Tanzania Post tracking

What is Tanzania Post Corporation?

Tanzania Post Corporation is a company fully owned by the Tanzanian government and financed by them. They have been responsible for the postal service in Tanzania since 1994 after its split from Tanzania Postal and Telecommunications department. Also called "TPC" or "Posta Tanzania", Tanzania Post Corporation offers letter and parcel mailing or again Express Mail Service. Posta Tanzania has around 400 post offices across the country and competes against other private companies such as DHL and Federal Express which are also licensed to operate in Tanzania.

Is Tanzania Post reliable?

Tanzania Post has received complaints about lost luggage and theft of objects, so they implemented security measures like Closed Circuit Television at Dar es Salaam General Post Office for strengthening surveillance of both, international and domestic mails.
Besides, the company added a fleet of scooters to improve delivery times, given the circumstances of the rural terrain in Tanzania which is a challenge for every driver. Tanzania Post constantly invests in its personnel to improve its quality of service and the punctuality of its deliveries, the effort to maintain a global quality standard is evident.
Tanzania is a developing country. This is a reality that cannot be compared to the United Kingdom, for example. Where there are roads in good condition, GPS, satellite support, and good telecommunications. The effort made by this company is enormous to maintain a global quality service and that deserves additional recognition

How do I track my TPC parcel?

If you still have doubts about its reliability, you can use the Tanzania Post Corporation tracks, a service offered by Posta Tanzania to locate your parcel at all times. Every time you request the service, they give you a code that you can track at any time on their website. It works for both domestic and international shipments.
The main objective of the Tanzania Post Corporation is that the mail they receive should be delivered within 24 hours. This is still in progress. The average delivery time of a Tanzania Post Parcel is about 5 days.

Are there postal codes in Tanzania?

The implementation of TPC tracking is an important advance to maintain that desired reliability status because it is also used to identify areas and mark them in a postal system that seems unique, but that works for them.
The reason? They do not have postal codes. It sounds strange but it was not implemented at any time in history. And being a company that started in the private sector, they never provided postcodes. Currently, they use another system to make a map similar to postcodes and addresses.

Where does Tanzania Post deliver?

Sending parcels with Posta Tanzania is not a difficult matter. They even provide you with the export paperwork and your exit fee included in the Tanzania Post Corporation prices list. Which are segmented by areas and their rates vary, although all include the regulatory exit tax and mandatory VAT.
They are divided into 6 zones that go from their neighboring countries to destinations further away from them:

  • Zone 1 includes Kenya and Uganda,
  • Zone 2 South Africa
  • Zone 3 Botswana, Burundi Zimbabwe
  • Zone 4 Pakistán, Israel.
  • Zone 5 turkey Ukraine
  • Zone 6 Japan

This is just to mention some of the more than 120 countries that make up the destinations list. As we can see in the classification, it goes from the closest destination to the farthest. This has a disadvantage; its destinations do not include the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, or Spain.
If you are planning to use Tanzania Post shipping to these countries, you must stop at one of those that offer the service, and link it with another courier company so that it reaches its destination in these mentioned countries. All of these include Tanzania Post Corporation tracking, a device to locate your cargo at all times.

How expensive is Tanzania Post Corporation?

About Tanzania Post Corporation prices, let's take some examples of very common destinations. They have two services. Tanzania Post parcel or express courier service which works with this zone system and they are parcels with a capacity of up to 10 kg. Here are a few examples:

  • Zone 4 Italia 180.000TZS(77US$) + 32.000TZS(14$) VAT Total 210.000TZS (90US$)
  • Zone 5 Poland 186000TZS(80US$) + 33500TZS(15US$) VAT Total 219500TZS(96US$)
  • Zone 6 China 19000TZS (82US$) + 35000TZS (15US$)VAT Total 225.000TZS (97US$)

Some countries like Canada have their own special rate: 256,000TZS (US$110) + 50,000TZS (US$21) VAT Total 306.000TZS (132US$).
All these prices are approximate, both in TZS and in US dollars, to have an estimate. The chosen service was a Tanzania Post parcel of 10kg.
Tanzania Post shipping service allows large packages according to the weight limit of the destination country; this changes from country to country due to its internal import laws, import and transportation taxes, and fees:

  • Canada: 80,000TZS (35US$) per kg and 30,000 TZS (13US$) for each additional kg from 30 kilograms for exceeding the limit.
  • Israel: 50,000TZS(22US$) per kg and 11,000TZS(5US$) for each additional kg of the regulatory 20 kg.
  • Italy: 56,000TZS (24US$) per kg and 14,500TZS (7US$) for each additional kg of the regulatory 20 kg

These three last examples with their rates include VAT and departure tax. Suppose we want to send a parcel to Italy, the weight limit is 20 kg. We multiply 20 kg by 56.000 TZS and the result is 1.120.000TZS or 483.6US$.
Compared to other parcel services worldwide, its costs are high. For example for SCPT (the Democratic Republic of the Congo) sending 20 kg to Italy, for example, is equivalent to about US$ 65.
It also happens with the EMS service with a similar company. It could be said that their prices are not very competitive compare to other courier companies in the region. And both examples count with SCPT Tracking and TPC tracking.

How can I reach Tanzania Post customer service?

For the Tanzania Post customer service, they have an official website where you can find more detailed information about their national and international, package, and transport rates.
The main office is located in the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam. So it is easier to handle any matter directly in this office, like the Tanzania Post office parcel tracking.

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