Congolese Posts tracking

Congolese Posts tracking

What is SCPT?

SCPT are the initials letters for Societé Congolaise des Post et Télécommunications in French. Or the Congolese postal and telecommunications company in English. It is a company owned and financed by the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This since 2002 began to restructure the administrative organization and established with this name from 2008.
With more than 20,000 satisfied clients, over 3,000 couriers completed, and more than 300 agencies spread across its 26 main provinces, this company is based in the capital Kinshasa. SCPT offers carrier/courier services, package delivery, they also have a locker service and web domains. SCPT offers security, a reliable distribution system, which has a national service and international Courier service.
The SCPT main office is in the capital city of Kinshasa, the N ́diljili international airport is the main recipient and issuer of goods and cargoes for import and export of the country. This is the place where the SCPT does its shipping and receives international delivery.
After being delivered to the main office in Kinshasa, pancakes and letters are distributed throughout the country through the SCPT delivery service. The normal Congolese delivery time is about 3 to 5 days, using the SCPT tracking number, which can be tracked and monitored remotely thanks to the Congolese Post tracking service or by Ship24.

How do I track my SCPT parcel?

When you request a shipment in SCPT, you are given a SCPT tracking number which allows you to know the location and status of your parcel at all times.
Any update or requirement that is needed as documentation for the Congolese Post shipping fees, all this information is at your fingertips in the SCPT tracking website section.
Now wondering where a package is or how long before it reaches its destination is easily answered thanks to the SCPT tracking service, which can be reviewed in any web browser. It is easy today to verify at any time the status of our SCPT package.
You can use Ship24 and put the tracking number in the search bar on the homepage. You will have all the information regarding your parcel status, its current location, and the next steps of the delivery.

Where does the Congolese Post ship?

When you make an SCPT delivery, it passes through taxation and importation rights, the Congolese shipping fees vary from product to product and also according to the area. If you want to import books to the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example, you only have to pay a tax or import duty of 1% on the price of the product, 6% on jewelry, 0% on documentation, 20% its highest rate, for computers, beauty products, clothing, etc.
So if you want to bring some computers with a total cost of $1000 you must pay just in taxes the amount of $200 equivalent to 20 percent of the product cost. This makes 1.200$ in total.
Some countries are stricter than others regarding the merchandise they allow to transport, both nationally and internationally. Some of them are alcohol, Tobacco, Living animals (pets included) seeds, plants, fresh food (canned food counts like processed food and is not included in this list).

What are the Congolese Post shipping costs?

If you want to send an SCPT parcel it depends on its weight, with a minimum weight of 100 grams and a price of 1133.13 CFD up to 2000 grams in 11331.4 CFD, in the national territory about the over 300 Congolese agencies over their 26 main provinces. (This is US3.6$ to US30$).
If you want to use the SCPT international Delivery, it depends on the destination continent, for example, if you want to send a parcel of 2000 grams, it will cost 122,756.20CFD (65US $) to Europe, while if you send it to Asia it will cost 105,759.18CFD (56US $).

What are the Congolese Post shipping times?

SCPT shipping times as mentioned are about 3 to 5 days. However, the delivery time of your SCPT order can vary because they work from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are not working days so sometimes it can take more time, but not too much as you can imagine, about 2 days more.
They also offer a refund service in case a package is lost, which is rare but not impossible, they offer a refund based on the price of the declared product.

How can I contact the SCPT?

Their website offers you the services of contacting them, either via email, or their call center, which works in their official languages: French, Lingala, Kikongo, Swahili, and Chiluba.
SCPT is responsible, ethical, and committed to its clients, offering the best courier services. Its loss rate is very low compared to other companies in the country and, being one of the oldest (its current administration and its relationship with the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo dates from 2008) but its origin as communication and postal service company is from the '60s.

More than a post office

The Congolese postal and Telecommunications Company not only offers their clients shipments and deliveries but also is a pioneer in implementing and operating a very high-speed fiber-optic infrastructure, internet services, and fiber optic installation. This is still in its initial phase, providing its service in the Kinshasa region only, but with the desire to expand throughout the country.
This infrastructure covers more than 600km (Moanda-Kinshasa) and 3400 km (Sakania-Bandundu-Kinshasa) still in expansion, this is fulfilling general objectives that the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to seek solutions to implement and improve the main channels of communication, to improve access to technologies, and the Internet with the goal of improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. This has an impact on the implementation of new ways of teaching, such as virtual classrooms and access to virtual libraries.
They also have a website hosting service, which thanks to its fiber-optic connection allows a higher storage and transfer rate than other local companies. With SCPT your packages will be sent safely, responsibly, and quickly to your destination. You can learn more about your SCPT package and follow it through the Ship24 website.

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