Somali Post tracking

Somali Post tracking

Since when does Somali Post exist?

Somali post is the company in charge of giving all the Somalian people access to postal services; it is part of the country's government. It is related to the ministry that rules information and posts. They are now offering many services and they are known because of their fast Somali Post shipping time that allows everyone to send and receive mails and packages in record time.
It has been offering its services since the last century until 1991 when they ceased all operations shipping domestically and internationally. This happened because in this country there was a civil war that destroyed the entire national postal infrastructure to the ground. They used to count with over 100 postal offices and over 2000 employees distributed nationwide.
This made all these people lose their services in sending mails and packages. They needed to adapt to sending them with relatives or any person or using the electronic channels if it was a letter. Therefore, in 2003 they signed some paperwork with Emirates Post to help them process all the mails and packages.
However, in 2013 they officially relaunched their services for every person in the national territory. Their society with Emirates Post helps them very much to start in business again as an independent postal service in their territory.
In 2014, they developed an innovative system to give every region in the country their own postal code and system number. This has allowed getting better control in the sending and reception of goods domestically.

How do I track my Somali Post?

Somali Post tracking service is efficient and reliable. It allows all their customers to know the information about their mails and packages whenever they like. To track your packages from this company you will only need to type your Somali Post tracking number in their website or in the searching bar here on our webpage.
Once you are done introducing the tracking number, go ahead and press the enter key button. Alternatively, you can also right-click over the blue arrow on the right side of the searching bar. Somali Post tracking package will show you in a matter of seconds all the information in their system about the location and state of your mails and goods wherever they are at that moment. This is especially important for people who would love to know where the packages are at any moment. Also to let you know if they will arrive in a great state and the estimated time at their ultimate destinations.

Where does Somali Post deliver?

This company delivers mails and packages to all the national territory. They count with many postal offices nationwide to attend the requests of their clients. They also count on international Somali Post shipping services. This international service will allow everyone to send parcels worldwide.

How long does it take to Somali Post to deliver?

Somali Post delivery time depends mostly on how far the arriving place is. For domestically Somali Post shipping services the lapse of time to wait is approximately 24 hours since the mail or package is sent. For this reason, you can always count that your package will arrive at its destination the next business day if it is between the weekdays or by Monday of the next week if you send it on a Friday.
For an international Somali Post delivery service, the time will depend on the country's continent:

  • For countries in Africa, the mails and parcels will last from 1 to 2 weeks to arrive at their destination.
  • For Europe and Oceania's countries, it will take a standard of two weeks for the parcels to arrive.
  • A Somali Post parcel to Asia will take around 3 weeks to arrive at its destination.
  • For North America, Central America, and South America it will last over 2 weeks but less than a month to arrive at your local post office.

As you can see delivery time is the standard for many postal services, you can count to get mails and parcels in pristine conditions when you finally receive it.
However, you can always hire their EMS services, this expressway to send mail and packages will reduce the waiting time for your goods but it is also more expensive than a traditional Somali Post order.

What are Somali Post fees?

They offer affordable fees for everyone to use their services. The prices may vary depending on three principal features, the size, weight of the package, and the distance that it must travel.

  • Let's start with domestic traditional shipping services:

To send mails or letters under 50 grams of weight inside the nation, they will charge you 150 SOS that is around $0.25 USD. However, if you want to send parcels of something like 1 kg weight inside Somalia, they will charge you 1600 SOS, it is $2.65 USD. You can also pay for the express shipping service that is more expensive but the package will sometimes arrive even the same day if you are in a hurry.

  • For international shipping:

The most important thing is the distance that the package must travel to get at its last destination. However, the prices will also vary depending on if it is a ship or airplane shipping service. To send a parcel of a kg using the ship parcel service they will charge you 9900 SOS or $16.42 USD for countries inside Africa. If that package must go to the farthest continent like America, the price point will be 12500 SOS or $20.74 USD for the ship parcel service, or 16000 SOS $26.54 USD for the airplane service. For these options, you can always pay for the express shipping service that will be more expensive.

How do I contact Somali Post?

If you have any problem, you can always contact them through the national government website that is designed to attend all the problems for their clients in a fast way. Their customer service employees will be glad to help you out with any issue you could have.

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