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Bolivia is a country that has gone through various difficulties throughout its history. However, they are people that have been able to overcome the difficulties and come out ahead in the face of any hardship. In recent decades, Bolivia has demonstrated great political, social, and economic progress throughout the national territory. One of its best advances has been the postal system, which allows all Bolivians to send an international package Correos Bolivia.

What is Correos Bolivia?

Correos Bolivia is the company in charge of managing everything related to the postal services of the country nationally and internationally. This company has as the main function to be the Public Operator of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. This implies that it is in charge of planning, providing, optimizing, and developing national and international postal services within the country.
Specifically, Correos Bolivia focuses on all traditional correspondence services; letters, engraved forms, postcards, or any other printed matter made by technical procedure and issued in open or closed envelopes. Any of these types of correspondence can have a maximum size of 1.5 m on one side. Also, shipping rates may vary according to the weight and volume of the package.
Correos Bolivia is the leading company in correspondence throughout the national territory and is fully committed to satisfying the needs of the country's inhabitants with the reception and distribution of their postal mail both, nationally and internationally.

How do I track a Correos Bolivia parcel?

The Correos Bolivia tracking service is really simple and practical. In fact, this is one of the few postal companies that has a tracking service through QR codes. You just have to scan the QR code that is on the official website of the company and follow the instructions. However, you can also track using the traditional method with the tracking number.
Making the Correos de Bolivia tracking through the official website allows you to know the precise location or status of your package. You simply have to enter your tracking number in the tracker, select Search and that's it, you will receive all the information instantly.
The official website of the company allows you to make a Correos Bolivia international tracking, so you can also track your international shipments.

Where does Correos Bolivia can ship?

Correos Bolivia has many destinations to which you can send mail and other packages. First, they are responsible for distributing, offering, and sending their packages throughout the country, covering from major cities to the most remote villages. The national shipments are made in different means of transport such as motorcycles or minivans, depending on the size of the packages and the distance within the different provinces or districts.
The company also allows its customers to send postcards and letters to different countries, including all the member countries of the Universal Postal Union and those of the Americas, Spain, and Portugal Postal Union. This means that from Bolivia people can send their letters to more than 200 countries in more than two continents.

It is expensive to send a parcel with Correos Bolivia?

Not at all, sending postcards and correspondence through Correos Bolivia shipping service is the cheapest option in the country. The shipments within the whole national territory maintain an average between 8 Bolivians (1,16$) and 35 Bolivians (5,06$), and for international shipments, the rates are maintained between 12 Bolivians (1,73$) and 70 Bolivians (10,11$). In both types of shipments, the rates vary according to the dimensions and the volume that it occupies. With these prices, Correos Bolivia remains within the international rates average for postal services.

How long do I have to wait to receive my Correos De Bolivia parcel?

Determining the waiting time to receive your package from Correos Bolivia is really easy, thanks to the fact that on their website you can find certain parameters to be considered. The delivery period of a package is calculated from the postcard receipt day, which is symbolized by the letter "D", until the date on which the postcard is delivered to the recipient, considering only the working days, represented by the letter "n". We will then try to be as explicit as possible so that you can estimate the waiting time for a Correos Bolivia parcel.
For national shipments the delivery periods are delayed:

  • Local: D+24 hours.
  • Provinces of the same department: D+7 days.
  • Provinces of different departments: D+ 9 days.
  • Outside the city: D+72 hours.

The delivery time for international shipments is calculated by region as follows:

  • South America: D+10 days.
  • Central America and the Caribbean: D+15 days.
  • North America: D+16 days.
  • Europe and the Middle East: D+20 days
  • Africa, Asia, and Oceania: D+25 days.

For both national and international shipments, working days, the conditions of the receiving city or country and any other external factor that may slow down the delivery of the postcards must always be considered. However, Correos Bolivia always tries to comply with the stipulated times to satisfy the needs of its customers in an efficient way.

How do I contact Correos Bolivia?

If you wish to know some specific information, to make some consultation or claim, you can communicate with Correos Bolivia contact through the telephone (591-2) 2-152423, or by the electronic mail info@correos. gob. bo. You can also visit the main office for any information or service; it is located in Mariscal Santa Cruz Avenue, Oruro Street, Communication Center Building, La Paz, Bolivia.
On the official website, www.correos.gob.bo, you can also find a lot of information regarding all aspects of the company, as well as its mission, vision, strategic objectives, and much more. You can also find contact information that you can go to ask for specific information, or even contact the complaints or questions hotline. On the same website, you will also find the addresses of other offices spread throughout the country. Correos Bolivia is pleased to meet all the postal needs of people from other parts of the world.

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