Azerpost tracking

Azerpost tracking

Azerbaijan is a country that lies between the border of Europe and Asia. This country has a significant history and development over the centuries and has remained one of the best-developed countries compared to many of its neighbors. One of the factors that have allowed this country to become what it is today is its postal service company Azerpost. Azerpost has been the company that manages everything related to the postal service in the country. Thanks to it, it is possible to carry out Azerbaijan Post tracking to any type of package and anywhere in the world.

What is Azerpost?

The correspondence services or postal services of Azerbaijan had its beginnings during the 16th century, at the time of the Safavid dynasty. Later, with the creation of new publications and communication systems in the 19th century, it allowed the first post office to be opened in Ganja. 
As the country developed economically and culturally, the demands on the postal services increased. New postal networks and offices had to be installed to cover most of the country. By 1940, demand continued to grow, and until the end of the 20th century, when the Soviet Union collapsed, Azerbaijan achieved independence and postal services entered a new stage of development.
As an independent republic, the country found it difficult to return to the level of service which it had been operating with, but in 1997, the postal service was separated from the telecommunications service and began to operate as an independent agency. By 2002, the National Postal Service Rules were approved, which regulated the processes of providing postal services.
Since then until today, Azerpost has been the operator of the entire postal system in the country. It has a network that covers the entire national territory, providing different postal and financial services for the entire population of Azerbaijan. It has offices equipped with state-of-the-art technology and highly trained personnel prepared to guarantee the quality and reliability of each of its services.

How do I track a package from Azerbaijan?

Azerpost tracking is the perfect tool for the company to know the precise location or status of all packages sent through the company. On their website, you can find the tracking section, where you can clearly see the space to place the tracking number of the package, and then the corresponding information will be displayed.
All Azerpost Az tracking numbers comply with UPU regulations, where clearly all have the letters "AZ" at the end, which identify the country. The rest of the tracking number is composed of different characters that allow each package to be identified as unique and registered in the database.
If you need to perform an Azerpost express tracking you can do it by entering directly the number printed under the barcode that all packages and tickets issued from any post office must-have.

Does Azerpost deliver Internationally?

Thanks to its more than 200 years of history and service, the company has managed to make international deliveries of Azerpost parcels to different countries around the world. After obtaining its membership in the Universal Postal Union, and other global postal organizations, Azerpost can deliver packages, letters, and postcards in more than 180 countries. 
If you want to know the huge list of all the countries the company delivers to, we invite you to check it out on the official website of the company. There, you will also find other relevant information to this section.

How long does it take to Azerpost to ship?

Like most universal postal companies, Azerpost shipping can have different delivery times according to the final destination. However, the company has been responsible for grouping countries by zones and establishing average delivery times for each zone or for each continent:

  • Most of the shipments that are sent to Europe and Asia can take between 4-7 business days to reach their destination.
  • Shipments to Africa and Oceania take 7-14 business days to arrive.
  • Packages sent to the Americas may take 20 days or more.

All Azerpost delivery times are subject to the type of service, dimensions, and weight of the package. If you want to know more details about delivery times for specific countries, we invite you to check the company's website.

Is Azerpost expensive?

As well as the delivery times, Azerpost prices for each of them will depend on the type of service, weight, dimensions, and destination. To establish average prices between the different types of service and the countries where they go, we have established a list according to each postal service:

  • Postal Service for letters and telegrams: National - 0.20 AZN ($0.12); International - 2.24 AZN ($1.32).
  • EMS: National - 1.20 AZN ($0.71); International - 4.10 AZN ($2.41).
  • Parcels: from 2.05 AZN ($1.21) to 20.29 AZN ($12.00).

As mentioned above, all rates may vary according to destination and weight. However, in comparison with other international postal companies, Azerpost is one of the companies that maintain the lowest rates in postal services. You can check it yourself by downloading the table on their website and compare the rates for each package in detail.

How can I contact Azerpost?

In case you want to know more about the entire postal company, its services, products, and everything it has to offer, you can visit its official website, This site has a fairly easy to use interface with detailed information on everything the company has to offer.
If you wish to make a more detailed or specific query, you can contact Azerpost via phone, email, or using the form on the same official website. Their main phone number is 169, this is the direct number to their call center. In case you wish to send a fax, you can do so at (012) 493-00-37.
You can also choose to make more direct contact and visit some of the offices that are located in different areas of the country, but if you prefer to go to the main office, you can locate it in Baku City, Uzeyir Hajibeyli, 72, AZ1000. You will gladly find the company's staff ready to attend to any need, claim, or suggestion you may have.

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