La Poste du Mali tracking

La Poste du Mali tracking

Mali was known as French Sudan, and at that time the national postal service was established under the name of Poste-Télégraphe-Téléphone. Then, in 1960, the Post and Telecommunications Administration was created in Mali, which was based in Medina. Since then, all the country's postal, financial and telecommunication services were brought together and formed Mali's current postal system.

What is La Poste du Mali?

La Poste du Mali is the company in charge of the entire Malian postal service. It handles sending all postal mail throughout the country efficiently and securely. It is also in charge of sending and receiving cargoes safely from Mali and to other countries.
La Poste du Mali has a variety of services that are divided into three sectors: business services, private services, and services for residents. Each sector provides different services including mailbox, parcel post, and EMS or money transfer. La Poste du Mali has several partners that allow it to carry out its work efficiently and quickly so that its clients can remain confident.
In Mali, there is no better option to send a mail or a letter than through La Poste du Mali. Mali Post is the leading postal service company in the country. It has earned the trust of all its inhabitants' thanks to the commitment and effort of each of its workers. Also, La Poste du Mali has been recognized in other countries thanks to the people who trust them to send their letters and other packages. The company's commitment and the quality of its work have made it a strong competitor at the international level.

How do I track my Mali Post package?

La Poste du Mali tracking can be done online through the company's website. Simply select the tracking option and it will immediately give you the exact location or process of your shipment. To track a package, a tracking ID is required, which can be found on the shipping receipt. Just type in the Mali Post tracking number and click.
There are other sites where you can track your shipments. So it is your choice whether to use one of these sites that provide the status of your shipment or the official site with the Mali Post tracking.

Is Mali Post fast?

La Poste du Mali is a company that is known for providing one of the best postal services in the whole country. One of the reasons for this is the delivery time of its postcards and packages. La Poste du Mali shipping time has a period of 3 working days approximately. Sometimes the delivery time can be delayed due to situations with foreign countries or other government regulations of the country where the shipment will be made.
In addition, La Poste du Mali shipments are compensated in case of damage or loss of the product. In case your postcard or even a parcel is lost, Mali Post will compensate you with a percentage of your product. For greater security, the company provides you with the service of insuring your shipment, which they will completely replace if it is lost. With secure shipping, cash on La Poste du Mali delivery option is covered. But the company always makes sure that all shipments are done satisfactorily, allowing all letters, postcards, and packages to arrive safely at their destinations.

What areas does La Poste du Mali cover?

La Poste du Mali shipping covers all the national territory reaching the rural areas. Thanks to the postal code system, it is possible to identify the areas and districts of the country where the cards or packages are addressed.
As for international shipments, La Poste du Mali allows shipments to all countries of the European Postal Union. However, there may be limitations on the capacity of international shipments. Some heavy cargoes need declarations and legalities in order to leave or enter another country. This is why not all services of the Poste du Mali are available to all destinations.
La Poste du Mali has agreements and partnerships with other international postal service companies. Thanks to these agreements, shipments can be made to many parts of the world. This company is always looking for effective and fast communication between people, so its commitment is not only with the inhabitants of Mali but with the whole world. In addition, thanks to financial partnerships with banks, money transfer has expanded to many more countries.
La Poste du Mali continues growing more and more. In Mali, you can find more than 100 offices, and outside the country at least 50. But the vision is to expand in many countries, especially on the European and American continents.

What are the shipping fees with La Poste du Mali?

La Poste du Mali shipping fees vary according to the dimensions, weight, and destination of the postcards or packages. However, as the main postal service in Mali, its fees are quite affordable.
Letters and other postcards can cost between 300 FCFA (0.5$) and 4900 FCFA (8.40$) depending on the weight. La Poste du Mali only allows a maximum weight of 2 kg per postcard. Mali Post fees for shipping, range from 1000 FCFA (1.70$) to 7000 FCFA (12$), which can be up to 3 kg. On average, these are the fees for Mali Post shipping. Fees for other services such as bank transfers or car rentals may average similar or slightly higher but are still the lowest fees in the country.

How can I contact La Poste du Mali?

Contacting La Poste du Mali is really easy and can be done through different means. La Poste du Mali contact has a telephone, e-mail, and several offices where you can find all kinds of information related to the company or the services it offers. You can call +223 20 22 77 88, email or visit the official website If you want to visit any of the offices you can go to the main office located on Route de Koulouba, BP 645 Administrative Center, Bamako, Mali.

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