Ipostel tracking

Ipostel tracking

Today, technology has made everything easy for you. You just order the goods while sitting at home and in the next moment you receive your order without facing any hassles. You can send presents to your loved ones. You can keep an eye on your parcel by tracking your order status. Ipostel (Postal Institute Telegraph) service is working for you to shop online. You can send your parcels and then track your order status, its current location, approximate delivery time, and other details. Ship24 is the best service for online tracking. You can track your Ipostel package by using only one website, Ship24. Just enter your Ipostel tracking number and get real-time information about your parcel.

What is Ipostel?

Ipostel Venezuela tracking service is fully named as Postal Institute Telegraph (Ipostel), which is located in Venezuela. Ipostel is a Venezuela organization regulating the national postal sector, provider of postal, logistical, and printing services. In 2014, the organization indefinitely suspended shipments abroad, in part due to debts contracted by the government with airlines that decreased the ability to move. Ipostel is serving internationally as well. You can find the webpage for Ipostel national and Ipostel international shipping tracking separately. They do charge a minimum amount concerning the weight, height, and length of your parcel.

How do I track my Ipostel package?

You can find Ipostel Venezuela tracking of your Ipostel order with the help of a tracking ID. All you need is to enter your Ipostel tracking number, click, and all information will be displayed on the same page. They have separated the options of national tracking shipments and international tracking shipments. If you are sending your parcel within the country you need to go to the track national shipment and if you're sending another country you have to go on Ipostel tracking international service. It is an easy way to find your Ipostel parcels.
You can also subscribe to your email to get regular tracking updates directly in your email. If you find difficulty in tracking your Ipostel parcel you can simply approach the Ipostel contact number given on the website and call the Ipostel customer support.
Still, you have the best option for tracking Ipostel packages. You can visit Ship24 for your Ipostel tracking. You need to enter your Ipostel tracking number to check the current order status.
Your Ipostel tracking ID has a specific code that includes both letters and digits. The format of the Ipostel tracking packages can be for example:

  • EE16080001XCH
  • LE123455438US
  • CP443258664JP

Does Ipostel deliver only in Venezuela?

Ipostel parcel delivery is available within the native country of Venezuela as well as internationally. They are providing shipping services internationally. Ipostel shipping is serving in various countries via airmailing. Ipostel tracking has easy-to-avail tracking with separate clicks for both national tracking and international shipments tracking. Ship24 is also giving you both versions for tracking.

How long does it take to Ipostel to deliver?

The Ipostel delivery time is based on the distinction point and the time when you send your parcel to the office. Ipostel order takes standard 5-7 working days. The timing and day of the Ipostel delivery is based on the parcel. If the parcel is not received within 90 days from the destination point after its arrival, then, the Ipostel team can give the order for returning the parcel to the sender up to 90 days. If the item is not picked up, after 90 days it is returned to the origin administration. Customs intervenes after notifying the recipient client. All items are subject to verification by customs authorities. No operation on Saturday, Sunday nor public holidays.
Ship24 is here to provide you networking technology about your Ipostel parcel by tracking Ipostel tracking numbers. It will give you information point to point about your Ipostel shipping and the current location of the parcel. Once you enter your Ipostel tracking ID into the tracking box, then click enter and you will get an update about your parcel's current status. You don't need to worry about your shipment, just relax, enter your Ipostel tracking number and get results about the Ipostel parcel.

Are Ipostel shipping fees expensive?

They have categorized the parcels into two forms:

  • The Surface parcels
  • The Air (or priority) parcels.

They have set the limit of weight not over 30kg. The charges applied to Ipostel parcels applied are very minimal. You can consider it as free.
Ipostel shipping costs are based on the weight, length, and height of the parcel. The national and international Ipostel tracking packages charge a minimum price from you.

How do I contact Ipostel?

Ipostel contact service is accessible 24/7 for its customers. At any point, if you have a question or any issues regarding your Ipostel parcel delivery, you can essentially look for help by visiting the official site www.ipostel.gob.ve. You can also use its hotlines for information.
For all the issues related to your parcels, Ship24 is actually offering quality help regarding Ipostel parcels tracking. You simply need to share your Ipostel tracking number and the current location regarding your Ipostel shipping will be given to you in a second.
The Ipostel website uses only the native language and it is not easy for you to understand the Spanish language. So, Ship24 provides you the information about Ipostel service and its tracking order in English as well. Ship24 is here to provide you Ipostel tracking about your Ipostel order. You need to enter your assigned Ipostel tracking number. It will give you information from point to point about your Ipostel delivery and the current location of the Ipostel parcel. Once you enter your Ipostel tracking ID into the tracking box, then click enter and you will get an update about your parcel's current status. You don't need to worry about your delivery, just enter your tracking number and get results about the Ipostel order.

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