Paositra Malagasy tracking

Paositra Malagasy tracking

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What is Paositra Malagasy?

Paositra Malagasy is a company that offers postal service in all the territories of Madagascar. They inaugurated this company on January 28, 1994. Over the institutional reform for the telecommunication and postal services sector.
This company has become one of the many that use the EMS system so they can offer to their clients the express mail service to send their parcels since 1998.
They count with over 255 postal service offices distributed in all Madagascar. Helping people to get their parcels at the correct timing. These offices help people with everything related to postal services. These services are recollection, rooting, and distribution of the parcels locally or internationally.

Paositra Malagasy package tracking

How can I track Paositra Malagasy parcel?

Paositra Malagasy tracking is easy. You can introduce the Paositra Malagasy tracking number in the company's official website or here in ours, in the bar space from above, and then click the blue arrow on the right side to see in real-time the location of your parcel.
All Paositra Malagasy track order works with a barcode in the package that is scanned in every place your parcel goes. With this system, you can always see exactly where the package is. You can also see how much time it will take to arrive at its destination.

What are Paositra Malagasy services?

They offer many services as a public postal operator. They are in charge of all the public mail services in all their forms like domestic and international shipments. They offer the recollection, transportation, and distribution service of any items and parcels.
Other of their services are related to payment methods and transfer funds, which allow clients to invest or save their money with them.
In the postal services, they offer domestic and international Paositra Malagasy shipping. They also have the express option if you want your parcels to arrive sooner as they work with the EMS system since 1998.
They offer a domestic shipping system that offers free shipping if your package weight is less than 20 g. This is useful to send some letters and documents. However, the prices in the local postal service are affordable and allow Madagascar's people to send all their parcels.

They also offer their international services where you can send your parcels to every place in the world. Internationally, Paositra Malagasy shipping costs start with 2700 Ariary malgache, the official currency of the country that is like 0.70 cents USD. For this price, you can send a parcel of less than 20 g. but just for 7200 Ariary malgache that is almost USD 2, you can send a petite package that allows you to send items up to 100g. However, if you are looking for more prices, you can always check on their official website. There you can calculate the price based on the parcel's weight itself.
The international Paositra Malagasy shipping time is quick; you can have your package in a brief time, frequently it almost takes 2 or 3 weeks, because the packages are mostly sent by airplanes.
Another service that this postal office offers to their clients is the Paositra Malagasy track package. This allows you to know where your package is at any time. This company will make sure that your entire packages arrive at their destinations in the estimated time and pristine conditions. Paositra Malagasy tracking parcel works fantastic on our website. You just need to introduce the serial number in the barcode above to see where your package is right now.

Does Paositra Malagasy deliver only in Madagascar?

No, this company has expanded its business and is now working to send all the Paositra Malagasy packages anywhere around the world.
Many people in Madagascar use their local services, however, if you live there and want to send any parcel to any country in the world, you can use their services to do so. They offer affordable prices as you could read above, and will take care of your parcels while they travel to their last location.

Is Paositra Malagasy shipping fast?

Paositra Malagasy delivery is fast especially, in local services. If you use their service and you are inside Madagascar, you can expect your parcels to arrive the next labor day at their destination with some exceptions.
For international shipping, the time may vary depending on some things like the destination and transportation. The airplane shipping will be faster than the maritime shipping service, and the destination is to be taken into account because packages will arrive sooner at the place near Madagascar.
Some examples of the time that will take to some parcels to arrive at their destinations are the next ones:

  • To arrive in Europe for at least 2 weeks.
  • To Africa for 2 weeks.
  • In Asia, it can be less than 2 weeks.
  • North America and South America should wait at least 3 weeks for their packages.

However, you will always know where your package is, so when it finally comes to your destination you will be able to look for it.

How do I contact Paositra Malagasy?

If you have any problem with your packages and you need some information. You can always count on the customer service and use the Paositra Malagasy contact number +261 20 22 224 45. They will always offer you solutions to any kind of issue that you suffer from your parcels.
You can always try to get some additional information on their official website. There, you will have all the information you need in terms, conditions, and all the items that you can send with this company.
If you live in Madagascar, you can always go to their principal office. This is located in the Philibert Tsiranana Avenue in the Diego Suarez province. There you can get in contact with some people of the staff to resolve any problem you have, or if you need additional information on their cost and shipping time.
Paositra Malagasy is a company that will offer you personal customer service in any regard. They are always paying attention to constructive criticism.

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