Eritrea Post tracking

Eritrea Post tracking

What is Eritrea Post?

Eritrea Post is the official Courier and Delivery Services Company of Eritrea, a country located in Eastern Africa, which is bordered by Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti, and the Red Sea. The headquarters of this company are located in the capital city of Eritrea, Asmara. This is the most populated city in the country. The Eritrea Post shipping service is also very efficient thanks to its membership with the Universal Postal Union.
Currently, Eritrea Post provides courier and delivery services to all the cities inside the Eritrean territory. Its employees ensure high-quality service by taking deep care of the manipulation of the parcel, from the packing process to the delivery moment. They also have an insurance service for every single Eritrea Post order so that the packages are insured in case of accidents, thefts, and loss.

How do I track my parcel from Eritrea Post?

The tracking process is a very important element to consider when evaluating the quality service of a shipping company. This is what provides confidence and tranquility to the clients about the status of their parcels. 
With the help of the UPU, which is the global manager of courier services, the company provides an excellent tracking service. The Eritrea Post tracking platform is available for every Eritrea Post client, with no additional fees.
In the beginning, the company receives the parcel to be sent. Hence, the workers pack the element, registering it with the official Eritrea Post tracking number in order to write the information of the order under a serial code. The data regarded by Eriposta turns around the identification of the sender and the receiver, the destination of the parcel, the travel route, and so on.
The client is provided with the tracking number. This way, he is able to introduce the tracking code in the Eriposta tracking system that can be found on the web page of the company. After all that, the customer will receive all the information about his shipment, like the current location and estimated delivery time. 

Does the Eritrean Postal Service deliver internationally?

Eritrea Post has an efficient transportation system that ensures shipments and operations for all the Eritrean territory. Every single office has its own Eritrea Post delivery office, where all kinds of packages can be sent or picked up. The government provides the company with proper resources so the company can keep a good quality service.
International services are quite limited with this company. The available services for outlander packages are limited to sending and receiving small courier and documents with the help of the UPU and the EMS organization. This way, the weight of the packages is very limited by using Eritrea Post international shipping service.
Nevertheless, there are some international delivery companies that have offices in the Eritrean territory. Such corporations are able to send and receive any kind of packages and shipments from Eritrea, no matter from what country. Some of these options are very quick and reliable because they handle the packages with careful and strict quality standards.

How long does it take to Eritrea Post to deliver?

The Eritrea Post delivery times are very fast. Its membership in the UPU provides the company with useful help coming for that organization, which is the global administrator of courier and delivery services in all over the world. These resources allow Eritrea Post to improve the quality of their services.
National deliveries are all made with EMS. So, the delivery time is reduced to a maximum period of three days for national deliveries. Besides, there is the same day service that is only available for shipments inside the city of Asmara.
International shipments are most likely to take a while. This is because international packages have to be checked by customs offices in the borders of the destination country. The workers of every single office have to supervise the content of the package in order to avoid any kind of illegal products or materials. However, the estimated time is also determined by the characteristics of the package and the destination. The maximum waiting time is up to 28 working days, but it is most likely to be shorter. 

Is Eritrea Post expensive?

The Eritrea Post shipping prices are the result of estimations based on the characteristics of the package, like the travel distance, the weight and size of the parcel, and the urgency of the order. Also, both national and international costs are regulated by the stipulations of the UPU, in addition to the conditions of the package, and to the standard supervisions.
National deliveries are not very much expensive. A simple shipment can reach prices from $2.06 up to $20 in the standard kind of service. For the same day service, which is only available for shipments inside the capital city, costs can go from $1.25 to a maximum price of $16 depending on the distance, the package and all of its features.
For international shipping, the average price is around $3.21 and $55. As mentioned above, these costs are ruled by the Universal Postal Union. In addition, international prices are only available for letters and small packages that cannot exceed 2Kg.

How do I contact the Eritrean Postal Service?

Recently, Eritrean Post has improved its technological equipment, which allowed the company to enhance its digital services. The new web page is provided with all the Eritrea Post contact details in order to offer high-quality customer attention. 
The company has an email address to receive formal letters coming from customers, business proposals, and some other affairs. This method works to receive information and general messages related to complaints, statements, and issues related to the internal operations of the company.
On the other side, the call center of the company is able to receive calls 24/7 so they can solve all the problems and concerns of customers. The most treated cases are mainly related to issues with deliveries, delays, accidents, tracking affairs, emergencies, among many other elements and circumstances.

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