Honducor tracking

Honducor tracking

What is Honducor?

Honducor is Honduras's postal company. It was founded in the year 1937 thanks to the recent creation of new highways and roads over the country. One of its first ways to transport the national courier was by the modality of airmail. During the next years, Honducor started to establish its postal offices in the whole national territory.
However, the first postal organization in Honduras was established in 1877 by President Marco Aurelio Soto. In the beginning, such an organization was a single office that managed the shipments and deliveries. After some working years, this organization was completely restructured by the Honduran government to finally become the "Empresa de Correos de Honduras" also called Honducor.
Currently, Honducor has more than 206 offices around the country. Besides, the Correo de Honduras tracking process depends on the Universal Postal Union, a specialized organism founded by the United Nations (UN) to improve postal services all over the world.

How can I track my Honducor package?

When Honducor receives the package to be sent, the company labels it with a tracking number. That process is done in order to register the whole information about that shipment, regarding personal information about the clients, the type of package, among others.
The Honduras Post tracking can be done by the Honducor web page. There is a section called "check your shipment". Such a link redirects the page to the Universal Postal Union Global Track & Trace. There, the user must type the Honducor tracking number previously provided by the company. This way, the user receives detailed information about the package.
The information provided by Honducor tracking and Universal Postal Union informs the client about the status of the shipment, providing some information of interest like an estimated time of arrival, the travel route, the price of the shipment, and of course, the type of package and identity of the sender and the receiver.

Where does the Honduras Post deliver?

In the beginning, the postal service in Honduras was intended to trade merchandise and correspondence between Honduras and Spain. It was thanks to the fact that Honduras was a Spanish crown colony. After the Honduras independence, this service did only work inside the borders of the country.
During the next years, thanks to the airmail service, and Honduras membership in the Universal Postal Union (UPU), Honducor started to work with deliveries to other countries in America and Europe. The expansion of its services included the opening of new offices around the country and the establishment of a whole transportation system.
Currently, Correos de Honduras offers the service of worldwide shipping. In addition to the national delivery system, Honducor also receives packages in their offices to be sent to other countries. Besides, Honducor ensures the integrity of the packages in national and international shipments.

How long does Honducor take to deliver my package?

Honducor shipping time is mostly determined by the common times of international postal and delivery services. In nature, these times vary according to the distance from Honduras to the final destination country. However, national shipments are expected to have a shorter waiting time, since Correos de Honduras has its own transportation system and its own postal offices around the country.
In addition, there are other factors that may determine the Honducor delivery time. One of these elements is the priority of the shipment. If a package is sent by using the EMS, the delivery time is going to be shorter than if it's sent by ordinary mail service or modality. These labels for shipments and deliveries are an international custom, and its costs vary depending on the urgency of the delivery.
Honducor takes a maximum time of five working days to deliver packages sent from a city to another inside the national territory. These parcels are only delivered at the Correos de Honduras postal offices. For international deliveries, the Honducor parcels can take up to 28 days to arrive in the destination country.

Is Honducor shipping delivery expensive?

The Universal Postal Union is an organization that is in charge of the management and improvement of postal, delivery and courier services all over the world. Besides, the Universal Postal Union establishes and regulates costs and fees for national and international deliveries. This way, there is always an average reference that guides all the postal companies around the world.
Correos de Honduras is a state-run company that is a member of the Universal Postal Union. So, their prices are established following the UPU standards. Likewise, Honducor shipping fees are also determined by the type of shipment, weight and size of the package, distance, label of priority, among many other elements.
For national deliveries, costs are stipulated in the national currency, the Lempira. These fees can reach a maximum of $10 or its equivalent in Lempiras. International shipments are more expensive. The costs are determined mostly by the type of service, type of package, and weight. For EMS, the fees go from $13 up to $135.
Little packages are labeled by its weight, and the rate goes from 1 gram to 2 Kg. The costs for this category are between $2,41 and $35. Correos de Honduras also has special tariffs for importing and exporting products in bulk. More detailed information about the costs and prices can be found in the official Honducor web page.

How do I contact Honducor?

Correos de Honduras provides its users with many different ways of contacting them. Mainly, they have profiles on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where Honducor posts important information about their operations and services. These networks can also be used to directly contact them. Besides, other official organisms in the south American country publish information related to postal services in Honduras.
However, Honducor has its own call center that is available for all the users. In addition, there is an email direction provided by the company's official website. Both communication ways are open to attend advice, complaints, doubts and suggestions by the customers.

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