Mauripost tracking

Mauripost tracking

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The world is full of diversity, and every country has a different culture and way to communicate. Most people do not know too much about Mauritania, however, it is an incredible country with many good things to offer to all the world.
The official name of this country is the Islamic Republic of Mauritania that is in Africa at the North-East of it. This country belonged to France for a long time, but in 1960 it got its independence. For this reason, it is usual to hear the people in this country speaking French.
But, it does not mean they have not grown enough in different aspects like the postal system. Mauripost shipping service is one of the best in the world and has worked constantly to give to the Mauritanians the possibility to communicate with several countries. With Mauripost, the distance is not a problem because they are committed to offering people the best communication system.
Despite, the modern media have eclipsed a little bit of the traditional media to get access to other parts of the world, the Mauripost delivery service lets you have a piece of Mauritania or stay connected with a special part of the world.

What is Mauripost?

Mauripost is the post company with the responsibility to give all Mauritanians the benefits of universal postal services. Their only purpose is to offer all the people the most reliable postal services at the best price. Mauripost, in order to guarantee a good relationship between the quality of their service and their prices, they have built 33 postal offices around the country. 
Besides, they offer to the users more than a simple postal service because they also have a large range of products that fit the necessities of all the people in Mauritania. On the other hand, they also have some services in the postal offices that are extra to the postal services like financial services, postal checks and transfers of money.
Part of the success of Mauripost is based on its capability to organize its postal offices perfectly. Mauripost has a general direction to keep the order in the post company, four departments for the operational activities, three departments for the support services, and an area of inspection and control.
However, more than a postal corporation, Mauripost represents the values of the Mauritanians. These values have let Mauripost have 50 years of experience in the postal area. Besides, they have put all their effort into the service for the users. And most importantly, they have learned about the needs of the users to give a better service day after day.

How do I track my Mauripost parcel?

The Mauripost Tracking is very useful to know exactly where your parcels are. It is important because on many occasions time passes month and we do not know if our parcel is going to arrive or not to their destination. Mauripost is always adapting to its needs.
For this reason, the organization of Mauripost decides to give the users a way to track their parcels all the time. At the time to send your packages with this company, they are going to give you the Mauripost tracking number.
With this number, you are going to be able to track your parcels. Their tracking number always starts with two letters, ends with the letters MR, and the middle is made of numbers. In this way, you only have to introduce the tracking number on the website and forget about worrying about not knowing where your parcels are.  

Does Mauripost deliver internationally?

People might think that like Mauritania is not a country as developed as other countries, Mauripost is not capable to offer international postal services. However, it is not true because this is an efficient post company capable of sending different kinds of Mauripost packages to several countries.
Mauripot is responsible for the postal services at the national level in Mauritania. But, they also make deliveries to the Union of Arab Maghreb (UMA), Africa, Arab countries, and other countries in other continents like America. In this way, it doesn't matter where you have to send your parcels because probably Mauripost is going to be able to deliver them without any problem.

How long does it take to Mauripost to deliver?

The Mauripost shipping time varies because it depends on the dimensions, types of packages, and the place where the parcels are being taken. Mauripost has a very organized system to make the deliveries faster than other companies.
They receive the air parcels from Monday to Sunday, 24 four hours a day. But, it is only the reception because the delivery is made according to three different zones. For example, for zone 1 the parcels that arrive on a Monday are delivered the next day, the ones that arrive on Tuesdays are delivered on Wednesdays, and so on the rest of the week.
However, it just applies to zone 1 because the other zones have different schedules of delivery. Besides, it also applies to national deliveries because international deliveries have another range of time.

Is Mauripost expensive?

The Mauripost shipping fees are not high, and of course, they depend on the weight and on the destination of the parcel you want to send. The parcels lower than 1000g for Mauritania cost 500 MU, for UMA costs 2000 MU, for Africa and Arab countries cost 3000 MU, and other countries 4000 MU.
But, for each extra kilogram, you will have to pay an extra cost:

  • The cost for Mauritania is 500 MU
  • For UMA 1000 MU
  • For Africa and Arab countries 2000 MU
  • For other countries 3500 MU.

However, the top weight limit is 30 kg.

How do I contact Mauripost?

Getting the Mauripost contact details is not complicated at all. You only have to get on their website and go to the contact section. Once there, you are going to fill a formulary with your name, your email, and the messages with the doubts you want to clear. In this way, they are going to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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