Niger Poste tracking

Niger Poste tracking

What is Niger Poste?

This is the governmental organization that is in charge to offer people in Niger the postal service. This company is a member of the West African Postal Conference. They have been for years providing people the necessary help to send mail and items through the national territory and abroad.
This company has been in the market for over 60 years and has been at the top of the game since then. They have improved their services and have created other ones. They are always innovating with their services what makes them a prolific postal company that adapts to the necessities of their clients.
Niger Poste offers one of the widest networks in the country. Their offices are in all the national territory. They have been including other financial services to their list; this has helped them to highlight what this company has to offer in terms of innovation.

It is easy to track a Niger Post parcel?

Niger Poste tracking is a useful tool to find where your parcels are in real-time. When you get your order, they will offer you a Niger Poste tracking number. Use that number in the tracking bar here in Ship24 once you have written the number in the bar, click on the blue arrow and let the system make the rest.
In a matter of seconds, you will get the information about your mail or packages. Information like the exact location and the estimated time that it will last to arrive at the place of destination. A Niger Poste order will give you the peace that you are looking for while sending goods because in their hands your parcels will be safe. This company is known because of their honesty and for delivering the packages in the best possible conditions.

Is Niger Poste reliable?

This company has been since the 1960s offering everyone in Niger a reliable service. They take care of the content of your packages and know that they are valuable, that is why they take special care with all of them.
It has a solid customer list of millions of people who only talk about their reliability when it comes to sending parcels with them. Some studies made by some Niger companies about Niger Poste revealed that at least 90% of their first-time clients return to send more packages with them.

Another point that makes them one of the principal postal companies in Niger is their prices and good customer service. They will help you with any inquiry while they offer you a cheap price for sending all that you need in the national territory and abroad.

Does Niger Poste deliver only in Niger?

Niger Poste delivery can be both local and international. Niger Poste offers many services to all their clients, so they will be there to help you send all your parcels abroad if that is what you need to do.
They count with the classic post service that offers you the routing and distribution of all your mails, like letters, personal documents, and legal documents as well as packages. If you need any stamp to send them, they also offer this service. This service has a field of action in the same city, in the national territory or international destinies. The targets for this service are natural persons and legal persons. This service offers its clients fast delivery, easy tracking service, and SMS alerts to know when your package arrives.
Niger Poste delivery time with this service is fast, even when the mail needs to arrive at any location in the city it can arrive the same day. The national shipping time is just a day, and the international one will depend on the distance between both countries.
The other major service they offer is the Premium service. This has as chief features an express routing and sending off all your packages and mail in a faster way. Offering their clients a better experience when it comes to timing. This service is available intra-city, to the national territory and international destinies, and they target it for every natural and legal person.
The last service mentioned is the one normally used by people who want the express service, or they are sending delicate and sensitive goods that can break or be damaged if they are not treated correctly, the company takes responsibility if they get any damage. The advantages of sending a package with Niger Post is the speed, the security, and of course the traceability.

What are Niger Poste shipping costs?

Niger Post shipping costs will vary depending on the kind of service that you contract, the size and weight of the package and its destination. The domestic shipping is the cheapest one, starting at a price point of 300 NGN that is something like $0.70 USD for a letter.
Shipping fees for international destinations will have a higher price. It depends very much on the weight of the package and its destination. One example is that for a parcel of 1 kilogram, the price will start at 17000 NGN that is the equivalent of $43 USD using their express Niger Poste shipping service. Contracting this service, they will take extreme care of your package and the arrival to its destination will be in the least time possible.

How to contact Niger Poste?

If you are presenting any problem with a Niger Poste parcel, or mail you can always talk with the customer service of the company, for this, use the contact number +227 20 73 32 22. There, they will offer you all the help that you need to resolve any issue that you may have while you are sending or expecting a parcel to arrive.
If you have any other issue, you can always send them a mail asking for the information that you are looking for to the next email Their customer service will gladly help you with any issue.

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