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What is 1st Choice Spares?

1st Choice Spares is one of the UK's largest and most important companies in the purchase and acquisition of original car parts. The company was founded in 1991, and since then its growth has been increasing, especially after having developed a web platform to manage purchases. Users can access different types of services and products, such as 1st Choice Spares contact numbers which can be found in the customer service section.
Since it was founded, the company has always been in a position of constant innovation. By the time the company was established in 1991, customers were able to purchase parts via fax and postal services. At that time, customers received purchase confirmations with which they could acquire the desired parts officially.
At 1st Choice Spares, users can search and locate all the parts they need. From antique cars to the most modern cars. The company has a wide variety of spare parts for different classes and different car brands. Besides, the company has qualified staff to provide legal advice to the company and different types of advice to users when they want to acquire a particular part.
For this reason, 1st Choice Spares UK is one of the best alternatives for people in the UK to seek and acquire spare parts for their cars. It is also important to mention that people can acquire spare parts for different types of transportation, such as vans.
Users can not only request information and make their purchases through the web platform, but they can also process all their purchases through phone calls. They also have the opportunity to participate in live auctions, where they can buy car parts and spare parts at very low prices.
Today, the company has several offices that are distributed throughout the UK and are supported by over 4000 employees who not only offer help and improve the customer experience but are also dedicated daily to finding all the spare parts that users need.

Is 1st Choice Spares a safe website?

As mentioned above, 1st Choice Spares was a pioneer in many ways in offering services for the search and purchase of spare parts in the UK. The values of innovation are also reflected in the 1st Choice Spares' web platform. Users can search and purchase all the parts they need quickly, easily, and reliably.
On the other hand, it is a bit complex to determine the percentage of accuracy that the company has when it comes to finding the spare parts. However, it's estimated that 1st Choice Spares is 90 percent accurate in finding the parts customers need.
Once customers find the parts they need, they receive a purchase price quote from 1st Choice Spares employees. Users can save up to 80% over competitive market prices. Also, all parts and supplies come with a minimum 30-day warranty, if needed.

How do I track my order from 1st Choice Spares?

Users can enjoy the 1st Choice Spares tracking service through three alternatives.

  • The first consists of using the system or virtual platform found on the company's official website. In this virtual system, users can track and locate all their orders. They can receive information such as order status, approximate delivery date, or type of shipment.
  • Users can also track their orders via email, text message, or phone call with customer service. On the other hand, once customers complete all the corresponding purchase procedures, they will receive an e-mail and text message notification with the 1st Choice Spares tracking number.
  • Users can use a universal tracking tool like Ship24 to track their 1st Choice Spares parcel.

Does 1st Choice Spares have free shipping?

For international shipping and delivery, free shipping is not available. Free shipping is only available for deliveries within the UK. However, the company periodically offers promotions and discount codes to reduce shipping costs to destinations outside the UK. These promotions or shipping codes can be claimed through customer service or once all the necessary procedures have been completed.

How long does 1st Choice Spares take to deliver?

Delivery time may vary according to destination. If the deliveries are destined for the United Kingdom, the approximate delivery time is 24 hours. For international deliveries, the approximate delivery time is one week. It is important to mention that deliveries are only available on weekdays and working hours of the week.

Does 1st Choice Spares deliver only in the UK?

Currently, 1st Choice Spares can deliver to other destinations outside the UK. It can make deliveries to different countries in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and North America.

What are 1st Choice Spares shipping costs?

1st Choice Spares shipping fees are only available for deliveries outside the UK. These fees may vary depending on the size of the order, the destination, the type of part, and the brand.
Of course, customers will receive information on these rates once they contact 1st Choice Spares employees, who will give them an accurate quote on all purchase costs.
On the other hand, the average cost for each shipment does not usually exceed 10 dollars, regardless of the destination. Customers need to discuss all of these details with 1st Choice Spares, employees or consultants when receiving final purchase price quotes.

How do I contact 1st Choice Spares?

Users can communicate with customer service through different alternatives. Mainly, they can access the company's official telephone numbers and emails. All of this information is available on the official website of 1st Choice Spares.
Customers can also communicate with customer service via official social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Similarly, you can also personally attend any of the offices that are distributed in the United Kingdom.
Finally, on the web platform, customers can realize different processes, such as consultations, claims, refunds, complaints, or even request the service "track my 1st Choice Spares order", through virtual formulas that are available on the official website of 1st Choice Spares. 
The 1st Choice Spares customer service is available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM to 6 PM, U.S. time. Users may receive important information, such as the current location of their orders, approximate delivery time, type of shipment, and much more information about order tracking. 

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