Malawi Posts  tracking

Malawi Posts tracking

Malawi is a country on the African continent that has been overcoming obstacles and making itself known to the world. Among the many good things that have come out of it is the national postal service system, known as the Malawi Posts Corporation (MPC).

What is The Malawi Posts?

Malawi Posts is the national company in charge of all postal services in the country. In June 2000 MPC was established as a legal corporation in Malawi. But, in 2003, the National Regulatory Authority took over the corporation. Since then offices have been established throughout the country. Currently, the Malawi Posts Corporation is required to provide all postal and financial services to the people of Malawi.
Today, Malawi Posts has 180 offices established throughout the country. Some of these offices are under the jurisdiction of the District Assemblies, but this has not prevented the people of Malawi from benefiting from all the postal services of MPC. With the Malawi Posts, they have been able to better organize the postal services of the country, making it work efficiently, reliably, profitably, and safely.

How do I track my Malawi Posts?

Malawi Posts tracking can be done more quickly and securely on the corporation's website. There you can check the current status of your shipment and you can also track it from the office of origin until it is picked up at the destination.
To track your shipment you must enter the Malawi Posts tracking number and click on the search sign, and immediately you will see all the information about your shipment. The tracking ID can be found on the receipt issued by the office when sending the shipment.
Malawi Posts Tracking Package also guarantees that you will be notified by SMS or email once the shipment has been delivered to its destination. However, this notification is only valid for domestic shipments. International shipments must be tracked via the website. Shipment information will remain available for 120 days after the package has been delivered.

Is Malawi Posts expensive?

Shipments through Malawi Posts are among the average international postal service rates. Malawi Posts shipping fees may vary according to size, weight, and destination. Letters or 20g postcards can cost 600 MK ($0.82), and 1 to 2 kg can cost up to 5340 MK ($7.27). Newspapers have lower rates, ranging from 400 MK ($0.54) to 4300 MK ($5.80). These rates show that Malawi Posts services are not expensive.

Does Malawi Posts only ship in Malawi?

Malawi Posts postal service extends throughout the country, regionally and internationally. The corporation not only delivers in Malawi but also offers to send postcards to other countries around the world. The commitment is not only with the inhabitants of Malawi but also with the foreign neighbors who make use of its services.
Malawi Posts shipping is done in a reliable, cost-effective, efficient, and safe way, as well as all the services offered by the corporation. However, some items are prohibited from being shipped. Among them are drugs, animals, alcohol, money, explosives, plants, jewelry, and any other offensive items. Besides, MPC is required to comply with the standards and objectives set out in the operating license issued by the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority.
Unfortunately, the corporation does not yet have the service of sending large packages, but they are already establishing strategies for its implementation. In the meantime, the Malawi Posts package consists of postcards, newspapers, and other similar items.

How long does it take for the Malawi Posts to deliver?

The shipping time may vary depending on the area, region, district, or country where the shipment is going. But, Malawi Posts delivery is quite fast and efficient. The delivery time averages 3 to 5 working days.
Shipments that are issued for delivery in the same city are made on the same day. If the letter or postcard is going to another city, it will be delivered the next day after it is entered into the office. If the shipment is addressed to another district, but from the same region, it will be delivered in two working days. Shipments to other districts in the country will also be delivered two days after being placed in the office.
In the case of shipments between districts and rural, that's mean from a rural post office to another district office in the same region, it will be delivered 3 days after receipt. In case the post goes from a rural area to a district in another region it will arrive in 4 working days, and in the case, from one rural office to another it will be 4 days as well.
Shipments from one rural area to another rural area, but from different regions, will take 5 working days to arrive. All postcards, newspapers, and postcards received before 4:00 p. m. will leave the office the same day to their destination.
International shipments from Malawi take 5 or more days to reach their destination. The delivery time for international parcels depends on the conditions of the parcel, the conditions and restrictions of the receiving country, and the working days that may elapse during the process. To make sure that your shipment is safe you can track it at any time on the Malawi Posts website.

How can I contact Malawi Posts?

Malawi Posts contact is presented in different ways and through various means. If you want to know an MPC office you can go to the main office located at Glyn Jones Road, PO BOX 602, Blantyre, Malawi.
Another way to contact Malawi Posts is by phone at +265 1 822 144/+265 1 822 388. You can also write to us about any concerns, information, or questions at Besides, the MPC platform also has a special line for complaints and grievances; the phone number for this line is +265 1 832 163, and the email is If you would like to know more about Malawi Posts, you can also visit their official website at

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