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Chad Post tracking

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What is STPE?

STPE is the abbreviation for Société Tchadienne des Postes et de l'Épargne. It is also known as Chad Post, which is the company that provides mail and parcel shipping service to all the population in Chad. This company has worked since 1961 with a completely reliable reputation. This company offers a functional STPE tracking system that will allow you to know everything related to your parcels at any moment.
This company works with the government in the country. This gives them all the required paperwork to function in all the national territory. Offering not only mail and package shipping service but also other services related to money transfer and technologies.

How do I track my Chad Post package?

Chad Post tracking service is useful because it will allow you to get all the information related to any mail or parcel sent with this company. To track your packages they will put in your order an STPE tracking number. This number will also be in your package to be scanned in the postal service facilities when it comes.
When they scan the information in your package, everything related to it will be updated in the system so you will know where your packages are at any time. If you are asking yourself how to get this information, you will only need to type the STPE tracking number on its official website or here in the search bar of our webpage to get every detail of your package. Once you have entered the number, press the enter key button, or click on the right arrow in the right. After you do that, it will show the information in no time.
As a piece of additional information, the tracking number for Chad Post will always end with the TD letters that represent the country. The first letter of the code will vary among R, A, E, V, C, and L.

Does STPE only deliver in Chad?

STPE delivers not only domestically but also internationally. They have been in the business for many years, giving their customers the best experience while sending their mail and goods. STPE delivery is really efficient; they will always take care of your packages and make them arrive at their destination in the estimated time.
They will send your parcels to any country in the world if you require doing so. However, their domestic services are efficient too, that is why many people in Chad leave their packages in their hands.

Is Chad Post expensive?

Chad Post is known for offering affordable prices to their customers. Every person in Chad can use their service to send mail and packages domestically and internationally. To send a mail domestically it will cost you around 250 CFA that is something like $0.43 USD, for packages of around 1 kilogram you will need to pay around 1300 CFA that is $2.25 USD. They will arrive soon at their destination in the national territory.
If you want to send something internationally, the STPE shipping costs will be higher, but they offer you an impressive deal to send them all with their services. You can contract their services in many modalities like parcels in a ship, airmail or EMS, the fastest way.
To send packages to other countries they will charge you depending on how far the country is, the price point, however, starts for a 3 kilograms package in ship parcels for 10000 CFA that is around $17.28 USD. For the airmail service, they will charge you a price point of 14000 CFA that is around $24.10 USD to the nearest international shipping service. If you are willing to get a faster shipping service the price point for the EMS service starts at 18000 CFA that is around $31.10 USD.
Remember that the prices and the STPE shipping time will vary depending on the weight, size, and how far the country of destination is. The packages will arrive fast to any destination in pristine conditions so you can plenty rely on them when it comes to sending packages.

How long does it take to Chad Post to deliver?

STPE shipping time will depend on the distance that the package will travel either domestically or around the world. If you are using their services for domestic shipping, you can expect your mail or packages to arrive at their destination the next labor day in all the national territory, it can delay sometimes for external factors but it is not usual.
If you are sending mail or parcels internationally with them, it will delay more depending on the destination country. For any country inside the African continent, it will normally last less than a week. For Europe, Asia, and Oceania it will take from one to three weeks. For the case of North America, Central America, and South America it will take over two weeks depending on the postal services of the countries and all the custom houses in the airports.
As you can see the STPE delivery time is around the standard shipping time, and they will always be sure to make your packages arrive at their destination in the time they told you it would.

How can I contact Chad Post?

The STPE contact number is (+235) 22521106, you can call them anytime for customer service. Their specialists will help you with any issue that can occur to your mail or packages sent with this company. They will be able to offer you solutions to any kind of problem because they have direct access to all the system information of the parcels at any time.
If you would love to send a fax, you can always do it through the next number (+235) 22521012, if you have any regard that you would love to be read by any of their customer service employees. However, if you are inside Chad's national territory you can always visit them at their offices where they will give you a personalized customer experience

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