentina around 55 business days
Australia around 23 business days
Azerbaijan around 46 business days
Bangladesh around 31 business days
Belgium around 18 business days
Brazil around 31 business days
Bulgaria around 21 business days
Canada around 27 business days
Chile around 33 business days
France around 16 business days
Germany around 17 business days
Greece around 38 business days
Hungary around 20 business days
India around 28 business days
Indonesia around 14 business days
Israel around 24 business days
Italy around 23 business days
Japan around 17 business days
Kazakhstan around 51 business days
Lebanon around 53 business days
Lithuania around 25 business days
Malaysia around 21 business days
Mexico around 54 business days
Moldova around 31 business days
Morroco around 32 business days
New Zealand around 31 business days
Oman around 29 business days
Peru around 31 business days
Poland around 23 business days
Portugal around 36 business days
Qatar around 25 business days
Romania around 17 business days
Russia around 31 business days
Saudi Arabia around 48 business days
Serbia around 23 business days
Singapore around 18 business days
Slovakia around 17 business days
Slovenia around 22 business days
South Korea around 25 business days
Spain around 22 business days
Switzerland around 24 business days
The Czech Republic around 19 business days
The Netherlands around 16 business days
The United Kingdom around 23 business days
The United States around 20 business days
Turkey around 27 business days
Ukraine around 25 business days

Is SunYou tracking real?

SunYou tracking is real but is not always reliable. Considering that SunYou is one of the most popular and low-cost shipping companies in China, tracking is not always possible. Marketplaces such as Joom, Taobao, and AliExpress send their products or parcels through SunYou to regain their free shipping.

Track your SunYou parcels on Ship24 by entering the tracking numbers on the homepage. You can get real-time tracking updates on the parcels including the estimated day of arrival or the current location of the parcel.

Does SunYou deliver during the weekends?

SunYou offers global delivery for products, with most goods using the standard service being delivered within 40 days. However, SunYou also offers multiple options on deliveries, ranging from standard and express deliveries provided completely by the company but also other services offered in partnership with other couriers and handlers worldwide.

Therefore, it will depend on the service you have chosen and the partner companies which are involved whether your SunYou parcel will/can be delivered on the weekend.

The best way to check this is by either confirming this with SunYou (if you are ordering delivery services from the courier directly) or asking the merchant or e-tailer from which you are making a purchase which is going to use SunYou to deliver your package.

Alternatively, you can keep up to date with the progress of your parcel on the Ship24 website. Ship24 will deliver any notifications regarding your parcel which become available. Therefore, if you search for the details on your parcel during the weekend and you see that the status is "Out For Delivery" or something similar.

Can I trust SunYou Post to deliver parcels globally?

The SunYou Post has built up a reputation for reliability and as a market leader in logistics in mainland China, it has built strong relationships with leading e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and eBay. In some cases it is a "preferred partner" for merchants, meaning it is chosen as the go-to delivery service over other couriers by companies, further cementing its reputation as a trustworthy logistics provider.

However, if you want to make sure your SunYou Post order is on its way, then put your mind at ease and get end-to-end SunYou Post parcel tracking with Ship24.

Tracking your SunYou Post package is easy thanks to Ship24's universal multi-courier tracking platform. Simply enter your SunYou tracking number into the Ship24 website and click go!

Ship24 is a third-party global tracking platform that has no loyalty to a single logistics company and therefore can track parcels with more than 1200 carrier and logistics companies at the same time, meaning that when you click go, you are effectively scouring the web for any information related to your parcel, wherever it is.

Ship24's one-stop-shop service and business-level functionality have seen it become the preferred choice for consumers and businesses alike, whether it is a C2C, B2C, or B2B transaction, millions are tracking their parcels with the easy-to-use Ship24 platform in the click of a button.

Where is the best place for SunYou parcel tracking?

Ship24 offers market-leading tracking capability for SunYou shipments wherever they are travelling worldwide. By tracking a SunYou package with Ship24, you are ensuring you can access 100 per cent of postal events as they happen, regardless of whether they change carriers during their journey (as often happens with international mail).

