Correos del Ecuador tracking

Correos del Ecuador tracking

What is Correos del Ecuador?

Correos del Ecuador is the longest-running public company in Ecuador. This company is in charge of processing and making all the country's postal services to work properly. Correos del Ecuador was founded on May 2, 1831, by President Juan Jose Flores, and was called Administración General de Correos.
It was founded during the independence of Ecuador, and with all the necessary rules and legislation to improve the company's postal services. Currently, the company offers a wide variety of services, through different types of values such as respect, excellence, honesty, and transparency. Services such as Correos del Ecuador web tracking are offered with quality and reliability guaranteed to millions of users.
The Correos del Ecuador main headquarter is located in the capital, Quito, and it is represented by the Palacio de Correos. The creation of this building allowed the packages and mail distribution and delivery to homes throughout the country. Since the year 2007, the company has begun a total revolution in all its organizations and facets, to modernize and renew all postal services. The evolution in the services' quality, reliability, and efficiency services is so high that in the year 2015 the company receives a Silver Certification in Postal Security that makes it the best postal company in South America.
Among the company's objectives that stand out the most, we can highlight that Correos del Ecuador has the tenacious intention of increasing the development of human talent, operational efficiency of services, improving the efficient use of budgets, and increasing the participation of the company in all the postal sector's facets nationwide.
With this important commitment, the company is in an ambitious process of constant evolution, to offer easy, reliable, and efficient services to millions of users. Currently, Correos del Ecuador has more than 320 branches in the 24 provinces of the country, in addition to 3240 mailboxes or postal boxes that are strategically distributed throughout the country, Finally, it is important to mention that the company has the support and a direct relationship with the 192 countries that belong to the Universal Postal Union, better known as UPU.

How do I track my Correos del Ecuador parcel?

Users can access Correos del Ecuador tracking service through a modern tracking system that can be found on the company's official website. To use this service, users must have a tracking number that can only be obtained once users have completed all postal delivery procedures. Users also have several alternatives to track their packages. Correos del Ecuador offers the opportunity to track packages through emails, or phone calls to the company's official phone numbers.
The Correos del Ecuador tracking number can only be obtained by customers when they enter their username and password in the web system and proceed to process the sent package's electronic receipt. Finally, it is important to mention that users can access a real-time tracking history if the packages are sent to certain countries, such as the United States, Chile, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, or the Netherlands.

What are Correos del Ecuador prices?

The Correo del Ecuador's prices and services expenses may change due to several factors. Depending on the destination, the type of delivery service, and the weight of the package, the price to be paid by the user will vary. Nonetheless, the average price for package deliveries is usually 23 dollars. For national services, the average price is usually 5 dollars. Besides, it is also important to mention that users must pay an additional cost when packages exceed the maximum weight of 30 kg.

Where does Correos del Ecuador deliver?

At a national level, and through its different services, Correos del Ecuador can deliver packages and correspondence in the 24 provinces of the country. The company also offers the availability of all its postal services to 220 countries around the world. It is worth mentioning that Correos del Ecuador has a direct relationship with the UPU and all the countries that belong to the organization. In this way, Correos del Ecuador shipping services can reach 193 countries reliably, quickly, and efficiently.

How long does it take to Correos del Ecuador to deliver?

One of the attributes that best reflect the company's values is its deliveries' timeliness. Correos del Ecuador delivery time is usually excellent and very reliable. Depending on the type of service selected by the user, delivery times may vary. With the ESM delivery service, users can receive packages and correspondence in 24 or 28 hours.
For international deliveries, if users pay the service in advance, the packages or correspondence will arrive within 15 working days. However, if users proceed to pay all costs after the package has arrived in the destination country, the package or correspondence will arrive within 25 working days.
For faster and more efficient delivery, it is recommended that users use airmail Correos del Ecuador delivery services. This way, packages can arrive:

  • In the United States in 7 or 10 working days.
  • For European countries, packages or correspondence will arrive from 10 to 14 working days.

It is important to mention that Correos del Ecuador can make deliveries through other companies, such as UPS or FedEx. Only in this way, Correos del Ecuador can guarantee excellent postal service quality.

How do I contact Correos del Ecuador?

Users can access several alternatives to contact Correos del Ecuador. They can contact customer service through the company's official telephone numbers. The company's official website also offers a list of all the branches and offices available in all the country's 24 provinces.
Users can also make queries through all the company's official social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. They can also contact customer service through the company's official mail. Likewise, through the emails, users can use the tracking Correos del Ecuador service.
Finally, it is important to mention that on the company's website, users can complete an electronic form where they can process complaints, claims, or suggestions they may have regarding the company's delivery service.

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