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What is Yumbles?

Yumbles is a UK company that serves as a link between people who love good food and producers of excellent quality food and food processing. The company is known for offering different types of services in addition to offering a wide variety of alternatives where people can access any type of food or meal. In the section "Yumbles contact" you can request all the necessary information about the company.
Today, users can find a wide variety of products and foods through the Yumbles web platform. They can find gluten-free, organic, fitness, vegetarian, vegan products and more. You can also find foods that are egg-free, nut-free, peanut-free, soy-free, wheat-free, milk-free, and any other ingredient that could not suit the customer.
People can customize their orders and find foods and meals that are tailored to their tastes and needs. Following this same line, people can find foods or meals without alcohol, free of artificial ingredients, free of caffeine, free of GMOs, preservatives, sweeteners, trans fats, etc.
All meals are handmade, prepared according to the needs of each client and local origin. Most of the meals are made in family businesses, whose ingredients come directly from local farms and plantations in the United Kingdom. Yumbles places a high value on food and meal providers who grow food sustainably, supporting the environment and charitable programs.
In recent years, Yumbles has been recognized for all its efforts in the UK food industry. They have won the "Great Taste" award, for the excellent quality of food offered on their web platform. They have also won numerous certificates for the quality of gluten-free, organic, and vegan foods offered on the website.
It is worth noting that the company currently has a repertoire of more than 30,000 different types of food and is supported by more than 4000 food and beverage suppliers.

Who owns Yumbles?

The company was founded by Simon Kitiris and Katie Kitiri. They are a married couple who has many years of experience in the food industry and e-business. Their passion for good food has led them to embark on the new challenges that the food industry offers.
For this reason, they have created Yumbles, a company that serves as a bridge to connect lovers of good food and good quality food with the best food and meal providers in the UK.

How do I sell on Yumbles?

As we have mentioned before, Yumbles is a company that serves as a link between lovers of good food, with the best suppliers of food and good quality meals. This means that the suppliers who sell all their products through the web platform are carefully selected by the Yumbles food company.
The company offers the opportunity to any new local supplier in the UK who can sell their products and food through the website. Initially, to sell, suppliers must complete some virtual forms that are only available on the web platform.
Subsequently, providers must meet certain requirements, such as using only organic foods, having a wide variety of foods, having good quality foods and meals, and being part of the independent food market.
This is where much of Yumbles' success in the food industry comes from, as all of the suppliers who are part of the Yumbles community are independent, locally-based suppliers in the UK.

Can I track my Yumbles package?

Users can track and trace their orders through different alternatives.

  • As a first alternative, users must have a registered account with Yumbles, and for each order they place, they can track Yumbles delivery from the web platform. Just access the "Shipping Methods" section on the website, then you can access updated information on the status of the order, the approximate date of delivery, shipping methods, and more.
  • As a second alternative, they can request all relevant information directly from the vendor or food supplier. This includes the Yumbles tracking number or any pertinent information.
  • They can use the Ship24 platform.

Is Yumbles shipping expensive?

Shipping costs may vary according to several factors. The buyers can choose the type of the shipment of their preference, between 5 alternatives the company offers. These are known as:

  • "Economy Delivery"
  • "Standard Delivery"
  • "Tracked Express Delivery"
  • "Saturday Delivery"
  • "Sunday Delivery".

Each type of shipping offers a different type of cost. Additionally, the weight of the order and the number of products can also influence the Yumbles shipping costs. Generally, shipping costs do not exceed $5, although, with the "Tracked Express Delivery", "Saturday Delivery" and "Sunday Delivery" methods, the costs can exceed $10. On the other hand, customers can also enjoy free shipping, however, free shipping is determined by the vendors and not by Yumbles.

Is Yumbles delivery fast?

The company is known for its fast deliveries. With the economic delivery method, the orders arrive at their destination in approximately 2 to 3 days. With the standard delivery method, orders can arrive between 24 and 48 hours.
Additionally, users can define a specific delivery date and can do so through the "Tracked Express Delivery" method. Finally, customers can also receive their products on Saturdays or Sundays, if they choose to do so.

Where does Yumbles can deliver?

At present, the company only offers deliveries to all major regions and cities in the UK. This means that they can be made in Wales, Ireland, England, Canada, or Scotland. It does not matter if the region or area is very far away, deliveries are guaranteed.

How do I contact Yumbles?

Users can contact through the company's official telephone numbers and e-mails, which are only available on the web platform. Similarly, they can communicate through certain social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.
Likewise, the web platform has a virtual form section, where users can process different types of requests, such as claims, suggestions, refunds, complaints, cancellations, queries, or product replacement. Users receive all their answers through e-mail notifications.
Finally, it is important to mention that the Yumbles Customer Service is available every day, from 9 AM to 6 PM. Users can also personally attend the Yumbles headquarters, whose home address is on the web platform.

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