GamPost tracking

GamPost tracking

What is GamPost?

GamPost is known as a state-owned company of the Government of the Gambia that is responsible for managing and operating all postal services in the country. The company was created in 2005 through various pieces of legislation of the Gambian government, which determined that all postal services in the country should be managed by a public company.
However, due to certain debts and financial problems that put the integrity of the postal infrastructure at risk, some of the most important GamPost delivery services were transferred to other government companies. Among the services offered, the most used are the GamPost national delivery and the postal money transfer service, also known as PMT.
The headquarters of GamPost are located in the largest capital city of The Gambia, Banjul. The rest of the post offices are located in the most important regions of the country, such as Bakau, Kaur, Serrekunda, Farafenni, Brikama, Brusubi, Janjanbureh, Wassu, Bwiam, Basse, and SomaKerewan. A GamPost post office is also available at The Gambia International Airport in Banjul.
Since its inception, GamPost has become a member of the Universal Postal Union, also known as the UPU. The company also joined the largest postal organization on the African continent, known as the Pan African Postal Union. Thanks to its membership in both organizations, GamPost has access to different types of international relations and agreements regarding postal exchanges.
Even though The Gambia has created legislative laws for the creation of a public postal company, its postal history dates back to the time of 1858, when the British colony had dominion over the country. Since then, the country began to witness the first domestic mail deliveries and distributions. It was not until 1976 that the first postal department in The Gambia was developed and established. Although GamPost has to share the management of certain postal services, the company can offer a wide variety of postal services, both national and international.
It is important to mention that GamPost has full control of the distribution and delivery of all correspondence and letter mail services throughout the country. For this reason, postal services at the national level are very efficient, despite the company's financial difficulties.

How do I track my parcel from GamPost?

One of the consequences of experiencing financial problems is that the company does not currently have its online platform where customers can use the parcel or mail tracking service. Customers have two options for using the GamPost the Gambia tracking service.

  • The first one is to personally attend any of the post offices that are distributed in the country and request the GamPost tracking number. Afterward, they will have the opportunity to use the parcel or mail tracking service.
  • The second option that customers have is to use another virtual platform or a system like our website. Through our platform, users will be able to use the tracking number or code provided by GamPost to track their packages anywhere in the world.

Does GamPost deliver in other countries of Africa?

One of the advantages of belonging to the Universal Postal Union or the Pan-African Postal Union is to be able to make deliveries to any country or region of the African continent. Since its creation, GamPost has managed millions of postal deliveries every year.
Even with the current financial problems, the company makes an effort to ensure the main postal services to other countries in Africa. This is where the management and infrastructure of other government companies come into play, which undoubtedly provides the necessary resources to keep The Gambia's postal services available to its customers.

How long does it take to GamPost to deliver?

Despite the difficulties that GamPost is going through, some of its international postal services are still available to its customers. The GamPost delivery time may change depending on certain factors, such as the country of destination, the weight of the package, and the postal service requested by the customer. 
For domestic deliveries, the average time is 48 to 72 hours, regardless of the type of order. For international deliveries of letters or packages to countries on the African continent, the GamPost delivery time is usually 9 to 10 working days.
For international deliveries to countries on the European continent, such as the United Kingdom, the average delivery time is 10 to 12 working days. For deliveries to countries on other continents, such as the United States or China, the average delivery time is 9 to 15 working days. It is important to mention that for international deliveries of packages weighing more than 20 kg, delivery times are usually 40 to 50 working days.

Are GamPost prices expensive?

The price of distribution, delivery, shipping, or any type of postal service, may vary because of some factors that must be considered. The weight and dimensions of the package, the type of service requested by the client, and the destination, are factors that can infer the final costs to be paid.
For national deliveries, the standard price is 6 dollars. The average price of the international GamPost shipping service, which is one of the most requested, is 95 dollars. This average cost is given particularly for those shipments that must be made to countries like the United States. For European countries, the average cost to pay is approximately 85 dollars.

How can I contact GamPost?

Since GamPost does not currently have an official website where users can process different types of requests or inquiries, contact details can be found through other means. Most of the GamPost contact numbers can be found on different websites or in the official accounts of the Gambia's government social networks.
There is an official website of the Gambia government, where users will have the opportunity to acquire important data such as the official phone numbers and emails of GamPost. Customers will also be able to obtain the home address of the company's headquarters, the telephone numbers of each of the country's post offices, and the working hours of the post office customer service.

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