La Poste Guinéenne - Post PNG tracking

La Poste Guinéenne - Post PNG tracking

What is OPG?

OPG is the abbreviation for "Office de la Poste Guinéenne'', also called in french La Poste Guinéenne. This is the company in charge of the postal services in New Guinea. They have been in the postal business since its creation back in 2005. They count with an enormous staff with over 175 people that are fully compromised with the vision and mission of the company. The OPG shipping service has opened many doors to the Guinean people, allowing them to send and get packages from another state and even countries.
In recent years, they have been establishing partnerships with national and international companies to extend their range of working. They already count with over 70 postal offices in all the national territory, which allows them to offer quality service and stable delivery time to their customers. The government of the country has been working with them to make them grow and offer the population a better service.
OPG offers many services; among them, we have the OPG shipping of letters and postcards, shipping for packages, and postal boxes. They count on the EMS service to send packages all around the world to 174 countries. They also offer monetary services like saving plans, money transfer, and monetary currency change. Other services they provide are the sale of technological devices, sim cards and GSM operators sales, and even mechanical repairs and maintenance for cars.

How do I track my Guinea Post parcel?

To make a successful OPG tracking package you will need to type the OPG tracking number they will provide you after they send your package. Type this number in the company's official webpage or on our website's searching bar and then press the key button or just click over the blue arrow on the right side of the bar. After this, they would allow you to see every step of the postal process with your package.
Once your package arrives at any postal office, the employees will scan the number on the label. This information will go directly to the OPG tracking system, which will show you, in real-time, the exact location of your mails and goods whenever you like. Another advantage is the possibility to see when they will arrive at their destination. You will be notified to get your package in the postal office once it arrives there.
The tracking numbers for this company usually starts with the capital letters R, A, E, V, C or L, depending on the service you contracted. The final two digits will always be GN that stands for Guinea.

Does OPG deliver internationally?

Yes, they ship internationally; you can count that every mail or package that you send with this company will arrive at its ultimate destination in any country worldwide. What is interesting about this is that you will count on the OPG tracking service to guide you all the time about the location of your package when it goes to a far place.

What are OPG delivery fees?

OPG delivery fees will vary depending on three features, the weight of the package, size of the package, and the distance that the package must travel to reach its last location. Domestic shipping fees are cheaper than international fees when it comes to sending a mail or a parcel:

  • For domestic shipping services:

They will charge you 2000 GNF, which is their local currency; this would be around $0.20 USD for a letter with a weight under 20 grams. If you would love to send the same letter to another country for example to any European country, they would charge you 7500 GNF that is the same as $0.77 USD.
For 1kg packages inside the national territory, they will charge you 22000 GNF that is around $2.26 USD.

  • For International shipping:

It will depend of course on the country, if you want to send something to any country inside the African continent, they will charge you 122000 GNF that is around $12.57 USD, which is affordable. However, for packages going to a European country, the price point starts at 242000 GNF that is $24.93 USD.

Express OPG delivery service will be pricier, it almost doubles the base prices, but your mails and packages will arrive at their destination in half of the time.

How long does OPG take to deliver?

OPG shipping time will depend on many factors being the dominant one the distance. For national shipping services, the delivery time will be less than 24 hours in most cases. Therefore, sometimes they can be delayed by many external factors, like climate, transport availability, among others.

If you send some mail or package, you can expect to get it the next business day at your local postal office. However, if you send it on a Friday, it will arrive the next Monday.
For international shipping services, it will last longer, based on how far the country you want to send it is:

  • For countries inside the African country, it will take between 3 and 8 days to arrive at its destination.
  • For Europe, it can take 10 to 15 days.
  • For the Asian continent and Oceania, the packages usually take two or three weeks to arrive.
  • To the American continent, the packages could take from 2 weeks to a month to arrive, all depending on the custom homes.

If you paid the express EMS service, you can always expect your packages to arrive by half of the time to any location worldwide.

How do I contact La Poste Guinéenne?

If you present any problem with your mails or packages, you can always reach the company through their OPG contact numbers (00224) 628606025 / 625079202. There, they will provide you with all the information that you are looking for. They will gladly offer you a solution to any issue.
If you would like to send them an email, you can reach them through the next direction They will give you a personalized customer service to help you out with your inquiries about not only the postal service but also about all their other services.

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