Kuwait Post tracking

Kuwait Post tracking

One of the most essential processes in the life of any human being and society is communication. We can see there are different languages around the world which make the process of communication between the countries very complicated. However, it has not stopped the societies to innovate in new ways to connect the countries one to each other.
As an essential process of life, it is normal that humanity has tried to make it better. In this environment of the needs of a media to connect even the most remote places of the world, humanity created several communication channels. But, one of the oldest is the postal service.
Besides, despite currently there are other ways to communicate more efficiently. Certainly, there is still no one with the ability to materialize objects. For this reason, the postal services keep being necessary for both traders and regular users.
And this necessity is not exclusive to some countries because no matter how independent a country can be there is always something that we want or need from another place. As every country in the world, Kuwait also needs a post company.
For this reason, they count with Kuwait Post to create a link with the world, promote their economy, and get access to a worldwide market. Kuwait Post is full of postal services to meet the needs of its users and does not disappoint them at the time of making a Kuwait Post delivery.

What is Kuwait Post?

Kuwait Post is not like the rest of post companies of the country because it belongs to the ministry of communications of Kuwait. Like any national ministry, it has its own guidelines to make everything work perfectly. The person in charge of this ministry is the assistant undersecretary of the postal sector. This charge is occupied by Eng. Mansour Suleiman Al-Bader.
However, it is not the only one who has the responsibility to keep the order inside Kuwait Post because there is also the department of postal inspection under the responsibility of Mr. Fahad Ali Al-Zaabi and the department of various services in charge of Mr. Khaled Al-Qassba.
Besides, for being able to guarantee postal services like Kuwait Post track and trace to all users, they have a law to regulate the post business. This law is made of just ten articles where you can know all the terms and restrictions about the Kuwait Post services.
However, the company’s postal services have not always been as modern as they are today. Kuwait had irregularities with the post since 1775 because they had to send Kuwait Post orders from one town to another through the desert until they arrived at their destination.
Besides, in the beginning, Kuwait did not count on its postal services because all this labor was under the responsibility of the administration of the post of India. It happened until 1904 they got a proper post office. But, they got the absolute independence of external postal help in 1958 when they took full responsibility for their postal services.

How do I track my Kuwait Post package?

The Kuwait Post parcel tracking is very simple to use because you only have to get on the official website and localize the tracking section. In this section, you have to introduce the tracking number and they are going to tell you where your package or mail is.
Besides, they do not only count on the tracking services for regular parcels because they also count on the Kuwait Post EMS tracking. With this service, you also can determine the localization of your express packages. Some people consider it unnecessary, but it is always important to know where our parcels are at any time.

Does Kuwait Post deliver internationally?

Despite being considered for many people as a remote country without the possibility to get access to international postal services, they should know that this is not true. Kuwait Post is capable of deliveries and to receive packages and mails for 120 countries on different continents. Within those countries, we can find Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, the United States of America, and others.

How long does it take to Kuwait Post to deliver?

The delivery time for a Kuwait Post Package is very relative because it will depend on the dimensions, size, and weight of the package. 
On the other hand, Kuwait Post shipping time is also related to the final destination of the packages because it is not the same to send a package inside the Kuwait territory than to India. For example, keeping India as a destination, we can say that an average package can last around 7 to 15 days to arrive from Kuwait.

Is Kuwait Post expensive?

Kuwait post services are very cheap about other courier companies. So you can have an idea about the Kuwait Post shipping fees, you should know that the cost is subjected to the weight of the packages or mails.
The fees for the mails have three categories:

  • The local mails cost 25 fils.
  • For Arab countries, the fee is 50 fils
  • International mails cost 150 fils.

However, this is the cost of the mails. The cost for an average parcel can be around 150 fils, but there is an extra fee you should pay for each extra kilogram your parcel has.

How can I contact Kuwait Post?

The most essential for a postal company is the contact media because it is the way that the users have to clear their doubts and know more about the services of the postal company. First of all, you can get on the Kuwait Post website http://moc.gov.kw/English/contact.html. Secondly, you can call the Kuwait Post contact number 24819033.
Finally, if you prefer a traditional contact channel, you can send a letter to the Kuwait Post postal box direction: 318 Kuwait Safat with the zip code 11111. In this way, you can know everything about all the postal services that Kuwait Post has for you and make the most of them.

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