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Communication is an essential need of every community because it lets us create a link between persons. However, communication media has not always been as modern as it is today. But, despite all the changes and the improvements in technology, there is a method that never gets old, the postal service. Modern companies like Inposdom have taken it upon themselves to keep the postal service running, with optimal tools that ensure excellent work, like the Inposdom tracking service.
On the other hand, it does not mean that the postal service has been trapped in the past because the postal companies as Inposdom have been working to offer to all the users the best services for deliveries of parcels, mails, or any kind of thing someone might want to send. Of course, there are some things about Inposdom you need to know at the time to look for its services.

What is Inposdom?

The name Inposdom means the Dominican Postal Institute which is the official entity in charge of the postal services in the Dominican Republic. They have been working since November 15, 1985, to offer to all their users a wide range of postal services.
Within the Inposdom postal services, there is included the delivery of mails, postal packages, and couriers. Besides, they work as an exchange bureau offering to users who can make their transference in different international currencies. In this way, Inposdom does not only count on national services but also has connections with other postal institutions around the world.
Inposdom main mission is to offer to all the people in the Dominican Republic the best postal services at the best prices. More than a regular postal company, they try to outperform the services of other mail companies in the country to be the leader of the postal services. Of course, it is possible because Inposdom main values are excellence, transparency, compromise, and overall efficiency.

How do I track my Inposdom package?

At the time to use Inposdom postal services, all the users want to know where their parcels are at any time. For this reason, tracking Inposdom packages is very easy to do.
First of all, when you decide to use the company's services, they are going to give you an Inposdom tracking number so you can be able to follow the route of your shipment from the point of departure to its destination.
This tracking number is made of 13 characters. The first two characters are letters that represent the type of service you hire to Inposdom. Then the code is followed by nine numbers. And finally, the last two characters are two letters that identify the parcel's origin country. This way, you are going to be able to know where your Inposdom delivery package is at all times.

Is Inposdom expensive?

It is probably the most common question among all the users before deciding whether they should use or not the Inposdom postal services. The Inposdom prices will depend, first of all, on the destination because it is not the same for delivery inside of the territory of the Dominican Republic and for other parts of the world.
However, the prices also vary according to the type of delivery because you can send ordinary mail like documents or little packages, but also larger orders. In this way, the price for the national deliveries (until 20 grams) is RD$ 10.00 in the city and 15.00 RD$ for the interior of the country. Besides, each additional 20 grams has a cost of 3.00 RD$ to the city and 4.00 to the interior of the country.
On the other hand, Inposdom shipping fees for international deliveries will vary according to the zone of shipping. According to the weight, the cost of an international ordinary mail can go from 36.00 RD$ to 1,446.00 RD$.
Nevertheless, these rates only apply to ordinary mails because large international orders have other prices. These cost rates can go from 1,044.00 RD$ to 11,505.00 RD$ according to the country where the packages will go. So Inposdom prices can be considered expensive or cheap according to the kind of parcel you want to send.

Does Inposdom only ship in the Dominican Republic?

Despite Inposdom is a national postal company from the Dominic Republic, it does not mean they just take care of the national postal services because they also make deliveries to other countries.
For the international postal services, Inposdom classifies the delivery areas into six zones. According to this classification, the delivery zones from one to six are North America, the Caribbean, and the Antilles, South and Central America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and Oceania respectively. This way, you can use Inposdom postal services to send your parcels to any continent without any problem.

How long does it take to Inposdom to deliver?

In the same way as the price, the time which takes to deliver any parcel depends on the place where the parcel goes. The national deliveries have an average delivery time of 2 to 3 working days for the city, 3 to 5 working days to the capital of the province, and 4 to 6 working days to other cities.
On the other way, for international deliveries, the Inposdom shipping time also depends on the delivery zone. The average delivery time according to the different zones is the following:

  • 9 to 10 working days to zone 1 (North America),
  • 10 to 13 working days to zone 2 (the Caribbean and the Antilles)
  • 11 to 14 working days to zone 3 (South and Central America) and zone 4 (Europe)
  • 13 to 16 working days to zone 5 (Asia)
  • 15 to 18 working days to zone 6 (Africa and Oceania).

How can I contact Inposdom?

The Inposdom contact number is (809)-534-5838. But, you can also contact Inposdom through their email servicio.cliente@inposdom.gob.do. In this way, you can use the method you prefer to get in contact with this efficient postal company in order to solve any doubt you might have.

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