ZimPost tracking

ZimPost tracking

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What is ZimPost?

ZimPost is the abbreviation for the Zimbabwe post, which is the company in charge of offering people in Zimbabwe the postal services. This is the leading postal service company in Zimbabwe. It also provides other services like financial and telecommunication ones. It has over 200 postal offices all around the national territory, allowing them to send packages to every Zimbabwe's corner. They also offer international shipping services and the best ZimPost tracking service to let you know about your mail or parcels at any moment.
This company is owned by the government of the country and has passed all the regulatory Zimbabwe authorities. Since the last century, it has been offering to every person in the country their service to make their lives easier. Therefore, if you have a mail or package that you need to send, you can rely on them. They always deliver the packages on time and in pristine conditions.

ZimPost package tracking

How can I track my ZimPost parcel?

ZimPost parcel tracking service is useful, by using it you will know exactly where your mails and packages are. For this, you will need the ZimPost tracking number that they will provide you when you send your mail or package. Introduce this code or number on their official website or in the search bar here in our webpage. Once you do that, press the enter key button or click on the blue arrow on the right side of the search bar.
After doing the process above, you will easily see all the information about your parcel on the screen. You will know exactly which part of the country or the world your package is at any moment. It is great because it gives you an estimated time of how much it will last to arrive at its last destination.
It is great to use the ZimPost track parcel system because it will save you many worries about your mails or packages when you are sending them, or you are waiting for one of them to arrive at your location.
As additional information, the tracking numbers for this company will start in R, A, E, V, C, or L and they will all end with the letters ZW referring to this country.

Where can ZimPost ship?

ZimPost shipping services are both domestic and international. With over 200 offices nationwide, it offers a reliable service inside the Zimbabwe territory. This company will let you send mail and packages to any relative, friend, or client inside the country fast.
Their international ZimPost delivery services are also available worldwide. You can send any mails and goods to any country in the world. There are only some limitations to sending items. To know more about it, you should check on their official website.

What are ZimPost shipping fees?

ZimPost offers exciting and affordable prices so you can use their services anytime. The prices will vary depending mostly on the weight of the mail or package if it is domestic shipping. If you are willing to send a package to another country, the prices may change depending on how far that country is.
For example, if you want to send a letter under 10 grams inside the country, it will cost you around 100 ZLW in local currency, which is something like $0.30 USD. If you want to send the same letter to any country in Europe, they will charge you around 325 ZLW, which is $0.90.

How long does it take to ZimPost to deliver?

ZimPost delivery time will tell us how much time the package must travel to get to its final arrival. That is why domestic shipping time will be faster than international shipping time logically.
For domestic shipping, the packages usually arrive at their destination the next business day on weekdays or the next Monday if it was sent on a Friday. However, many things could affect the delivery time, so in these cases, the packages will delay for one day or two, but this is not frequent.
International ZimPost shipping time will depend on the country where the mail or package will be sent. For other countries inside the African continent, it will take from 1 to 2 weeks. Packages destined to the Asian continent will last at least 2 weeks to arrive. To Oceania, the times could vary between 2 and 3 weeks. At last, the American continents such as North America, Central America, and South America the packages will take at least 3 weeks or a month to arrive at their ultimate destinations.
Remember that all these times can change depending on how long the processes in the customhouse could last. In some countries, the controls are way more extensive than others.
If you want to reduce the waiting time, remember that you can always pay for their express airmail service. Paying for this will take your parcels to every continent, in half of the estimated time. For example, you could get mails and parcels on the American continent in just 7 to 14 days. However, this will also depend on the availability of flights related to the Zimbabwe territory.

Does ZimPost notify you when they have received your parcel?

Yes, it does. This is one of their great ZimPost tracking service features. Once your package has arrived at the selected location. They will notify you if someone picked it up. However, if you are the one expecting the package, you can always see how much time it will take to arrive at your place with their ZimPost parcel tracking service.

How can I contact ZimPost?

If you have any problem with a package sent with this company, here we will leave the ZimPost contact details for you.
The phone number for customer service is +263 242 783 585-94. There, they will help you with any regard. However, you can always send them an email to enquiries@zimpost.co.zw if you would like to write about your issue and get an instantaneous answer.
You can check any other information you require on their official website www.zimpost.co.zw at any time.

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