Mauritius Post tracking

Mauritius Post tracking

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What is Mauritius Post?

Mauritius Post is the national courier and delivery company of Mauritius Island. Such a country is located in the Indian Ocean, to the southeast coast of the African continent. The company is a government-owned limited company associated with the ministry of communication and transport of the island of Mauritius.
The history of postal services in Mauritius Island begins in the year 1772 when the country was still a colony of the French Crown. At that moment, Pierre Nicolas Lambert, who was the Royal Printer, established the first Mauritius postal service. As the years went by, Mauritius and its postal services company went through many different changes. The island became a British colony until the year of 1968 when they reached independence. For its part, the company started to open postal offices in most parts of the country, expanding its services and providing more options for customers.
Nowadays, Mauritius Post has over 114 offices spread in the national territory, with more than 1300 workers. They provide many different kinds of services, like Mauritius Post express delivery and tracking service, financial advisory, bill payment, fintech, e-commerce, retail services, and some others.

Mauritius Post package tracking

How do I track my Mauritius Post package?

Tracking operations and services in delivery companies are almost a mandatory requirement that users demand in order to monitor the status of their parcels. Mauritius Post offers this service for every single client of the company. The Mauritius Post tracking process begins at the Post office, where the customer drops the shipment. Postal operators are willing to take the parcel and register it into the database of the company.
Such registration is made under a single code that every parcel receives. That code is the official Mauritius Post tracking number which is used to label all the information about the order. Workers register the identification of sender and receiver, weight and size of the package, destination country or city, and urgency of the shipment.
Once the client is provided with the tracking number, he is free to go to the web page of the company and introduce the serial code of his package. After that, the platform will provide him with all the information of his order, including a real-time location, and an estimated arriving time.

Does Mauritius Post ship internationally?

Within the variety of services provided by this company, Mauritius Post mainly delivers local packages to every single city inside the country. They have different transportation ways that include ground vehicles, planes, and boats. The Mauritius Post delivery time varies depending on the used transport.
Mauritius Post is a member of the EMS Cooperative, which allows the company to deliver urgent letters and packages all over the world. Besides, their membership inside the Universal Postal Union also helps the company with outlander services. They are able to ship packages and bulks to every single country in the world by working with shipping and delivery airlines, and carrier vessels.
Nonetheless, the Mauritius Post shipping service has established some terms and conditions those packages and parcels have to fulfill in order to be shipped to other countries. Some of those conditions determine the maximum weight of the package, the type of content and articles allowed for shipping (like excluding illegal substances and items), the packaging materials, and some other important elements.

How long does a post take from Mauritius to the UK?

Every single delivery company always provides estimations for the final shipping time. Such calculation results from considering the traveling distance, the weight of the parcel, the type of transport vehicle, and the type of service required. In nature, Mauritius Post offers that calculation. Postal workers at the Mauritius Post offices estimate the waiting time for the shipment to the client.
However, the final Mauritius Post delivery time can be different from the previous estimations. This is because of all the setbacks or events in general that can occur during the trip. Such mishaps could regard accidents, traffic jams, customs supervisions, among others. Though, delivery companies are willing to avoid these eventualities in order to ensure both integrity of the package and the short delivery time.
Sending a parcel from Mauritius to the United Kingdom is one of the most common delivery services required by users from the island. Economical and commercial relations between both countries are one of the financial engines of Mauritius. Sending packages and bulks from the island to the UK may take a long time since there is a huge distance between both nations. In international standard services, the shipment can take up to 8 weeks. However, there are some faster methods, like EMS that can put the parcel in UK territory in a top time of 7 working days.

How much to post a letter to Mauritius?

Mauritius Post parcel rates are equally calculated after regarding all the features of the parcel. These include the shipping distance, and the weight of the package, among others. Besides, express delivery services usually increase costs.
Anyhow, sending a letter to Mauritius is not much expensive. Prices for letters, documents, and courier can reach from $4 to $10 depending on the shipping place, and the type of package. Other parcels with higher weights can reach prices from $4 up to $185. Express mail services and other urgent delivery options are features charged separately from the delivery service itself.

How do I contact Mauritius Post?

Contacting Mauritius Post is a very simple procedure. The web page of Mauritius Post has all the contacting information, regarding phone numbers, email addresses, and customer service hours. 
The Mauritius Post Call Center is open 24/7 in order to receive calls coming from clients. The most common problems that the hotline receives are related to the tracked parcel Mauritius Post, delays in shipping, and some others.
The email address of the company is open to receive queries related to products and services, complaints, suggestions, and others. In addition, this email address can be used in order to directly send a letter to the Operations Manager of the company.

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