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In Rwanda, there is no better option for sending postcards and packages than through Rwanda Post. A company committed to making the best Rwanda Post delivery. It offers the highest standards in national and international postal services. Rwanda Post is also committed to the social and economic development of the country, guaranteeing the service in a continuous and permanent way.

What is Rwanda Post?

Rwanda Post is the National Post Office of Rwanda, an African country. This company is known under the name Iposita, and this is the company in charge of offering different postal services. Rwanda Post Tracking is one of the best options for sending mail and packages in the country, the continent, and different parts of the world because it allows you to keep updated on your delivery status. At Iposita, you can also send money, pay for services, etc.
Rwanda Post has principles and values which allow it to provide efficient and reliable service so that its customers feel satisfied with the different services offered by the company. With Iposita you can send your postal mail and other packages reliably and with the guarantee that the package will always arrive at its destination. The essential functions of Rwanda Post are as follows:

  • To provide national and international postal services.
  • To provide postal and personal financial services.
  • Charging rates at the lowest budget allowing access to anyone.
  • To achieve sufficient revenues to cover all capital and operational expenses.

How do I track my Rwanda Post parcel?

Using the Rwanda Post Tracking service is really easy and can be done in different ways. The first option to track your Rwanda Post package is through the company's official website. In addition, you can track all types of mail or shipments that you have made through Iposita: package, EMS, postal mail, etc.
If you use our website, it will require some specific data to track your package. You can do this by entering the tracking number or some other reference number of your package that allows the platform to track your package, both domestically and internationally.
In the case of packages sent through Rwanda Post, the website requires the Rwanda Post tracking number. With this platform, you can see some details of your package in real-time, and it is also available in different languages.

Is Rwanda Post expensive?

Rwanda Post postage rates are fully proportional to other postal service companies within and outside the country. In fact, Iposita is the company with the lowest postal service rates nationwide. Rwanda Post shipping fees may vary depending on the destination, package characteristics such as weight, and form of transport, as these can be sent by motorcycle and minivan.
Delivery rates within the country weighing between 1 and 30 kg are sent by motorcycle and can vary between 1000 FRW (1.11$) and 2500 FRW (2.63$) depending on the destination. And those packages weighing from 30Kg to 300 Kg are sent by minivan. Rates range from 5000 FRW (5.26$) to 8500 FRW (8.95$).
As for international shipments, the rates will depend on the destination and weight of the package. In the case of postal services, the rates are usually very similar to the national ones, remaining in the average of the other companies that offer postal services in the continent.

Does Rwanda Post only ship in Rwanda?

No, Rwanda Post Shipping can reach different parts of the world, especially other countries in the African continent. The company's main function is to satisfy the needs of the country's inhabitants who require some kind of postal service. However, for several years now, Iposita has been opening up to other countries in the world and has expanded the limits of its shipments to other countries in Africa and Europe mostly, although it is already reaching other countries in America and the rest of the world.
Iposita is present in more than 50 countries around the world today, in which it has its own offices and others in which it has allied companies. However, in the world of international postal services, they are always willing to shake hands, and this gives Rwanda Post the boost it needs to continue growing.

How long does it take for the Rwanda Post to deliver?

The company tries to deliver all its packages in the shortest time possible, considering the needs of all its customers. The Rwanda Post delivery time for mail and other postal services within the country can take between 1 and 3 days. In the case of postcards sent within the same district, they are delivered the same day that they are received at the post office. If the mail must go to another district it may take from 1 to 3 days to be delivered.
For international mail, the delivery time is a little bit longer, as it can take between 7 and 14 working days to reach its final destination. In addition, you should consider if there are any restrictions or requirements to ship to the destination Country in order to avoid any problems that may arise. In addition, Rwanda Post ensures that its security regulations are enforced to prevent the shipment of illegal products both nationally and internationally.

How Can I Contact Rwanda Post?

In case you need some specific information or simply want to know more about this company, we will provide you with the Rwanda Post contact details. You can contact them through different means, which are always available for customers. This company has MTN and a WhatsApp cell phone number; 0789 49 91 77. You can also contact them through Airtel's cell phone number: 0735 91 97 19.
If you have any questions or would like to make a personal consultation, please send an email to homedelivery@i-posita.rw or info@i-posita.rw. If you prefer, you can also visit one of the offices directly.
The main office is located at:
KN 4 Street, Nyarugenge,
PO Box 4, Kigali, Rwanda.

For more information about the company and all the services it offers you can visit the official website.

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