Guyana Post tracking

Guyana Post tracking

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Guyana is a country in South America that has a great history. Today it has developed in many economic, political, and social aspects. One of its oldest and most recognized services is the Guyana Post parcel delivery, which was first established in 1782 by the French that lived in the former British Guiana. Several years later, the Dutch took over the colonies and the post office was abolished in 1795. From 1784 until then, the mail was sent through the Government Office, which became the traditional public mail service in 1977.

Is Guyana Post reliable?

Guyana Post is a national company that has had a long history of meeting the postal needs of the country's inhabitants for hundreds of years. The company currently has over 60 main post offices and other agencies throughout the country. This ensures that all its inhabitants are kept informed, as well as organizations with efficient and constant operation.
Guyana Post parcel delivery service guarantees the satisfaction to all its customers' needs with a reliable service with high-security standards that have allowed it to become one of the most efficient postal systems in the region.

How do I track my Guyana Post package?

Guyana Post tracking service allows you to identify the location or status of your mail anywhere and anytime after it has been dropped off at any office. From the company's official website any person or organization can track their packages, both domestic and international.
To track your Guyana Post packages, simply look for the tracking section of the website, enter the tracking ID and you will be presented with detailed information about your shipment. In case you cannot access the website you can track your package through our platform, where we will be happy to provide you with the information. You can also use the Guyana Post office tracking where you can get the same information from the staff that operates in the company.

Does Guyana Post deliver internationally?

Guyana Post has been working its way through postal correspondence, parcels, and bank transfers to different countries around the world. It currently has a network that allows it to operate throughout the Americas, Europe, and several African and Asian countries.
Like any type of package or service, you can track it and know the whereabouts of your package, or even calculate how long it might take to be delivered.
With the Guyana Post tracking number of your package, you can know at any time if it was delivered or if it is still on its way.

Is Guyana Post fast?

Comparing this company with other post offices around the world, we can deduce that Guyana Post maintains delivery periods within the international average. The company classifies its destinations by zones, where certain countries are located in each zone and this allows you to classify their rates and delivery times in general.

  • Zone 1 covers the following countries: Venezuela, Suriname, and French Guiana itself.
  • Zone 2 is the entire American continent (North, Central, and South).
  • Zone 3 is the United Kingdom and Great Britain.
  • Zone 4 the African countries, Asia, Australia, and Europe.  

Standard shipments for:

  • Zone 1 is delivered within 1 day after leaving the package at the office.
  • For Zone 2 it takes 2 days to deliver.
  • For Zone 3 it takes 3 days to arrive
  • For Zone 4 packages can be delivered in up to 4 days.

These are the delivery times for letters, documents, and other small packages. 
For parcel shipments, there are also different delivery periods. International postcards can be delivered within 5 to 8 working days after the package has been dropped off at the office. Guyana Post delivery service reaches St Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad, and Grenada in 5 working days. For destinations such as St Vincent, delivery times are 7 days, and even Jamaica arrives in 8 working days. It may not be one of the fastest companies in the world, but it is certainly one of the safest and most reliable in Guyana.

Is Guyana Post expensive?

Guyana Post services can be considered as expensive compared to European postal companies. However, it remains in the average of South American postal companies. Shipping rates are calculated based on the weight and dimensions it occupies. However, you can notice that there is not much difference between rates and weights.
The Guyana Post shipping fees for packages vary according to the Zone:

  • For Zone 1 a (large) package costs 3,500 GYD (16.73 USD) for each kilogram, and 800 GYD (3.83 USD) for each additional half kilogram.
  • For Zone 2 they cost GYD 5,500 (26.30 USD) per kilogram and GYD 1,000 for each additional half kilogram.
  • For Zone 3, 6,000 GYD (28.69 USD)/Kg and 1,200 GYD (5.74 USD)/0.5 Kg additional.
  • For Zone 4; 7,000 GYD (33.47 USD)/Kg, and 1,500 GYD (7.17 USD)/0.5kg additional.

Letters and other postal documents are kept in averages from 20g to 1kg, with prices ranging from:

  • 130 GYD to 2,100 GYD for Zone 1
  • 150 GYD - 2,680 GYD for Zone 2
  • 160 GYD - 2700 GYD for Zone 3
  • 200 GYD - 3,000 GYD for Zone 4.

On the company's official website you can find all the information and rates of Guyana Post for the different services it offers. You can consult them in more detail by entering the official website.

How can I contact Guyana Post?

If you want to know some specific information or simply want to learn more about this company, you can contact them in different ways. In case you have any suggestions, or even a problem, you can call them by phone and communicate with their customer service staff who will be happy to receive you.
For quick contact, you can call +592 225 9002, or +592 226 3127. You can also use the e-mails, or for any complaint or question. If you would like to visit one of the offices, you can go to Robb Street in Georgetown and ask any questions at the main office. You can also visit the official website at any time to learn more about Guyana Post,

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