Correos de Chile tracking

Correos de Chile tracking

What is Correos de Chile?

Correos de Chile is a public company responsible for carrying out all postal services, correspondence, and parcels nationally and internationally. Services such as Correos de Chile international tracking and others carried out by the company are regulated by the rules and functions developed by the Universal Postal Service.
Correos de Chile was created on December 24, 1981, after the separation of several private and public companies that previously offered the country's postal services. After the separation of the companies Servicio de Correos y Telégrafos and Telex, all the postal services and responsibilities were left in the hands of a single institution, Correos de Chile, which exercises under the orders of the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile.
It is important to mention that the willingness to offer correspondence services throughout the country was born in the year 1747 when Spain and the Spanish royalty had influence and domain in the Chilean countryside.
For more than a century, postal and correspondence services in Chile had not received any kind of variation or change. It was not until 1852 that a postal law was developed and a general postal administration was created through postal legislation. Through this law, the mail and telegraph services were unified in a single institution, called Servicio de Correos y Telégrafos.
In 1984 the legislation and postal services in the country changed completely. The Correos de Chile company was born and the first post office in the country was created, which was inaugurated in the old postal classification center. Also, in that same year, what was considered the southernmost post office in the world was created, inaugurated in Villa Las Estrellas in the Chilean Antarctic Territory.
As the years went by, the company started an exponential growth in the capacity of its services. In 1999 Correos de Chile developed the first Postal Technology Center in the country, which has at its disposal all the resources and tools necessary for the distribution of most of the country's correspondence. It is not until 2009 that a new CEP plant is created to attend the postal services of the courier, express, and parcel delivery.
Likewise, the growth of Correos de Chile does not stop here; in 2012 an advanced network of automatic parcel terminals known as the APT network was created, which carries out its functions throughout the country and Latin America. This service begins to operate through an advanced system called CityBox, which currently has 46 terminals distributed throughout the country.
Among the Correos de Chile delivery services offered at present we can find the following:

  • International courier service
  • Express mail service
  • National and international parcels
  • Registered letters
  • National and international money orders
  • The postal box service.

How to track your parcel from Chile Post?

The Correos de Chile tracking service for all packages and correspondence sent nationally and internationally is carried out through the company's official website. Through a modern tracking system, users can search for information related to their packages and can track them using the Correos de Chile tracking number.
All users have access to a tracking code that is provided once all the necessary shipping procedures have been completed. Each tracking number Correos de Chile is unique to each package. Users can also track their packages at the post offices that are distributed throughout the country or again by using the Ship24 website.

Does Correos de Chile deliver internationally?

Correos de Chile offers international parcel and mail delivery services to over 129 countries around the world. The maximum weight of packages that can be sent is 30 kg and they can be sent to all continents of the world.
Also, it is important to mention that international deliveries are regulated by the rules and laws of the Universal Postal Union, besides, the distribution of deliveries is restricted to 35 countries. It is also important to mention that users have access to Chile Post tracking services, with which they will have real-time information on the shipping status of their packages.

How expensive is Correos de Chile?

The postal service offered by Correos de Chile is one of the most economical in Latin America. Although users must pay an international shipping tax when packages go through customs, this value is calculated on the company's official website. Also, the value to be paid is only for those packages that exceed the maximum weight detailed by the Correos de Chile shipping fees.

What is the fastest delivery option of Correos de Chile?

Among the options and services offered by Correos de Chile, without a doubt, the fastest option is the express delivery service. With this option, users can send all their packages and correspondence quickly and safely nationally and internationally.
The Correos de Chile delivery time is excellent since deliveries nationwide are made within 1 or 2 working days.
For international deliveries, the time is between 8 to 12 days. Correos de Chile cooperates with distribution companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, or ServiExpress. Besides, it is important to mention that users, through this service, can send packages up to a maximum of 50 kg, and can coordinate the shipping procedures through the official website of the company.

How do I contact Correos de Chile?

There are several alternatives for users to contact the company. Users can access customer service through social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Also, the official website offers a Virtual Office service, where users can attend to all the requests they wish. The website also offers a list of all the offices that are distributed throughout the country and the company's official emails.
Likewise, Chile's Post Office contact numbers can also be found on the company's official website. The website also has an electronic contact form, where users can address all their questions and concerns. Finally, it is important to point out that the company offers these contact services both for individuals and for other companies, separately. This is the reason why Correos de Chile is the most efficient public company in the country since it offers efficient and reliable postal services, both to individuals and companies alike.

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