Four Seasons Fly tracking

Four Seasons Fly tracking

Four Seasons Fly is one of the best logistics and transport solutions within the whole Chinese territory. This company is the protagonist in hundreds of parcels, letters, and correspondence shipments inside and outside China. Likewise, it has been an important piece in the current international e-commerce, allowing thousands of companies to break the barrier that this technology presents. Four Seasons Fly parcel delivery service has different means to take the packages to different destinations. These can be carried by sea, air, and land. You only have to indicate the destination and the method of transport that you prefer, and the company will take care of the rest.

What is Four Seasons Fly?

Four Seasons Fly is a company that provides professional transportation and logistics solutions throughout China and also to other international countries. The company handles the storage and distribution of e-commerce goods across global borders. At the same time, it handles all the logistics needs of cross-border e-commerce. This company is committed to the entire Chinese population, as well as to three basic principles with which they carry out their work; safety, speed, and professionalism.
Currently, the company provides a wide variety of transportation services, as well as international postal services and special shipments. Besides, they have an excellent reputation thanks to the companies that have placed their trust in them and ship their products and commercial goods daily.

How do I track a Four Seasons Fly parcel?

Like all or most logistics and transportation service companies, Four Seasons Fly tracking is the tool that allows you to know the location and status of your packages in real-time wherever they are. To track a package sent through this company, you only have to enter their official website and locate the tracking section. Then, you must enter the tracking number and in just a few moments the information will be shown on the screen.
For some people, especially those from other countries, it may be difficult to navigate through the Four Seasons Fly official website, since it is in Chinese. However, you can also track your packages from the Ship24 platform. Be sure to select the appropriate Courier and enter the correct Four Seasons Fly tracking number.

Where do I find my Four Seasons Fly tracking number? 

Most Four Seasons Fly packages tracking numbers can be found on the printed labels attached to them. You can also find the tracking number on the invoice or label that is given to the customer when the package is placed in one of the offices. This can be quickly identified by looking for it underneath a bar code. It generally consists of 13 alphanumeric characters, which are unique to each package.
All Four Seasons Fly tracking numbers have the same format, both for national and international packages.

How long does it take for Four Seasons Fly to ship my parcel?

The Four Seasons Fly shipping time will depend at all times on the destination of the packages. However, the delivery times are carried out in short periods. Some packages can be delivered the same day the package is left at the office if it is going to a nearby region. In case it goes to another district or another part of the country, it will be delivered in a maximum of 2 days.
Delivery times for shipments to other countries may also vary between countries or continents to be crossed. Four Seasons Fly delivery of international shipments are normally made within 5 to 9 business days. At all times you can use the tracking tool to follow the package wherever it goes.

Where can Four Seasons Fly deliver?

Four Seasons Fly shipping service includes packages, letters, and other correspondence to almost all parts of the world. It mainly delivers to most of the Asian continent and also a large area of the African continent. Also, the company has enough potential to take their packages to different countries in America and Europe. However, for more distant destinations it is necessary to use the agreements with other postal companies that allow them to take the package to the final destination.
If the client wishes, he can choose the security modalities of the Four Seasons Fly shipping. This covers certain security guarantees that allow your package to reach the final destination safely. And in the case that a loss of the package occurs, this insurance will return a percentage of the cost of the package to the client. However, the chances of a package being lost are really low, since it has happened very rarely in all the years of service that the company has.

What are Four Seasons Fly shipping costs?

The company offers quality services with guaranteed delivery and reliability for all its customers, both individuals, and companies. Besides, this company's services keep costs fairly affordable so that anyone could have access to them.
Four Seasons Fly shipping fees within the national territory and also those of the national level will depend on the weight of the packages.
For national shipments:

  • The rates go from 5 USD for 500g to 25 USD for 30 kg.

For international shipments, however, the costs are higher:

  • Packages up to 1 kg cost 42 USD
  • Up to 3 kg, it costs 56 USD
  • Up to 5 kg, it costs 76 USD
  • Up to 10 kg, it costs 98 USD
  • Up to 30 kg, it costs 122 USD.

All these costs are subject to variations and international rates, so we recommend you visit the company's official website and use the shipping calculator to find out a more accurate amount of what it may cost to ship your Four Seasons Fly package.

How do I contact Four Seasons Fly customer care?

The main way to contact Four Seasons Fly is through their official website. In their Contact Us section, you can find information on how you prefer to communicate with the company. In case you want to request some specific information or make a claim, you can fill out the form shown in that section, and as soon as possible your request will be answered.

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