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What is Trendsales?

Trendsales Denmark is one of the most important companies in the Nordic countries, offering sales, purchase, and exchange services for a designer and branded clothing. It is one of the most influential second-hand sales companies in Europe, especially in the Nordic countries. 
Currently, they have more than 100 different categories, where users can enjoy a wide variety of good branded products that are a trend in the world of fashion and design. 
The company was founded in 2014, by Bo Eriksen and Martin Falsav Andersen, whose intentions were to create an online space where millions of users have the opportunity to buy clothing and other products, developed by renowned designers and brands. 
Mainly, the company aims to address groups of people who are normally led by the female presence. The company has great media power by creating more than 500,000 new ads every month. This allows the company to have a great influence on the online market since it is estimated that approximately 200 new users are registered to the Trendsales App platform and the official website. 
Part of its success is because Trendsales is owned by the companies Mets ApS and Tamedia, which are companies of great importance and commercial influence in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, or Finland, and some other European countries. 
It is important to mention that although most of the customers are women between 18 and 36 years old, the company has products for different types of people and all ages. They have products for men as well as products for the little ones of the house.
This is another reason why the company is so relevant and appreciated by its customers in the Nordic countries and some others in Europe. The huge variety of products can be found both on the official website and in the mobile application, which can only be downloaded from the online platform.

Is Trendsales safe?

Both the web platform and the mobile application from Trendsales are known for their security when carrying out buying and selling operations. Both buyers and sellers can interact continuously, and as many times as necessary to formalize product purchases. It is an effective way for shipments to be processed reliably. On the other hand, buyers do not need to provide all their data to process purchases.
While there is a model that allows sellers to return the money if necessary, the Trendsales payment system offers sellers and buyers the opportunity to verify the formalization of product delivery. Similarly, they can also verify the completion of the corresponding payments.

How do I track my package from Trendsales?

The Trendsales tracking system may vary according to the shipping methods used by the client. Buyers can use companies such as "Postnord", "DAO" or "GLS" to request the shipment of their orders. These are all parcel delivery companies that operate in the Nordic countries and some other European countries.
If users request the Postnord option, they must request the certified delivery letter which is only available once they have formalized all the corresponding payment procedures and they can only receive it from the seller. With this registered letter, they can request information on the status and location of their orders through the Postnord platform.
On the other hand, with DAO or GLS alternatives, users must receive a tracking code that allows them to track their orders through the DAO or GLS platforms. It is important to clarify that all these operations can also be performed through the mobile application, or by email with customer service, where they only have to request the "track my Trendsales order" service.

Who pays for the shipping on Trendsales?

To ensure the quality of operations and delivery services, shipping costs are discounted to the sellers. For each sale that they formalize, sellers must pay 2.5% as a commission which is subject to shipping costs.
It is important to mention that this commission comes out of the final sales price. It is a practical way to guarantee the security of the Trendsales shipping. In this way, both sellers and buyers can feel safe when processing their transactions on the platform.

How long does it take to receive my order from Trendsales?

Trendsales shipping time may vary depending on the shipping method:
If users use Postnord's services, the approximate delivery time is 3 to 4 working days.
On the other hand, with DAO or GLS services, the delivery time can be 2 to 3 working days.
Besides, all information related to approximate delivery time can also be acquired through product tracking. It is only necessary for users to acquire the Trendsales tracking number and request information about their packages on the corresponding platforms such as Postnord, DAO, GLS, or Trendsales customer service.
It is important to mention that deliveries can only be made once payment procedures have been completed. Sellers can verify the payments in the bank accounts in approximately 2 days. Once they have verified the payment, they can process the shipments and deliveries of the products.

Does Trendsales deliver only in Denmark?

Currently, Trendsales can deliver to countries other than Denmark. You can make deliveries in different countries like the United Kingdom, France, Belgica, United States, Mexico, Algeria, or China. Trendsales can make deliveries in different countries of the world from all continents. Similarly, the company can make deliveries in other Nordic countries such as Sweden, Finland, or Norway.

How do I contact Denmark?

Users can contact customer service through different alternatives. Through the official website, users can communicate via the official email support@trendsales.dk.
They can also personally attend the company's main office since the website provides the home address of Trendsales' main office. On the other hand, users can also communicate through their official social networks Facebook and Instagram.
Finally, it is important to mention that both buyers and sellers can use Trendsales contacts through their mobile application, which can be downloaded from the company's official website. For now, customer service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and they can respond within 2 days.

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