ZamPost tracking

ZamPost tracking

Is ZamPost reliable?

ZamPost is a Zambian state-owned company founded in 1994 that is responsible for developing and processing all postal and mail services in the country, both nationally and internationally.
The quality and reliability of the services that postal companies offer are very important for the customers. Even though in recent years the company has received divided opinions from its users regarding the quality and reliability of its services, it has gotten much criticism regarding the services it offers lately. For example, the ZamPost package tracking service is one of the services that the company is trying to improve today.
Most of the complaints are due to the inaccuracy and unreliability of ZamPost tracking service. Also, many clients express a lack of clear and concise information regarding the operation of their services. In addition to mentioning these aspects about the service, they also highlight the lack of commitment to improve services, especially the delivery times of packages coming from other countries.
However, despite the criticisms it has received in recent times, some users highlight positive aspects of the quality and reliability of their services. It can, therefore, be understood that the efficiency and reliability of ZamPost may vary in terms of the delivery and dispatch of parcels and mail.

How do I track my ZamPost package?

Users can access the ZamPost tracking service through two alternatives:

  • The first one is the most efficient and easy to use, and it consists of tracking and following up the packages through an electronic system that can be found on the company's official website.
  • The second alternative consists of requesting a tracking of any package or correspondence through the company's official emails, with the ZamPost tracking number. It is important to mention that one of the reasons why many customers complain about the service offered by ZamPost is due to the company's delay in providing customers with pertinent information about their packages.

This type of delay or inefficiency to provide important information about the packages and shipments is reflected in the tracking service offered by the company. Users can only access tracking information 120 business days after the packages have been shipped.
Also, it is very important to mention that users registered on the company's official website can access an online portal of the website where they can easily track all their packages or correspondence more efficiently.
For more precision, you can track your ZamPost package through Ship24.

Where does ZamPost can deliver?

ZamPost can send packages and correspondence throughout the country and to a wide variety of countries. To be more specific, the ZamPost delivery service can extend to more than 150 countrywide branches and over 190 countries and territories worldwide.
By offering services that extend throughout the national territory and a large number of countries, users can access the ZamPost international parcel tracking service, which is a service that the company is improving significantly for the benefit of millions of users.
At a national level, ZamPost is committed to offering the best quality of service possible. For this reason, the company offers delivery services of letters, documents, documents or certified letters, and parcels, through all regions of the country.
At an international level, the company can send parcels to 190 countries, and it also has the support of those countries that belong to the UPU. In this way, ZamPost tries to offer the best quality of service to users in terms of the reliability of their deliveries.

Is ZamPost delivery fast?

In recent times, the company cannot guarantee excellent quality and efficient services, especially concerning the speed of its deliveries. For this reason, the ZamPost delivery time has received many criticisms and complaints from its users and customers.
However, the company has some services that work as other delivery options, which users can use to send packages or correspondence more quickly and safely. Through express delivery services or better known as EMS, ZamPost makes an effort to improve the quality of its services and meet the needs of all its customers.
The speed of delivery has always been one of the biggest problems that the company has had in recent times. For this reason, with the EMS service, the company seeks to compensate for the shortcomings and deficiencies of its parcel or mail delivery services. With this type of service, users can send ZamPost packages of up to 30 kg in weight, and they can also ship nationally and internationally.
The delivery time can vary depending on several factors, but with this type of service, ZamPost calculates that the delivery times at the national level are between 24 and 28 hours. At an international level, delivery times are calculated to be between 3 to 10 working days.

What are ZamPost shipping fees?

Shipping costs are the prices that must be paid by all users who wish to send packages or correspondence to other countries. ZamPost fees may vary concerning the destination where the package will be delivered, and the weight of the package.
The company details that the weight of a package should not exceed 30 kg, however, ZamPost offers users the possibility of sending heavier packages only on the condition of paying an additional tax to the shipping costs. Shipping costs may vary, however, the average is 5 dollars for each package or unit that the user wants to send to another country.

How can I contact ZamPost?

ZamPost contact details can be found on their official website. This contact information includes the telephone numbers of the company's main offices. Besides, users will have access to ZamPost official emails. Also, users will be able to make inquiries and requests through the company's official Facebook account.
Finally, it is important to mention that users can download claim and application forms from ZamPost official website. These forms are designed to be delivered to ZamPost offices and branches. These forms can only be submitted at the ZamPost office. It is also important to mention that the company also offers postal services to other companies, but these services are usually more limited due to the Zam Post service quality.

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