Ethiopian Postal Service tracking

Ethiopian Postal Service tracking

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The Ethiopan Postal Service was founded in 1894. The Ethiopia Mail follows the edict of the Associate Nursing Imperial, including the postal delivery done by people called melektegnas, also known as postegnas. The beginning of the mail transportation was performed mostly on foot, surviving dangerous weather and difficult terrain, surviving the strife of hunger and dehydration, transporting the letters with them.
Officially established twenty years after the UPU (Universal Postal Union) creation, the Ethiopian Postal Service International service became part of the United Nations branch of shipping and international delivery.
In 1908, seven French consultants were delivered to Ethiopia to administrate the institution of what was then called the Ethiopian Ministry of Posts, Telegraphs, and Telephones, as one establishment. Around the same time, Swiss communication consultants arrived and began coaching native personnel. It was in the year 1989 that due to the development of new resources and commercial alliances, that the Ethiopian Postal Service created the Express Mail Service or EMS.
The EMS service allowed Ethio Post to send parcels to another city or country, arriving the next working day of acquiring the service. This is a standard service that is used by the most prominent courier companies from the competition, positioning Ethio Post Service as one of the most trusted parcel transporters of the continent.

Ethiopian Postal Service package tracking

How does the Ethiopian Postal Service work?

When you plan to request the service of shipping a package or document, you can get in contact with your nearest agency for information about the process, conditions, and especially for the Ethiopian Postal Service prices. After receiving the information needed for efficient shipping, you can take your package to the agency, in order to weigh and measure it to get the price for your parcel's international shipping service, which will vary depending on the destination country.
There is a contract that can be made with companies or corporations in order to provide the employees with less expensive postal service or even a certain amount of Ethio Postal free shipping services, which is one of the many benefits offered by this contract.
When you pay your parcel ́s fees, you will receive a copy of the Ethiopian Postal Service tracking number, which you will need to keep in order to get updates on the condition of your package, and also receive any call or email from the company with the personal information you provided when requesting the service.
The courier will take the packages at the end of the working day, transporting them to the contracted carrier's hangar to deliver your parcel, whether it is a national or international shipment. When the Ethiopian Postal Service package arrives in the country of destination, the parcel will go through the customs agency, requesting an importation fee, depending on the policies and laws of each country. After being cleared for entrance in the country, the courier will transport it to the person's address who will receive the parcel.

How do I track my Ethiopian Postal Service parcel?

After paying for the postal shipping, you will receive an identification number known as the Ethio Postal tracking number, which you will be able to use to get a constant update of the status of your parcel being sent to another city or country. Another piece of information accessed with this tracking number is the estimated date of arrival of your package to its destination and be informed of any extra fee to pay in order to get through the customs of the destination country.

What is the Postal code of Ethiopia?

The postal code is an identification number given to every province or region of a country, being an easier method of identification for any postal shipping or document delivery. The postal code for the city of Addis Ababa for example is 1230.

How long does Ethio Postal take to ship?

The time it takes for a parcel delivery depends on certain criteria that are defined the moment the client requests the postal service of the International or domestic service provided by the company. In the case of the transportation of a parcel inside the country, depending on the distance between the origin and destination city, the estimated time of arrival is 2 working days.
When the task is to deliver a package outside of Ethiopia, the courier and area of the destination country are what will determine the estimated time of arrival to the delivery address. The average time for a parcel to reach its destination is 5 working days from the moment it leaves the agency. The accurate time of arrival can be seen with the Ethiopian Postal Service track online service available on the company's web page.
If the client opts for the Express Mail Service or EMS, the package can arrive at its destination the next 24 hours after the parcel leaves the agency with the carrier.

Where does Ethio Postal ship in the World?

With an international web of delivery established through the years and commercial alliance with many transportation companies, Ethio Post is able to ship packages to each continent of the world, reaching almost every country, with some exceptions that are not allied with the UPU.

How can I contact Ethiopian Postal Service?

Whichever method of contact you use, you will be assisted by the support crew, who will gladly help you through your doubts and provide you with the requested information. They can even make modifications to the delivery if needed.
There is a call center, with support staff that will help the customer with useful information regarding his parcel condition, estimated time of arrival, or any additional fee from the customs of the destination country In order to allow the importation of the product inside of the country, with the information provided by the Ethiopian Postal Service tracking number that is provided to the client at the agency the moment the postal service is purchased.
There is also online communication with the company via email, where the staff can keep the client updated with constant emails regarding any change in the status of the parcel.

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