Correios da Guiné Bissau tracking

Correios da Guiné Bissau tracking

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What is Correios da Guiné-Bissau?

Guiné-Bissau is an African country located in western Africa. During History, the country was under the rules of many different empires. In fact, this country started to be a Portuguese colony in the 19th century. The domain of Portugal over Guinea forced the country to change its name into Portuguese Guinea in order to avoid confusions with French Guinea and some other countries with the name of Guinea.
Correios da Guiné-Bissau is the national delivery company of the country. This company is in charge of checking and supervising any single delivery operation in Guiné-Bissau. It is a run estate service that works under the monitoring of the government of the State, in addition to the Ministry of technology and telecommunications of the country. Such an organism is in charge of setting and running all the planning processes, in addition to the Correios da Guiné-Bissau delivery operation system.
Currently, Correios da Guiné-Bissau has its headquarters in the Central Courier Office located in the capital city of the country: Bissau. The company has around 200 employees distributed in a few branches spread in the Guinean territory.

How can I track a package from Correios da Guiné-Bissau?

Guiné Bissau is a country that obtained its independence from Portugal in the year of 1974. That year coincides with the foundation date of Correios da Guiné-Bissau. Before the existence of this company, national and international deliveries from Guiné Bissau were managed by Correios de Portugal or CTT by its acronym.
As mentioned above, the Correios da Guiné-Bissau shipping service is managed by the national government. Sadly, the services provided by this company are a little dysfunctional because of the economic crisis that the country has been dealing with since its independence. 
However, the Correios da Guiné-Bissau tracking option is a process that must be done by using another tracking web page like our platform. Our web site is able to provide global delivery tracking services for every single country and company. All that the client needs to do is to introduce the Correios da Guiné-Bissau tracking number that he receives from the company. Hence, the web page is going to show all the information related to the shipment, along with a real-time track and trace.

Where can Correios da Guiné-Bissau deliver?

Correios da Guiné-Bissau was founded in the year of 1974 as the result of the independence of Guiné-Bissau from Portuguese administration. That fact meant the disappearance of Correios de Portugal from the African country, so creating a new delivery company was mandatory.
Since its creation, Correios da Guiné-Bissau has been an official member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which is the global administrator of delivery services and companies. This organization is in charge of improving national and international delivery operations by providing useful mechanisms and resources.
Correios da Guiné-Bissau doesn’t offer door by door deliveries. All the national shipments are made through the national postal offices, where customers have to pay a subscription to open a locker. That locker is labeled under the client’s identification and data, so every order coming for him will arrive at the destination address of such locker.
Currently, this company is not working with international deliveries due to some economic issues. It is estimated that in the future, Correios da Guiné-Bissau will open outlander services, thanks to the help provided by the UPU and other postal organizations.
The Universal Postal Union is an international organization controlled by the United Nations (UN). This organism works as a global supervisor of delivery and courier services. They monitor all member countries and its shipping companies in order to know what countries need help with delivery operations. They are always willing to improve the shipping services of every single country.
However, international shipping for Guiné-Bissau is provided by some other private companies that have offices in the country.

How long does it take Correios da Guiné-Bissau to deliver?

The Correios da Guiné-Bissau delivery time is most likely to be inside the global estimated waiting time for national shipping. However, this company runs its own transportation system that arrives in every single city of the country. This way, the company is absolutely able to control the delivery times.
The overland vehicles are willing to take a maximum waiting period of five working days in extreme cases. Air shipping is more likely to take up to three working days. It is important to consider that inland vehicles carry out packages with standard urgency, which means that the package is not expected to arrive as quickly as possible. Thus, Air deliveries are for EMS and extra urgent services that can even take 24 hours to arrive at the final destination.

Is Correios da Guiné-Bissau cheap?

The UPU, within its functions, is also in charge of stipulating the standard costs for the different classes of shipping and deliveries. Those calculations are based on the characteristics of the package, like the travel distance, the weight and size of the parcel, and the kind of service required. However, these estimations can vary during the final payment procedure because each delivery company works with its own terms and conditions.
In any case, Correios da Guiné-Bissau shipping fees are mostly cheap: for standard delivery services, the prices can go from $1.03 up to $45.8 depending on the conditions already mentioned.

How can I contact Correios da Guiné-Bissau?

Unfortunately, Correios da Guiné-Bissau doesn’t have a working web page, which means that contacting the company is a very hard process. Anyhow, there are some delivery-tracking web sites that also provide information about those shipping companies.
The Correios da Guiné-Bissau contact number is an open service that receives all the phone calls coming from users in order to ask for their packages or other services related to the company.
Besides, the company can be successfully contacted by sending an email to the government of the country, or straight to the Ministry of Technologies and Telecommunications. They are willing to solve any issue about national shipping. 

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