Correos de Cuba tracking

Correos de Cuba tracking

It is normal to think that every country has its postal system, and Cuba is not an exception. For this reason, it is important to know all about Correos de Cuba before hiring its services. In this way, you can be aware of all the Correos de Cuba shipping services you can use, and for a good price.

What is Correos de Cuba?

Correos de Cuba is the country's official postal company that is in charge of offering the best postal service, both nationally and internationally to all the people on the island. Correos de Cuba international package services' main goal is to offer all the Cubans the best prices for their shipping needs.
However, the Correos de Cuba delivery service does not only depend on one enterprise, it actually depends on 20 enterprises distributed in the different provinces of the island. Within the company's services, we can find the delivery of ordinary national and international mail, national telegrams, postcards sales, and tracking of parcels.
On the other hand, Correos de Cuba doesn't just provide a standard postal service because its priority is to offer all the Cubans every extra service they might need. If you need to send some parcel quickly, Correos de Cuba also counts with an urgent delivery modality to get your parcel to its destination faster.

How do I track a parcel from Correos de Cuba?

The Correos de Cuba tracking system is very easy to understand. First of all, Correos de Cuba classifies the parcels according to their weight in two groups: small parcels (less than 2 kg) and big parcels (more than 2 kg).

Normally, the small parcels cannot be tracked in Cuba. However, Correos de Cuba offers to all the users a tracking system independently of the package size. They use a postal international identification according to the type of parcel you need to send.
These codes are conformed by 13 alphanumeric characters. The first two characters are a reference to the parcel's final destination. In this way, for example, if the tracking code starts with the letters "US", it means the parcel is directed to the United States postal offices.

Where does Correos de Cuba can deliver?

As we said before, the Correos de Cuba takes care of all the postal and parcels deliveries in all the provinces on the island. But, they also receive and send parcels and mail to other countries. With Correos de Cuba, you can send parcels to the postal offices in the United States, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Switzerland, Italy, Span, Dominic Republic, and other countries.

How long does it take to Correos de Cuba to deliver?

Despite Correos de Cuba the main goal is to provide the best universal postal service in the country, this company does not guarantee its users the delivery time. Unfortunately, all the users who put their confidence in the Correos de Cuba company, do not have the certainty that their parcels are going to be on time at the final destination.
There is not any kind of information about the Correos de Cuba shipping time from Cuba on the internet, neither on their website.
Most people believe that this big delay in the parcel delivery occurs because Correos de Cuba counts with a huge list of postal regulations that both, the users and the proper company, have to follow before putting the parcels on the way to their destinies.

What are Correos de Cuba prices?

The costs or prices for a Correos de Cuba order can vary according to the company regulations at the time to accept the shipping of the parcels. Besides, you also have to consider that the costs are going to depend on the parcels' destination. In order to have an idea about how much money it could cost you to send a package with Correos de Cuba, there are some things you have to consider first.
For national deliveries, you have two modalities:

  • Mail

For the mails, the cost is going to depend on the weight. For this reason, a 20 g mail is going to have a rate of 0.15 CUC, but a 2 Kg mail is going to cost 7.75 CUC.

  • Postal packages

However, the case of a postal package is different since the cost of the first Kg is 2.05 CUC, while from each additional kilogram, the user has to pay 1.05 CUC.
But, this rate only applies to national deliveries because for the international ones the rate is calculated based on other factors. The cost of the mails is going to vary according to if the mail's destiny is America or Europe. In this way, the cost of international mails can go from 0.65 CUC to 30.80 CUC.
On the other hand, the price for international postal packages is classified according to a set amount for the first 500 g and then an extra price for each additional 500 g. As an example, we can mention that the first 500 g for the American continent costs 17.75 CUC while Europe costs 22.90 CUC.

How can I contact Correos de Cuba?

It is easy to get access to the Correos de Cuba contact. This postal company counts two modalities through which you can contact them. You can call the call center's telephone number at any time of the day, and any day you want they will always have an operator available to answer all your doubts. The central number is 802 44644, but according to the enterprise with which you want to communicate, there is a different number.
Besides, Correos de Cuba email address is also going to vary too, according to the enterprise with which you want to communicate. For this reason, you can go to the company's official web page to get all this information in order to get assistance in any problem or requirement you have.

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