Correios tracking

Correios tracking

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Correios (often abbreviated as ECT) is the national postal service of Brazil. It offers services that cater domestically and internationally at an affordable price and a fast delivery service. The company aims to connect people no matter where they are in the world. It also competes with big international couriers such as DHL and FedEx.

Correios package tracking

What is Correios?

Correios is the commercial name of the Brazilian Company of Correios e Telégrafos, acronym ECT. This is the federal public company responsible for the mail and delivery system in Brazil. Brazilian legislation provides for the ECT monopoly on letters, postcards, grouped correspondence, and telegraphy services. The company originates from the Post of Correio-mor das cartas do mar, created by the Crown in 1663.

In 1980, the company opened Brasilia the Museo Nacional dos Correios, which treasures more than a million pieces of Brazilian postal, telegraphic, and philatelic history. On January 25, 2013, the Brazilian official postal service turned 350 years old and, to celebrate, it launched stamps and logos alluding to the event.

The ECT was created on March 20, 1969, as a public company linked to the Ministry of Communications through the transformation of the federal autarky that was, then, the Posts and Telegraphs Department (CTD). The change not only represented a modification in the acronym but was followed by a profound transformation in the Brazilian postal sector management staff, making it more efficient.

In the years that followed, various services were incorporated into the company's portfolio, in addition to the traditional letters, stamps, and telegrams services. Among the new services, those belonging to the SEDEX family, express parcel service, can be highlighted.

In total, there are more than one hundred products and services offered by the largest communications company in Brazil (at the beginning of 2008 with more than 109,000 own employees, in addition to outsourced ones), being the only company to be present in all the municipalities of the country, with a vast network of own and franked units. Several of the ECT products and services can still be purchased online.

How do I track my Correios parcel?

Tracking Correios is very easy for any customer who requests a postal service with this company, because, at the moment that you pay the Correios order, you will receive an identification number which will provide you with all the information about the status of the package being shipped, such as the estimated day of arrival, any customs requirements of new information or tax notification that must be paid in order to let the parcel be imported.

By using the Brazil tracking Correios function available on the website, you can make any modification or request for faster delivery, if the need surges, by paying an extra fee. There are a lot of features that the customer can control about the shipping of his parcel with the Correios International tracking option available to you. Either from the official webpage or by contacting the call centres, requesting any update or modification with the support staff.

Another convenient and efficient way to track your order is by using Ship24. Ship24 can track more than 1200 couriers which means that no matter which tracking number you enter, you can expect Ship24 to track your parcel and give you up-to-date information on its current status and location. You can also simultaneously track up to 10 parcels at the same and get results in a short time. Ship24 can track both Correios parcels domestically and internationally. Please check with the courier whether the service you have obtained contains a tracking number.

Does Correios ship internationally?

The Correios Company has the possibility to send a package or document to every corner of the world, having access to all the continents, with the exception of some countries that are not allied with the company. Placing a Correios order to send a parcel to another country will generate certain extra fees and conditions that must be met in order for the Correios parcel to reach its destination without any issue, with the use of the Correios International shipping service.

How long does Correios take to ship?

Depending on the destination for the delivery, Correios shipping will take different amounts of time to arrive at its destination from inside and outside of Brazil. If you send a package to the interior of the country, the Correios Delivery will take an average of 3 working days to arrive at your doorstep indicated on the Correios tracking information.

If you are sending shipping outside the country, there is an average waiting time of 5 working days, which can take longer or less time depending on the service requested, be it the standard one or the Express Mail Service, which will ensure that the package arrives the next day if certain conditions are met at the Correios shipping time is given to the customer when they send a package.

What are Correios shipping fees?

There is a price table for every country allied with Correios, making it easy to plan any shipping that you may be planning. According to the service acquired and the number of days that would take the package to arrive at its destination, the fees may vary significantly.

There is a calculator of costs available on the Correios website which will provide you with the necessary information to plan your parcel's transportation, with the input of weight and dimension of the package, calculating the base delivery fee, which will change depending on the city or country of destination. This estimated cost does not include the possible tax of importation that may be charged at the customs agency in the destination country. The tax represents an average of 10% of the product's value in order to let it inside of the country and reach its destination.

Some contracts can be made among companies or corporations with Correios; these contracts allow a certain amount of Correios free shipping per month, giving these benefits to the employees of the contracted company.

How can I contact Correios?

Whatever inquiry, doubt, or suggestion that you want to make to Correios, can be done with the many channels available for you to get in contact with the company, where the tech support staff will answer you promptly and with enthusiasm. You can get in contact with Correios via phone, calling the call centre, or using the website option of Correios Rastreamento, where you will be constantly updated via email with any detail or status update pertaining to your parcel.

The company will get in contact with the sender or the destined person who will receive the package, in order to solve any issue that may happen with it at customs or in the shipping process.
Correios is the most efficient shipping system available in the country of Brazil, thanks to its alliance with the SEDEX Company, which enhances the service of delivering a document or package to any country in the world.

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