Libya Post tracking

Libya Post tracking

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Libya's great history has made it an exceptional country with many advances in different aspects. One of them is its postal system, which is one of the most exceptional in Africa. The Lybia Post Shipping service has been delivering letters and parcels all over the country since its independence from Russia, since then it continues to expand to all UPU countries and even beyond.

Libya Post package tracking

What is Libya Post?

Libya Post existed as part of a holding company in which different Libyan telecommunications and postal system companies participated. Over the years, all the postal service companies were unified into one, forming what is today the Libyan postal service. Since then, the country's postal system was formed throughout the country, ensuring that all citizens can communicate efficiently and reliably.  
The company is in charge of managing and distributing all postal and parcel mail in Libya and other countries. It is totally financially independent and has a legal personality. In addition, it has affiliations with Holding Libyan Post, the country's Telecommunications and Information company, which allows it to position itself as the leading postal company in Libya. 
The main objective of the Libyan Post Company is to operate, manage and organize all postal services in the country, including financial services by mail both within the country and abroad, the marketing of services and products for public and private entities, as well as other activities that meet the purposes of the company.

How do I track my Libya Post package?

Libya Post office tracking service allows you to track all mail sent to different parts of the country and the world. Through the official website, you can find the tracking section that allows you to know the location or status of your orders in real-time. 
Simply select whether the tracking is national or international, enter the tracking ID in the search field and the system will locate your package.
In case you want to use another site to know the status or location of your postal mail, you can perform Libya Post tracking through our website.

How long does it take to Libya Post to deliver?

Libya Post delivery takes between 1 and 3 days to deliver mail within a city. If the mail is addressed to another office or address in another city, it may take 3-7 business days for the mail to be delivered. You should consider that deliveries are always made on business days. If there is a problem or situation outside for which the company is not responsible, this could delay the delivery of the mail.
In the case of international shipments, these are delivered in a period of 7 to 14 working days, depending on the destination and the conditions established by the destination countries. In any case, you can track your mail with the Libya Post tracking number and locate it anywhere in the world. Also, you must take into account that international packages must go through different customs controls that could delay the delivery of the package. Therefore, we recommend that you consider all the rules and restrictions when sending mail both within the country and abroad.

Is Libyan Post Expensive?

Not at all. Lybian Post offers its services at comfortable and accessible prices that allow all the inhabitants of the country to make use of them. Mails sent nationally have rates between 2 LYD ($1.45) and 7 LYD ($5.05), depending on their weight and dimensions.
International rates are slightly higher but remain in the price range of other African postal companies. Libya Post shipping fees range from 4 LYD ($2.89) to 30 LYD ($21.70).
The prices vary according to dimensions, weight and destination. The minimum fee is directly related to a weight of 20 grams, and the Libya Post orders allowed can have a maximum weight of 3 kg, in the case of postal services. Libya Post also offers the option of sending other packages, such as newspapers, envelopes, and other documents. However, these may not exceed 10 kg in weight, and their shipping costs may be a little bit higher.

Does Amazon Ship to Lybia?

We know that Amazon is one of the biggest selling online stores and is the first choice for those who love shopping on the Internet. This great American company has millions of products, allies of all brands, and stores that you may have even never heard of. But now, for Lebanese shoppers, this online shopping option can be very limited, with very few stores able to ship to Libya.
The main reason why Amazon does not ship internationally to Libya is because of the customs system. Getting a product from Amazon through customs can be very challenging, as well as expensive. Many people who try to pass their items purchased in the United States to the African country have had to wait a long time to receive them, as they are held up or have to go through many regulations. Therefore, many Amazon stores have preferred not to offer to ship their products to Libya, so it is recommended to check this information before making any purchase.

How can I contact Libyan Post?

In case you want to contact Libya Post you can do it through different means. They have several phone numbers, emails, and offices in case you want to visit them. To contact them by phone you can call +218 21 3611933, or +218 21 3613144.
You can also send an email to, or in case you want to know some more precise information, you can write to the company's departments directly:

If you want to know more about Libya Post products and services you can visit their official website, and discover all that this company has to offer. Not only can you send postal mail, but you can also transfer money, make special deliveries, pay for exclusive transportation, and much more.

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