NamPost tracking

NamPost tracking

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What is NamPost?

NamPost is the name given to the Namibian company that is in charge of the postal service. This industry is responsible for providing answers to postal, financial and logistics issues. All NamPost services have the mission of increasing the quality of life of the population, developing and managing postal services that ensure efficiency for their clients.
Being one of the historical treasures of Namibia, the company has been in the top of positions for more than 120 years, becoming an official department at the hands of the Namibian government. After the first postal service company started in 1814, with the intention of facilitating the sending and receiving of messages that allowed communication between stations in cities and towns, the project expanded to connect stations in Southwest Africa and South Africa. In this way, in 1888 after having founded the first Otjimbingwe post office in Southwest Africa, many more offices were established around the country until 1992, when NamPost was located, to manage 92 post offices in Namibia.
The development of NamPost has been so satisfactory, that today it achieves expansion of 140 offices throughout the country.

NamPost package tracking

How do I track my NamPost parcel?

Following the company's successful objective, NamPost offers an easy order tracking system, making it visible from its website. Entering, the client can find from the main page the tracking options offered, which are: NamPost Courier Tracking or Postal Globe Tracking. 
By “clicking” the corresponding option, the client will be sent to a page where he must enter data such as the NamPost tracking number, shipping number, waybill or shipper reference, and in this way, the page will give the information requested for his package. 
This is a service that complies with security, ethics and 24-hour availability for any questions or queries that the client may have about the package and its status, as offered by the majority of the courier companies around the world. The NamPost Tracking system is quite reliable, fast, and easy to use, having strict and efficient control over the products and shipments.

Does NamPost deliver internationally?

Due to NamPost high level of responsibility and compliance, NamPost Shipping manages to focus on national and international express freight, after becoming a totally necessary logistic company for Namibia. Taking over 220 international destinations, NamPost offers remarkable rates, thanks to partnerships with sister companies with close affiliations to form strategies that benefit both industries.
In this way, implementing technology and increasing the quality of its services, it presents proposals such as Easy Pack and Easy Box, which are easier to obtain domestic courier products, ideal for items of smaller size and different weight.

How long does it take to NamPost to deliver?

Depending on the destination and the characteristic of the package, the results of the delivery time estimations can vary.
For Fast Mail Services, priority messages receive preference and during the request for processing, the client can have the mail to be delivered within a single day, always aware of the package location thanks to the NamPost EMS tracking system.
Furthermore, the Mail Delivery Standards are equally associated with the messaging services that the company offers overnight if posted before 12h00.

  • For the same city is delivered within two days.
  • For local or within the country the NamPost shipping time is three working days.
  • For international deliveries, according to the terms and conditions of postal services and transit partners, the delivery is complete within six working days.

NamPost also has the express mail service, which is a way of sending and receiving packages to any international destination. This method has a delivery time for six days, according to the terms and conditions of postal services and transit partners, and is a door delivery system.
In any case, the customer can choose to visit the state search section on the NamPost delivery platform, in order to carry out the respective NamPost parcel tracking process and in this way, it will be possible to manage any doubt or need to consult the situation of your current order.

Is NamPost expensive?

The NamPost Courier prices will depend on some aspects such as the type of package, delivery, destination and the characteristics of it. In any case, being a company with so much experience and demand, prices vary by season and also the routes through the packages will be carried out. This type of information can be found on the official website, in PDF format, in which the prices and specifications for each specific case are constantly updated with the details and necessary answers to solve the client’s concern and the possible monetary calculation to evaluate for his investment.
In addition to this, NamPost offers different type of promotion, where the client is given the opportunity to select the one that he or she believes is convenient for his pockets and demand, being able to differentiate between the discounts offered by the promotional packages and different advantages that allow the client to make the largest delivery he can, even with better quality.

How do I contact NamPost?

In order to answer each question or requested information from NamPost, different ways of contacting are offered.
One of them is to visit the offices of Customer Care and through email. For Saving Banks there is the call center and emails of the different people in charge by the department. For Postal Services, NamPost offers the company’s international mail along with the phone numbers assigned to the staff. 
All the information about the NamPost contact details and “who to go” is on the official NamPost website, where the client can also leave a direct message with the information that he needs to make the request and the department to which the message will be addressed. 
NamPost is a company that seeks to be updated with technology and that is why it also has social networks where they post information about the services, promotion and events, being a platform that is open to all kinds of comments and questions that the client may have. 

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