Kenya Post tracking

Kenya Post tracking

What is Kenya Post?

Kenya Post is known as the responsible and most important company for the postal service in Kenya. For some, it is known as Posta Kenya, a name that gives rise to the following initials PCK. The postal service in Kenya, dates from centuries ago, approximately from the 17th century, this is because Kenya was always considered as one of the most relevant countries in the region and the perfect destination to start the biggest and most important postal service in Europe.
However, the origin of Kenya Post takes place in 1998, when the largest postal company of that time, known as Kenya Post & Telecommunication Corporation (KP&TC), was institutionally divided. The division of KP&TC resulted in the creation of the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) and later in 1999 the creation of the Kenya Post Corporation (PCK).
Kenya Post is one of the most important companies in the country and is supported by the Ministry of Communications of Kenya. This support gives the company the responsibility to deliver a range of services such as postal mail, expedited mail services, philately, technology-based money transfer services, money order services, and hybrid mail.
As a large company, Kenya Post has approximately 700 post offices that are distributed throughout the country. At least 65 percent of the offices are dedicated to servicing departmental mail services and customer service operations. It is estimated that by 2021, the number of Kenya Post offices will increase by at least 15 percent, with the aim of improving service throughout the region, and increasing the number of postal operations carried out annually.
Kenya Post is currently cooperating with other developed companies in East African countries to carry out postal money transfers through modern electronic platforms such as the International Financial System (IFS). Besides, Kenya Post has the service to track and trace mail and EMS in UPU member countries.
Kenya Post is a major public postal service provider across Africa. It is undoubtedly one of the companies that provide accessible, affordable, efficient, and high-quality services that meet the needs of millions of users throughout Africa, but especially to the East African countries that belong to the UPU, known as the Universal Postal Union. Kenya Post is considered as the UPU's flagship company, in fact, the origins of Kenya Post were in Nairobi, the main city of Kenya and the epicenter where the postal bases of all Africa were shaped.

Is Kenya Post reliable?

Kenya Post is one of the largest and most relevant companies in Kenya, and one of the most important in East Africa. The services provided by Kenya Post are of utmost importance to all UPU member countries. For this reason, Kenya Post can be considered a reliable company. For example, Kenya Post international tracking service is subject to a couple of values that are fundamental for the company. In an honest, fair, responsible, and transparent way, Kenya Post offers to all its customers' postal services of excellent quality, where the integrity and professionalism of the employees are the cornerstones of the company.

How do I track my Kenya Post parcel?

Kenya Post parcels can be tracked through their official website. Kenya Post tracking service is one of the most reliable and efficient services the company offers to its clients. Users can enter the company's official website and through the Kenya Post tracking number or ID, they can accurately track their packages.
The ID will only be available through the reservation receipt that all users must make to use Kenya Post postal services. Also, it is important to mention that the information to track the shipments will only be available for 120 days after the shipment has been delivered.

Is Kenya Post fast?

Kenya Post delivery is one of the highest quality services offered by the company. This is because the delivery service not only works throughout East Africa, but it is also characterized by being a service that works quickly and efficiently.
Users can ship to over 600 offices across Kenya. Deliveries are made quickly and securely, so product integrity is guaranteed. Besides, the company can ship worldwide by air, land, or sea, depending on the customer's needs. In fact, Kenya Post shipping service is one of the best in East Africa, as the packages are not only delivered safely but also the shipping time is excellent.

How do I ship something to Kenya?

Kenya Post works with reputable companies such as DHL and FedEx, that allow customers to send packages from any country in the world. In fact, Kenya Post has exclusive contracts with FedEx to strengthen its air and sea freight services. Kenya Post tracking items allows users to accurately track their shipments.
Besides, it is important to mention that Kenya Post international shipping is one of the most requested and loved services by users. Through this kind of shipping, the Kenya Post track order will always be available to customers during and after the delivery of the packages, thus ensuring an efficient, safe, and transparent service.

How do I pay for a postal box in Kenya?

To perform this kind of service it is necessary to fill in a form that can be downloaded from the Kenya Post official website. Users who wish to pay for a postal box should fill in this form and then go to any of Kenya Post customer service offices and pay a purchase price determined by the company. Likewise, users will also have to pay for the corresponding keys of the postal box.

How can I contact Kenya Post?

Kenya Post contact can be obtained at the official website of the company. Through this section of the website, users can complete a messaging form where they can send mails to customer service operators to address any difficulties or problems with the shipments or packages.
Also, Kenya Post website has several emails and phone numbers for customers to contact customer service operators. Customers will also have access to the home address of the company's main offices.

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