SunYou Tracking with Ship24

Ship24 is ideal for use if:

  • You shop with multiple merchants who use different couriers. This could include different marketplaces and platforms based in countries, which will mean you need the ability to track the multiple different couriers and logistics companies that are used.
  • You opt for different shipping methods/delivery times. If you do, it will likely mean that your parcel is handled by different handlers (as your package will not be a priority in some cases). This is the case even if they all begin their journey with SunYou. Tracking SunYou parcel would be best done through Ship24 under these circumstances, to ensure you get end-to-end tracking all in one place.
  • Your parcel is travelling internationally, especially to a more rural area. SunYou subcontracts parcel delivery to other couriers, so you will want to use Ship24 to be able to continue tracking your parcel without having to re-enter a SunYou tracking number into another courier's website when it changes hand.
  • You do not know who your courier is. Sometimes you may not know the one or more couriers involved in the delivery of your parcel. With Ship24, you don't need to know who your courier is thanks to the auto-recognition technology built into the platform's functionality. By simply entering your tracking number (which you should receive either directly from the merchant, in the check-out section of the marketplace page or a confirmation email after you have made a purchase. This also helps should a tracking number change as it progresses along its delivery route, which sometimes occurs. Ship24 will be able to continue tracking as it can recognize the creation of the new SunYou tracking number from the previous one originally used by the postal company.

If you need business or custom tracking, reach out to one of our teams for our shipment tracking API and webhook plans.

What is SunYoubao?

SunYoubao is a special postal product made by SunYou Logistics to ease cross-border e-commerce for retailers. Its selling points are that it is relatively cheap while offering fast delivery times. SunYoubao deliveries usually originate from Hong Kong and are processed by SunYou Global Transit Center.

SunYoubao also offers free door-to-door collection services in mainland China. They also provide a guarantee that if a product is not received within 5 days of the collection date, then SunYou will compensate customers.

This special section of the SunYou postal service can also carry special products, including items with supporting batteries and cosmetics, etc, where other services cannot.

The service provides tracking information on some deliveries, please check with SunYou before posting to see which SunYou tracking services are provided before posting with this service to avoid disappointment.

What is Shunsubao's dedicated line?

Similar to SunYoubao, SunYou Logistics and other express delivery companies came together to create the ShunYoubao dedicated line, which is called Shunsubao. The purpose of it is to make a business clear a special line product. It offers fast delivery and efficient customs clearance.

ShunYoutong is another logistics option introduced by SunYou, specifically designed for eCommerce retailers who sell to overseas customers. Although this service offers one of the fastest delivery turnarounds on packages, there are country, weight, size, and product limitations included with this service.

How can I contact SunYou customer care?

SunYou is known to be very responsive to customers' queries and you can contact SunYou customers' services via phone or email. Alternatively, you can also reach SunYou through their official website.

SunYou Customer Care Contact

The contact details for the aforementioned are listed below:

  • +86 400-607-5388
  • +86 0755-83766626
  • 137-2453-4066
  • 182-6709-4077

For complaints you can also contact the following number:

  • 188-2289-3387

To contact them through email:

Where is SunYou located?

SunYou Post headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China, where the majority of its operations are located. However, the company also boasts some 30,000 square meters of package handling and storage centres worldwide (mostly in China), which it uses to efficiently process the hundreds of thousands of parcels and packages handled by the company every day.

These SunYou parcels are both for domestic and international delivery and SunYou tracking is usually available on all of these parcels.

An important thing to note when tracking a SunYou package is that the SunYou parcel may not necessarily be processed at the headquarters or any particular processing/warehousing facility owned by the company.

The company will determine the fastest route according to the delivery service which you purchased and therefore customers do not need to be worried if their SunYou parcel does not go to their nearest SunYou facility.

SunYou is a major international parcel delivery company that processes thousands of packages daily and therefore will know the best route for your parcel to take in order for it to be delivered within the expected timeframe

What is SunYou?

SunYou is predominantly involved in the transportation and delivery of eCommerce in China and is one of the market-leading order courier companies in the country. SunYou is used by many large e-tailers and marketplaces in China, such as Alibaba and GearBest, to help with the movement of goods within the country.

SunYou is also popular because of its competitive pricing, range of delivery options, and fast turnaround. It is also set to grow in line with the booming Chinese e-commerce sector, which should ensure it continues to reinvest in its services and as a result continue to improve as a company overall.

Besides delivery, SunYou also offers various middleman logistics and warehousing services which are utilized for a variety of means within the shipping and delivery sector. SunYou also has head offices in other locations around the world, including Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.

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