Liberia Post tracking

Liberia Post tracking

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What is Liberia Post?

Liberia Post is a company part of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications from Liberia. It offers to all Liberians, among all their services, sending and receiving mails and packages at any moment. With vast experience in the business, they count on fast shipping service and their Liberia Post tracking services to get you informed about your goods.
They founded this company in 1952 and since then they have offered reliable service. With over 100 postal offices in the national territory, they will help you with all your postal necessities. They joined the EMS cooperative in 1998 and this makes them grow even more, reaching over 220 countries around the world.
As a part of the universal postal union, Liberia Post has been upgrading its services offering the best customer service to everyone in the country. They are now under the amazing leadership of a team of experts that are making all the company work wonderfully. Recently they have built more postal offices and are getting more employees to attend the increasing demand for their services.

How do I track my Liberia Post package?

If you are looking to track a mail or package sent with Liberia Post, you would need the Liberia Post tracking number that they will provide you after you finish your order. Once you have this number, you can track your mail or package through their website or in ours. For Ship24, you will only need to write in the tracking bar and then press the blue button on the right side of the screen.
After you have done this, all the information about your package will be displayed immediately. You will know where your package is and how much time it will take to arrive at your door. It is a perfect service because you will know everything about the package especially if it is an important document or a valuable good, and you would love to keep an eye on it.

Does Liberia Post deliver only in Liberia?

No, Liberia Post delivery service can reach not only the national territory but many countries abroad. This is possible because they have an agreement with the EMS Corporation that allows them to reach even the farthest countries in the world.
Therefore, if you want to send a mail or parcel to any country in the world, you can count on this company. With them, your Liberia Post package will arrive safely to any destination.

How long does it take the Liberia Post to deliver?

Liberia Post delivery time will depend on the distance the mail or package must travel to arrive at their destination. For goods sent locally, they will last a maximum of 48 hours to arrive at any place inside the national territory. It can vary taking into consideration transportation availability.
If you want to send a parcel abroad, you must think about how far the country is, depending on the distance it will take more or less time:

  • Liberia is an African country, so the mail or packages sent to other African countries will arrive sooner than those sent to other continents. The time you must wait for a package to arrive at any country inside the African continent is from 4 to 10 days.
  • If you want to take a package to Europe or Asia, it will last at least 2 weeks to arrive.
  • To Oceania, the timing could go up to 3 weeks.
  • However, if you want to send a parcel to North America, Central America, or South America, it could last from 3 to 4 weeks to arrive at its destination.

All the timing mentioned above could go cut by half if you contract the EMS service. It is more expensive but if you are in a hurry and need all your mails and parcels to arrive in less time, do not hesitate to use this service.

What are Liberia Post shipping costs?

Liberia Post shipping costs will vary depending on many factors to take into consideration, one of them the weight, the length and width, and the most important the distance that it will take to reach the state or country where you want to send it.
Sending mails and goods locally with this company is affordable for all the Liberians:

  • The price point starts with packages under 50 grams weight that are usually letters or documents, they will charge you 440 LRD that is something like $2.20 USD.
  • Therefore, if you want to send a package, the price will be higher, taking as an example a package of 1kg to send inside the national territory, it will cost you 960 LRD or $4.82 USD approximately.

With Liberia Post you can also ship internationally, the prices will depend on the weight but also the distance according to the continent where the mail or package must go. So, if you will send a letter under the 50 grams to a country in Asia for example, they will charge you 800 LRD or $4.01 USD. For a package of 1 kg, 1980 LRD or $9.90 with their standard services. EMS prices will be higher, sometimes three or four times the prices of the standard services.

How can I contact Liberia Post?

There are many questions that you can ask yourself about sending or receiving mails and parcels with this company. For that, you can always count on the Liberia Post contact number +231 886513206 where they will attend all your inquiries about their products and services. With decades offering this service, they will give a solution to any problem that you can present at any moment.
If you are willing to know more information but you do not want to contact them through phone, you can always check their official website where you will find all the details that you must be looking for.
The company’s principal office is located in Carey Street in Monrovia, Liberia. There they will attend all your issues personally.

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