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Gabon Poste tracking

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What is Gabon Poste?

Gabon Poste is a state-owned company that has the responsibility to manage and operate in the right way, all the postal services in Gabon. In recent years Gabon Poste has experienced serious financial problems that have reduced the quality of its postal services. Services such as La Poste Gabonaise tracking have been affected by the financial and corporate difficulties of the last decade.
In fact, in 2006 Gabon Poste entered a process of liquidation where some of its postal services started to be managed by the French postal company La Poste SA. Since then, the postal services of Gabon Poste have started to be regulated by the Government of Gabon legislative laws.
These laws on the part of the government, establish that the company Gabon Poste must guarantee the following postal services: universal mail service, banking service, and postal financial services, such as money transfers, also known as PMT.
The postal history of Gabon Poste originates in the year 1862 when the whole country was under the leadership of French colonies. During that time all the known postal services were performed on foot. Postmen walked or ran long distances to distribute and deliver thousands of letters every year. Postal orders had to pass through the Fernando Póo post office, which had a British origin because the United Kingdom controlled most of the postal logistics network on the African continent.
In the next years, the postal services in Gabon started to evolve thanks to the arrival of rail and sea transport that facilitated the transport and delivery of postal parcels. Thus, the volume of postal parcels increased exponentially.
Regardless of the remoteness of the area or rural region, postal employees traveled along rivers and large areas of the country to do their job. With the arrival of the telegraph, the first postal service departments were installed in the country, where millions of people could place any kind of order, such as letters, packages, or telegrams.
It was not until 1961 when Gabon's independence began. When the independence process started, all the postal services were controlled by the government. Since then, the postal services in Gabon have gone through different stages, where the quality has had ups and downs.
Since the 1990s, like other countries in Africa, Gabon Poste postal services have undergone significant changes due to the implementation of new technologies.
Today, despite the complicated moment the company is going through, great efforts are being made to offer the best possible quality and to guarantee millions of users the most important postal services.

How do I track my package from La Poste Gabonaise?

Due to the difficulties Gabon Poste is currently experiencing, tracking and tracing services must be provided through other options. Currently, the Gabon Poste tracking service is not available, as there is no official website or tracking system that can be used by users. However, users can track and locate their postal orders through a virtual system or platform like ours, which is available for all customers.
To use our tracking services, users must acquire the required Gabon Poste tracking numbers from any of the post offices located in the country. It is important to mention that users can also obtain this information through emails.

Does Gabon Post deliver internationally?

Despite the difficulties, Gabon Poste can send and deliver postal orders to different countries in the world. With the logistical and infrastructure support of La Poste SA, Gabon Post can send and deliver to 192 countries worldwide. There are often difficulties in completing all the relevant formalities.
Besides, Gabon Post, with the support of La Poste SA, makes deliveries through transport companies such as FedEx or DHL. In this way, the company seeks to implement the best quality of service in terms of efficiency and reliability. It is important to note that only postal orders weighing less than 30 kg can be distributed and delivered internationally.

How long does it take for Gabon Poste to deliver?

Gabon Poste delivery time may vary due to certain important factors. In addition to the destination and type of service requested, it is important to mention that some postal services must be managed and carried out by La Poste SA.
As a result, Gabon Poste delivery may be delayed. National deliveries can be made in approximately 4 to 5 working days. If they are made by EMS services, the approximate delivery time is 2 to 3 working days.
For international deliveries of postal orders, times vary greatly due to the country of destination. For those countries on the African continent, the approximate delivery times are usually 5 to 9 working days. For deliveries to countries in Europe, the approximate delivery time is between 7 and 15 working days. For the rest of the countries like the United States, China, or South American countries, the approximate delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks.

Is La Poste Gabon expensive?

Due to its financial difficulties, Poste Gabon has had to make some adjustments in the rates of its services. As the logistics network has undergone some changes in recent years, service costs have increased. For national deliveries, the average fee is 15 dollars. For EMS deliveries, the average cost is approximately $20.
However, for those international postal services, Gabon Poste shipping fees are much higher:

  • With the use of standard delivery services, the average cost is approximately 97 dollars.
  • With the use of express services, the average fee is approximately $150.
  • With the shipment and delivery of orders weighing more than 5 kg, the costs can exceed 350 dollars.

How do I contact Gabon Poste?

We have previously mentioned that Poste Gabon does not have an official website or a platform where users can process requests or queries related to the services. Therefore, it might be a little difficult for Gabon Poste customer care to help or solve any kind of inconvenience a customer may have.
However, there are certain websites and social network accounts where users can find some official data of Gabon Poste, such as telephone numbers of some post offices, email, or even the home address of the head office.

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