South Sudan Post tracking

South Sudan Post tracking

South Sudan is a republic that recently had its independence from Sudan, in 2011. Since then, after having gone through a long history to achieve it, it was able to issue its first postage stamps in the same year of its independence. So efficient was the issuance of these stamps and letters within the whole national territory, that in only three months later, South Sudan became one of the member countries of the Universal Postal Union. Previously, the entire postal service of this entity was governed by the country itself, but now the South Sudan Post shipping service is in charge of all correspondence and parcels within the new Republic.

Is there a postal service in South Sudan?

In 2011, after achieving its independence and recognition as the Republic of South Sudan, the first stamps were issued in the same year, under the insignia of a Southern Sudanese Pound (SSP).  As time went by, new stamps were created and designed, as well as the cost of each one.
Later, South Sudan began to add other postal services to its business structure. These began to send letters, small packages, and parcels throughout the country and also to the different UPU member countries. However, due to the aggressive inflation that was attacking the country, it was forced to make an increase in its postal rates in 2016.
A couple of years later, the economic situation of the country started to improve progressively, and the rates of the different services offered by South Sudan Post started to be more accessible. Today, SSJUBA has become the leading provider of postal services within the Republic of South Sudan, ensuring that all its services are delivered in an efficient and reliable manner.

How can I track a package coming from South Sudan?

South Sudan Post tracking is a tool that allows you to know the location and status of all packages sent through the company or by other private companies that require the company's facilities to deliver their packages. To track packages from South Sudan you can locate the official website of the company and do it from there with the tracking number of your package. You can also use the online platforms of the private companies associated with South Sudan Post to know the location, status, or to estimate the delivery time of your package. You can also use our platform, in which we can provide you with the information you require about your South Sudan package.

What couriers can I use to ship a parcel to South Sudan?

There are hundreds of couriers in the world who offer and deliver postal services to all parts of the world. Thanks to these different companies, hundreds of people have managed to ship their parcels to South Sudan. However, not all international postal companies ship to this country. Some of the best-known companies offering this service are UPS, USPS, and FedEx.
It is also necessary to mention that the rates of these shipments can vary according to the company that carries the package. We invite you to know the different prices offered by these postal companies before sending a letter or any other package to South Sudan.
The main company of postal services in Sudan classifies the international shipments as SSMAKA so that it is easier to identify the type of service and shipment to where it goes.

Is it dangerous to send a package to South Sudan?

Ten years ago or more it was dangerous to send packages to South Sudan, as the independence of the country was in the middle of a dispute and there were many conflicts between the southern region of Sudan and the rest of the country. These conflicts greatly affected the services and deliveries of national and international postal companies, causing packages to be returned, lost, or even used to bring prohibited materials into different regions of the country.
Over time, South Sudan achieved independence from the rest of Sudan, and conflict between the regions began to cease. This allowed the postal service to operate in a renewed, independent, optimal, and safe way. With the total cessation of the conflicts between the countries, SSMAKA (international) and SSJUBA (national) shipments managed to stabilize normally and the estimated delivery times were met.
Today, Sudan respects all parcels, letters, and postcards sent to its neighboring country South Sudan and the postal company complies with all, or at least 99%, of the deliveries of its parcels.

Is it expensive to send a parcel to South Sudan?

The rates for sending a parcel to South Sudan are within the international average of other postal services around the world. In fact, many people from different countries around the world, as well as the Sudanese themselves, claim that South Sudan Post rates are affordable and accessible to most people. 
Prices for sending parcels to South Sudan are estimated by their weight in ounces.

  • 1 oz - $0.84.
  • 2 oz - $1.65.
  • 3 oz - $2.40.
  • 4 oz - $3.20.

These are the estimated prices for parcels shipped within the country. If your package weighs more than 4 oz and you want to know the cost of shipping before you send it, you will have to check the table on the website to get a clear idea or at least an estimate.
In case you want to send your package internationally, it is necessary to check the prices directly on the website of the courier who will take care of the shipment. Whether you are associated with South Sudan Post or not, the company's website will give you the price established by them so that your packages are sent safely. Some of the prices may be much higher than those sent from other nearby countries, but each rate may vary according to the dimensions, weight, type of service, and destination.
There is no doubt that the South Sudan Post shipping services promise a lot. In just 8 years of service as an independent Republic, this company has achieved much more than other postal companies in other countries can do in decades. All the people of the country have placed their trust in them, and they respond to them with quality services.

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